ASO 201 Tutorial for GDC


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The most hands on app search optimization tutorial you can get today.

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ASO 201 Tutorial for GDC

  1. 1. The Most Hands ASO Tutorial A Game Developer Can Get Today Matthäus Krzykowski, Xyo Co-FounderGames Developer Conference San Francisco, March 28th
  2. 2. Matthäus Krzykowski - @matthausk- Co-founder Xyo, heading growth- Multiple PM & business unit leader roles in mobile & digital since 2006. In “mobile growth” since 2007 where I was a PM at Admob’s largest publisher of that time- Since then we saw 3 waves of user acquisition: 1) “Open Mobile Web” Advertising 2) Display Advertising (Admob/ Quattro/Mobclix) 3) Installs (Tapjoy/Flurry) source: Xyo, invested in by Rick Thompson’s Signia Venture Partners & Flaregames’ Klaas Kersting, is a tech play that aims to re-define how app stores look like in future
  3. 3. We Enable The Long Tail Of App Search “75% of apps get 90% of downloads” “22% Install Click Rate Across 14 Languages” Promoted by:
  4. 4. App Discovery & State of ASO
  5. 5. Most app marketing channels don’t work well enough for most publishers"Its brutal, it sucks. [...] I ask my 9-year-old How areyou picking these games? and he says Dad, I dontknow, its in the top 25. Thats a shitty reason. Really?Thats the best you can do?”Rob Dyer, Head of Partner Publishing, Zynga
  6. 6. Implication: The app discovery problem0.1% get 50% apps downloads
  7. 7. ASO: “A set of techniques to improve ranking forspecific user queries in the app store”Every store is different, but they have a lot in common:- Title, description- Downloads- Ratings & reviews- Icon & screenshots- Backlinks & social signals- Browsing & search
  8. 8. “These are the super early days of ASO.” Tomasz Kolinko, AppCodes
  9. 9. The Super Early Days Of ASOA Simple Model To Compare SEO & ASO, February 2013 SEO ASO Web Apple App Store Google Play Windows Phone Store Keywords Advanced Simple + Trials* Simple Simple Popularity Backlinks Ratings + Trials** Rating + Trials*** Ratings Title,  Descrip-on,   Title, Icon, Description, Conversion Title, Icon, Description, Title, Icon, Description, rel=author,  markups   Screenshots, Videos, Optimization like  ra-ngs... Screenshots, Ratings, Reviews Ratings, Reviews Screenshots, Ratings, Reviews hard  -­‐  if  you  change  anything  you   need  to  submit  a  new  version  of  the   Apply Changes easy app  and  go  through  the  approval   medium hard process,  this  makes  changes  and  a/b   tes-ng  hard Bidding yes *Since the Chomp ** Early trials with ***External signals update last external signals (web links, Google+ autumn trials ( ratings) "will" become around popularity vanity urls etc) more important of queries
  10. 10. State Of ASO Somewhere between 30%* & 61%** of installs come through app store search* Source: Circumstantial evidence; ** Nielsen Mobile Market Report Q3, 2011
  11. 11. State Of ASO Different classes of game publishers compete on different types of user queries Examples of Queries No of Publishers They Compete on Top Game Racing 220 Publishers* Games Nascar + Big Game over 1300 Racing Indies** Games Game over 10.000 Games With + Fast Indies*** + Nascar + Cars* Top Game Publishers defined as game publishers with more than 10M downloads & at least a 3.5 star rating for at least 1 game; ** Big Game Indies definedas game publishers with more than 1M downloads & at least a 3.5 star rating for at least 1 game; *** Game Indies defined as game publishers with more than10k downloads & & at least a 3.5 star rating for at least 1 game**** Source: Xyo, ASO providers, publisher interviews as of March 2013
  12. 12. State Of ASO There’s considerable competition for the high volume user queries Examples of Queries Traffic Volume No of Hits in the SERP They Compete onTop Game Racing Very High >100Publishers* Games Nascar +Big Game High Racing >50Indies** GamesGame Games With + Fast Low 5-25Indies*** + Nascar + Cars
  13. 13. State Of ASO ASO is not a miracle cure - with ASO you can grab a premium that is specific to your “class” Examples of Queries Additional Downloads Per Month They Compete on Through ASO (USA, iPhone)Top Game RacingPublishers* Games 2M Nascar +Big Game Racing 0.5MIndies** GamesGame Games With + Fast 5k-Indies*** + Nascar + Cars 150k
