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Detoxification Detoxification Presentation Transcript

  • Dr. Homer LimDr. Homer Lim GeriatricianGeriatrician Integrative MedicineIntegrative Medicine
  • What is a Detox?What is a Detox? •• A process whereby you:-A process whereby you:- –– Reduce your exposure to toxinsReduce your exposure to toxins –– Attempt to remove some of the accumulatedAttempt to remove some of the accumulated toxins in your bodytoxins in your body –– Attempt to improve the functioning of yourAttempt to improve the functioning of your main eliminative organsmain eliminative organs
  • Why would I need to Detox? We all encounter factors in our life that reduce our body’s ability to function optimally • Stress • Lack of sleep • Poor diet • Contact with everyday chemicals
  • How long should I Detox for? • This depends on – the type of Detox that you are doing – The severity of the Detox – The aim of the Detox – Your personal circumstances
  • Do I need a Detox?Do I need a Detox? There are many symptoms that can indicate the needThere are many symptoms that can indicate the need for a detox:for a detox: –– FatigueFatigue –– Foggy headFoggy head –– IrritableIrritable –– Bags under the eyes/darkBags under the eyes/dark circlescircles –– Bad breathBad breath –– Coated tongueCoated tongue –– ConstipationConstipation -- DiarrheaDiarrhea –– BloatingBloating –– FlatulenceFlatulence –– Waking irritable and tiredWaking irritable and tired –– Pimples and acnePimples and acne –– Bad body odorBad body odor
  • Cautions with detoxification: • Many of the symptoms previously listed can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition. • While on a Detox monitor your weight. • Speak to your health professional if taking any pharmaceutical medication. • Follow a Detox with the supervision of a trained health practitioner.
  • How can my body protect me againstHow can my body protect me against these toxins?these toxins? • Several lines of defense for your body include • Skin • Lungs • Kidneys • Mucous membranes • Digestive system – Gastrointestinal system – Liver • Immune system
  • Step 1: Healthy bowelsStep 1: Healthy bowels
  • Unhealthy bowelsUnhealthy bowels • Toxins, both ingestedToxins, both ingested and those formedand those formed internally, leak throughinternally, leak through the unhealthy bowelthe unhealthy bowel and flow to the liver.and flow to the liver.
  • •• In the healthyIn the healthy intestine, fewerintestine, fewer internal toxins areinternal toxins are formed and most offormed and most of the toxins arethe toxins are excreted, with onlyexcreted, with only a small amounta small amount transported to thetransported to the liver.liver.
  • •• Increase fibre in the dietIncrease fibre in the diet •• Decrease simple carbohydratesDecrease simple carbohydrates •• Increase complex carbohydratesIncrease complex carbohydrates •• Reduce sugary foodsReduce sugary foods •• Reduce fast foods and processedReduce fast foods and processed foodsfoods •• Eat more whole foods and wholeEat more whole foods and whole grainsgrains •• Eat 1-2 serves of fruit per dayEat 1-2 serves of fruit per day •• Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggiesEat lots of fresh fruit and veggies How do I encourage healthy bowels?
  • • Complex carbohydrates: brown rice,Complex carbohydrates: brown rice, whole meal pasta, sourdoughwhole meal pasta, sourdough wholegrain breadwholegrain bread •• Increase variety of grains and beans.Increase variety of grains and beans. •• Eat 5 serves of fresh fruit per day.Eat 5 serves of fresh fruit per day. •• Eat lots ofEat lots of raw and cookedraw and cooked vegetablesvegetables every day.every day. •• Be aware of reducing wheat andBe aware of reducing wheat and choosing alternatives where possible.choosing alternatives where possible. •• Remove any allergens from the diet.Remove any allergens from the diet. What foods can I eat to encourageWhat foods can I eat to encourage healthy bowels?healthy bowels?
