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Madison connection 1 Madison connection 1 Document Transcript

  • Yeah, it was quite a bit of work to make the connection. You can thank Roger Werner formaking the final connection. I agree, diving the Courtyard - Crossunder Circuit is quite adive! Did you dive from the courtyard side 1st to the crossunder or did you go from theother direction? I found it easiest to go to the courtyard first. In 1982 I did it like this:Dive 1 - place a Navy 95 stage at the drop off in the cross-under tunnel.Dive 2 - Use a scooter (made by Lamar English) & Navy 95 stage bottle to get to pottersdelight. Drop both scooter & stage at potters. Swim through the rocky horror into theCourt yard. Drop down through the hole and jump to the downstream. After quite a bit ofswimming I finally reached my stage at the crossunder drop off. I was using dual lowpressure 104s pumped to 3600 psi. I had more that 1/3rd of my gas when I reached mystage in the cross-under. I then used the stage to exit through the cross under. I used air atall deco stops below 20ft. At the 20ft and 10ft stops I used 02.Dive 3 - Swim back to Potters Delight and retreive my stage and scooter.Going from the other direction was more time consuming as I did not use a scooter andhad to swim against current most of the time.Is the ciruit now one continuous line? When I made the circuit there were three Ts in theline once you started downstream from the Court Yard.GuyI swam from crossunder to courtyard and out thru potters. Dive was done on 104s and aal80 stage(carried the whole way) with O2 for deco, . The line is still continious in thedeep section from the crossunder "T" to the jump at courtyard. The 3 Ts are still there.Line is still in pretty good shape.Rob