  14. 14. "For developers without access to a giant adbudget to boost-market their App into theTop Apple Charts, App Store SEO might bethe best bet to improve discoverability insidethe over-crowded App Store." Niren Hiro, Searchman
  15. 15. ASO Case Study for Indie Game Developers
  16. 16. ASO Case Study for Indie Game Developers “Super Early days of ASO” boils down to manipulation of fairly simple keyword search, really Courtesy:
  17. 17. ASO Case Study for Indie Game Developers Pick probable keywords & check for the number of hits in the SERP SERP No of Hits racing game >100 fighting game >100 laser game 90 wheels >100 robots >100 robots on wheels 10 robot game 15 sexy robots 30 fighter robots 5 Courtesy:
  18. 18. ASO Case Study for Indie Game Developers As an indie game developer you will likely only be able to compete on some of the fringe keywords SERP No of Hits Position in SERP racing game >100 fighting game >100 laser game 90 wheels >100 robots >100 robots on wheels 10 5 robot game 15 3 sexy robots 30 31 fighter robots 5 Courtesy:
  19. 19. App TitleFor App Search- Title is important- Use keywords: “Lyrics”, “Bike Race Free”For ConsumersFor consumers the iOS 6 App Store updatehas significantly shortened the title spacethey can view.
  20. 20. App DescriptionDos - Explain what the game does; first 2-3 lines key - Use bullet points / keep it simple - Important for conversionDon’ts- Don’t brag about how consumers love your games; you are wasting the 2-3 first lines “For descriptions, weve advocated exactly what you have on there, but we also advocate including authoritative reviews in the description (certainly not in the top part of the description though -- we agree thats just a waste of text). For Google Play, its even better if you can include reviews that include targeted keywords.”  Patrick Haig, MobiledevHQ
  21. 21. Ratings & Reviews Ratings Are A Minimum Requirement- Happy about that 4 star average rating? The average rating on the App Store is 3.8New users don’t understand if your game is any good as only the mostpositive ratings are a meaningful signal to users Internal and external reviews- Getting more and more important (see above)- Ask for reviews- “Prompt users for feedback so users can conveyproblem before they post a negativereview” (Appnique)“We have an article here from InsideMobileApps that illuminates how important ratingsare, segmented by each store (Google Play and iTunes). Also, its becoming even moreimportant for publishers to improve upon their current version rating, as thats the onlyrating seen by a searcher in-device (i.e., searching on their iPhone or iPad). Users haveto dig in order to see the All Versions rating, which just doesnt happen.”  Patrick Haig, MobiledevHQ
  22. 22. App Icon - Do not use words - Do not use standard gloss - Keep it simple and clean - Consistent with the appSource:
  23. 23. Screenshots“Moment of truth: iOS6 design increases importance of the screenshot because thatis mostly what they see in the App Store client on the phone” Jai Jaisimha, Appnique “Definitely agree with where youre headed here. Screenshots need to bemore than just screenshots. Advertising copy can be really helpful. Treatingscreenshots like a stop-motion commercial can be powerful.” Patrick Haig, MobiledevHQ
  24. 24. Competition Around App Search Queries
  25. 25. Where the mobile game gold rush is at Top 5 Mobile Consumer Game Interests, USA, iPhone Build & Manage Sims!7.0!!!! %!of!Ac1ves!in!Category! %!of!Apps!in!Category!!6.0!!!! Racing Games!5.0!!!! Classic Arcade Jump & Run Role-Playing Games!4.0!!!!!3.0!!!!!2.0!!!!!1.0!!!! !"!!!!!! % of Actives in Total Gaming, iPhone % of Apps in Total Gaming, iPhone
  26. 26. Where you currently don’t want to be Top 5 Game Interests with the highest discovery problem, USA, iPhone Learning Games for Kids!7.0!!!! %!of!Ac1ves!in!Category! %!of!Apps!in!Category!!6.0!!!! Space & Aliens!5.0!!!! Quiz Trivia Block Games Board Games!4.0!!!!!3.0!!!!!2.0!!!!!1.0!!!! !"!!!!!! % of Actives in Total Gaming, iPhone % of Apps in Total Gaming, iPhone
  27. 27. Thank you