Significant Biometric Server


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Significant Biometric Server

  1. 1. SIGNificant TM Biometric Server Many companies today automate their business processes and document workflow procedures, leaving the approval stage as the only element which requires the use of paper in order to capture a handwritten signature. The SIGNificant Suite, including the Biometric Server, helps introduce your company to the era of electronic signing. The SIGNificant Online Client and SIGNificant Offline Client record the handwritten signature of a person (by parameters of pressure, acceleration, speed, rhythm and movements in the air) and embed the signature into the electronic document. The SIGNificant Biometric Server allows for the possibility to perform a real-time biometric verification of a person’s signature to the SIGNificant platform by comparing the recorded parameters of his handwritten signatures against his pre-enrolled profile. Benefits • Reduces Fraud – by enabling dynamic verification of the handwritten signature against a pre-defined biometric profile. • High Reliability – based on the fact that two signatures can never be the same. The SIGNificant Biometric Server has been evaluated by a number of leading graphologists and forensic experts that found it to have equal or even improved abilities of proving the authenticity of a signature written on paper. • Seamless Integration – using an extensive API that allows biometric authentications and enrollment of profiles to be an integrated part of any legacy application. • Dynamic – has the ability to adjust dynamically to all future, inherent changes in the person’s signature. As the Biometric Server tracks each person's natural fluctuations over time, the profile IDEAL FOR: continues to learn and remains updated and reliable over time. E-commerce • Built for Speed – accelerates work processes, raises productivity and efficiency within existing Medical procedures. Using the SIGNificant Biometric Server, the electronic document cycle will no longer Network Security be broken solely for the purpose of capturing and authenticating a signature. Banking Legal Contracts • Easy Management – the signature profile database is easily managed, enabling the administrator Insurance to perform a series of operations for each profile including suspending, resetting or deleting the profile. Credit cards • Paper Free Process – you will save money, time and trees by making your office 100% paperless! Military Manufacturing • User Friendly – includes an intuitive graphical user interface for enrolling. • Small Sized Profile Files – the Personal Profiles require only a few hundred bytes of storage space regardless of the signature size and complexity. • High Accuracy Level – by capturing all hand movements to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and flexibility. A very accurate personal profile for authentication is created over time when a series of signatures are accumulated for an individual.
  2. 2. Features • Distinctive Signature Aspects – the system utilizes distinctive aspects of the handwritten signature such as rhythm, speed, pressure, acceleration and movement by measuring the physical activity of signing. • Hardware Independent – supports multiple capturing devices and manufacturers (tablet, TabletPC, PDA, Electronic Pen, etc.). • Non Reversible Transformation – signatures are never stored as bitmaps, making reverse engineering very difficult. • Automatic Detection of Variations – the server does not use a constant test for all signers, since some users sign in a very consistent way, whereas others sign with a greater discrepancy between signatures. The server automatically detects these variations and builds the personal profile as secure as possible. • Versatile Threshold Factor – enabling a varying authentication process for different environments, allowing organizations to easily adjust the balance between customer acceptance and security. • Clear & Fast Verification Results – the verification is performed in a transparent manner. The server compares the signature to the updated personal profile in the database and enables or rejects the entry within milliseconds. • Constant Profile Enriching – a dynamic mechanism recognizes the fluctuation rate in each of the signature parameters in real time, thus nourishing the authentication engine with added parameters and enhancing the profile every time a signature is profiled. Product Description Enrollment The process is initiated by the user’s enrollment. The enrollment wizard requires three initial signatures and additional three signatures for training purposes. Using a digital pen and tablet, users naturally sign their personal handwritten signature, exactly the same as using a wet-ink pen and ordinary paper. Signature Profile Creation and Handling Each signature is analyzed by the SIGNificant Biometric Server and converted to the user’s signature profile. The profile is a robust structure that contains the knowledge of the signature’s dynamics. The biometric profile is calculated and logged on the basis of six comparable signatures. Signature Verification Each time a user utilizes the application to add his signature, the server compares the current signature to the pre-enrolled profile. Upon each authentication the server continues to learn and fine- tunes the user’s profile. This enables the system to track gradual shifts in the handwritten signature over time. xyzmo SIGNificant HQ Haiderstraße 23 4052 Ansfelden, Austria Tel: +43 (0) 7229 88060 Fax: +43 (0) 7229 88060-720 Mail: xyzmo SIGNificant USA Harborside Financial Center 2500 Plaza 5 Jersey City, NJ 07311-4035 Tel: +1 (631) 680-3259 Mail: System Requirements This document is for information only and is subject to change without notice. Technical changes, misprints, Operating System: MS Windows Server 2003; Web server: IIS errors excepted. All rights reserved. 6; Database: MS SQL Server. For detailed information regarding the hardware requirements, please contact our presales team at: For more information, please visit our website at: