Madison history 1


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Madison history 1

  1. 1. A bit of history about the Rocky Horror-Courtyard to Cross-under connection:It took a good bit of effort to make the connection. The cross-under tunnel used to goonly a couple 100ft. It can be done with back mounts but is much easier with sidemounts. In July 1980 Court Smith and I were looking around in the cross-under tunnel.We went to the small restriction at the end of the then current line. We noticed quite a bitof current coming out from a pile of rocks blocking the tunnel. I started pulling rocks outand handing them to Court who would dispose of them further down the tunnel. I spentalmost a full hour digging the restriction out. I finally had it big enough to fit throughwith a single tank. I could see tunnel opening up a bit and continuing on the other side. Idecided to return soon and see if I could slip through with a single. If the tunnelcontinued on then I would continue my efforts to open the restriction more. It was severalmonths before I returned due to other diving projects I was involved in at the time. Ifinally returned in January 1981 with Lee Sams. We made it to the restriction with single80s Y valves and sliped through. To my surprise I found that someone had beat me to thetunnel and layed line. We followed the line back to the cross-under drop off and droppeddown to the 110 ft depth and looked at big going upstream and downstream tunnel. Wethen made a hasty retreat as we were only diving single 80s.I inquired with Sheck Exley if he had put the line in since he was pushing some of thetunnel downstream of the Courtyard. I figured he might be looking for a connection. Hetold me that it was not him. A few days later Roger Werner called Sheck about thepossible connection and Sheck told him to call me. As it turned out Roger was the onewho had scooped me by only 2 weeks. Roger and I then joined forces and set off on thequest for a connection between the Courtyard and the Cross-Under. We made severaldives in the Cross-Under which is a lot of work carrying mutlitple stages through all thecross-under restrictions. Upstream from the Cross-Under drop-off is a maze of tunnel.We would lay line into a tunnel only to find it branching several times. We wouldeventually run into areas too small to traverse thus having to back track and try anotherroute. Finally, Roger Werner made the connection on a solo dive. I was not able to divethat day due to having to work.mpoucher wrote: The CDS has a map of Madison to about 6000 feet in the Courtyard and about 2000 feet downstream. Mike Bruic took that data and added the connections between the Courtyard and Crossunder, some of the other cross passages, and the downstream that Guy Bryant, Wayne Head, and others had been pushing back in the 90s.More history:Durring the summer of 1990 Larry Royal, Bob McGuire and myself made a push on thedownstream section of the cross-under tunnel. We made several dives to place stagebottles before attempting our big push. We finally were able to make a total penetrationof about 6000 ft from the rabbit hole entrance. Near the end of the line the tunnel forks. Itis still fairly large in both forks. I dont remember nor did I notate in my log which tunnelwe left a reel in. Right or left fork? There is a reel in one of the forks with line on it
  2. 2. waiting to be layed. It was so much work to get there and bring all our stages out that wenever did go back and push the tunnel more. If someone does go to the end of our lineand reel out the remaining line I would appreciate it if they would donate the reel to theCave Diving Museum.