  • Supplements that can assist in healthy bowel function:Supplements that can assist in healthy bowel function: •• Fiber supplements such as psylliumFiber supplements such as psyllium –– Add one teaspoon of psyllium to your breakfast cereal in theAdd one teaspoon of psyllium to your breakfast cereal in the morning.morning. •• Bowel flora supplements (e.g. acidophilus)Bowel flora supplements (e.g. acidophilus) –– KefirKefir – probiotics either capsules or powderprobiotics either capsules or powder –– Best taken on an empty stomachBest taken on an empty stomach •• Gentle herbs to encourage regular bowel movementsGentle herbs to encourage regular bowel movements –– Okra, SaluyotOkra, Saluyot •• OthersOthers – MagnesiumMagnesium – Aloe vera juiceAloe vera juice
  • Step 2 : Healthy liver and gallbladderStep 2 : Healthy liver and gallbladder
  • • Incomplete detoxificationIncomplete detoxification of toxinsof toxins •• Toxins leave the liver andToxins leave the liver and are stored in tissues suchare stored in tissues such as fat, the brain and theas fat, the brain and the nervous system.nervous system. Unhealthy LiverUnhealthy Liver
  • Gallstones and the liverGallstones and the liver • Cholesterol stones are firstCholesterol stones are first formed in the liverformed in the liver • They are then pushed to theThey are then pushed to the gallbladdergallbladder • Hence, gallstonesHence, gallstones • Once in the gallbladder, itOnce in the gallbladder, it may grow andmay grow and growgrow andand growgrow
  • •• Reduce ingested toxins.Reduce ingested toxins. •• Reduce coffee, alcoholReduce coffee, alcohol and recreational drugand recreational drug use.use. •• Eat bitter foods.Eat bitter foods. •• Reduce saturated fatReduce saturated fat intake.intake. •• Increase Omega 3’s inIncrease Omega 3’s in the diet.the diet. How do I encourage a healthy liver?How do I encourage a healthy liver?
  • What foods can encourage aWhat foods can encourage a healthy liver?healthy liver? • Bitter foods such asBitter foods such as ampalayaampalaya •• Vinegar in the morningVinegar in the morning • Warm water with lemonWarm water with lemon juice in the morning.juice in the morning. •• Substitute herbal teas forSubstitute herbal teas for caffeinated tea and coffee.caffeinated tea and coffee.
  • Supplements that can enhanceSupplements that can enhance healthy liver functionhealthy liver function •• Amino acidsAmino acids –– L-glutathione, L-methionine.L-glutathione, L-methionine. •• VitaminsVitamins –– B vitamins, lecithin.B vitamins, lecithin. •• HerbsHerbs –– Milk ThistleMilk Thistle
  • How to removeHow to remove gallstones withoutgallstones without surgery?surgery? • Epsom saltEpsom salt • Apple juiceApple juice • Coffee EnemaCoffee Enema
  • Step 3: Kidney CleansingStep 3: Kidney Cleansing
  • What are the functions ofWhat are the functions of the kidneys?the kidneys? • Filters the blood (200 L/day)Filters the blood (200 L/day) • Removes unwanted materialsRemoves unwanted materials • Keeps the good substancesKeeps the good substances back to the bloodback to the blood
  • How do you help the kidneysHow do you help the kidneys from overworking?from overworking? • Good clean waterGood clean water • More is not betterMore is not better • Less salt and acidsLess salt and acids • Herbal teas not caffeinatedHerbal teas not caffeinated drinksdrinks
  • What foods are best forWhat foods are best for the kidneys?the kidneys? • Parleys!Parleys! • Corn silkCorn silk • Coconut waterCoconut water • Watermelon juiceWatermelon juice (including the seeds)(including the seeds) • Uva ursiUva ursi
  • Step 4: Flawless SkinStep 4: Flawless Skin
  • How can the skin help inHow can the skin help in detox?detox? • It is your third kidneysIt is your third kidneys • You excrete toxins throughYou excrete toxins through your sweatyour sweat • Your skin has the largestYour skin has the largest surface area for detoxificationsurface area for detoxification
  • How can you detox theHow can you detox the skin?skin? • Keep it moistKeep it moist • Brush it upBrush it up • Sweat it outSweat it out • Give it a massageGive it a massage
  • Harness your diet to create healthHarness your diet to create health •• Everything that you put in your mouth getsEverything that you put in your mouth gets broken down in your digestive system,broken down in your digestive system, absorbed and assimilated to create you!absorbed and assimilated to create you! •• When you put food into your mouth you canWhen you put food into your mouth you can either choose to be adding to your healtheither choose to be adding to your health and vitality or you can place you body underand vitality or you can place you body under unnecessary strain.unnecessary strain.
  • Unhealthy systemUnhealthy system •• Lots of ingested toxinsLots of ingested toxins •• Toxins leak through bowelToxins leak through bowel wallwall •• Additional toxins are madeAdditional toxins are made •• Poor natural detoxificationPoor natural detoxification •• Toxins become stored inToxins become stored in fat, the brain and nervousfat, the brain and nervous system and recirculate insystem and recirculate in the bloodthe blood • Skin is pale and duskySkin is pale and dusky Unhealthy and unhappy person! Healthy systemHealthy system •• Fewer toxins are ingestedFewer toxins are ingested •• Fewer toxins leak throughFewer toxins leak through the bowel wallthe bowel wall •• The liver efficientlyThe liver efficiently detoxifies toxinsdetoxifies toxins •• The kidneys excrete wastesThe kidneys excrete wastes • The skin is vibrant andThe skin is vibrant and supplesupple Healthy and happy person!Healthy and happy person! What’s the difference between a healthy system and an unhealthy system?