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Discover tec

Discover tec






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    Discover tec Discover tec Document Transcript

    • Instructor Guide Section Three: Discover Tec Three: Discover Tec Standards Discover Tec is an experience for certified divers interested in trying out open circuit tech- nical equipment in controlled conditions. This section covers the conduct of the Discover Tec experience. Program Sequence Discover Tec is a single dive experience that you may conduct without any required skills, or (to allow credit toward Tec 40) with participants completing all Tec 40 Training Dive One performance requirements. required sequence • Predive briefing • Equipment setup (equipment may be preassembled for participants not de- siring credit toward Tec 40) • Discover Tec dive (simply for pleasure, or following Tec 40 Training Dive one for Tec 40 credit) • Post dive debriefing, log dive Discover Tec experience Dive Key Standards Participant prerequisites: Certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or a qualifying certification from another training organization, 18 years old, 10 logged dives. Note: To credit Discover Tec as Tec 40 Training Dive One, participants must meet Tec 40 prerequisites. Instructor qualification: Teaching status, insured (where required) Tec Instructor Assistant qualification: renewed PADI Divemaster or higher certified as a PADI Enriched Air Diver. Environments: Confined water or limited open water with ready access to water shallow enough to stand up in. Depths: Minimum: 2.4 metres/8 feet Maximum 10 metres/30 feet Decompression: No stop only. Equipment: Full technical rig (doubles or single cylinder with H/Y valve and tec diving harness) Gases: Air, with EANx allowable for participants who have diver-level enriched air certification. Ratios: 6:1, 8:1 with one or more certified assistants. PADI ®padi.com 3-1
    • Section Three: Discover Tec Instructor GuideKnowledge DevelopmentThe Discover Tec experience has no required knowledge development presentations orassignments.Practical ApplicationsThe Discover Tec experience has no required practical application sessions.Discover Tec experience DiveNote: This outline is for participants who do not wish for this experience to credit as Tec40 Training Dive One. To qualify for credit, conduct this dive as described in the Tec 40section, Training Dive One, Dive Today Considerations. I. Discover Tec experience Dive Standards A. Discover Tec is conducted in confined water or limited open water. The maximum depth is 10 metres/30 feet within no stop (no decompression) limits. The site must provide ready access to water shallow enough in which to stand. B. Ratios – 6 participants to one instructor, with 2 more participants permitted with a certified assistant to maximum of 8. C. Participants and instructor must be equipped as described in the Tec 45 Knowledge Development section with accommodation for environmental needs. A stage/deco cylinder is not required, but may be available for partici- pants who wish to try one on (with assistance). Note that if Discover Tec will be credited to the Tec 40 program, a stage deco cylinder will be required to meet the Tec 40 Training Dive One performance objectives. D. Required equipment includes but is not limited to: 1. Two cylinders of at least 12 l/70 cf each. If these are carried in back mounted configuration they should be connected with an isolator manifold. All cylinder outlets should have DIN system connections/ 2. Primary and secondary regulators for back mounted double manifolds, one with two metre/seven foot hose for air sharing and one with SPG. In sidemount configuration, one regulator must have the two metre/seven foot hose, and both regulators must have an SPG. 3. Technical diving BCD and harness as described in the Tec 45 Knowledge Development section, or sidemount harness for sidemount 4. If conducted in limited open water, the participant must have a dive com- puter, or a timer, depth gauge and tables. 5. See Section Two, Standards, for general equipment requirements. Note: Although Tec 40 does not require the full technical rig, Discover Tec does. This is because Discover Tec is an experience focused on tec diving equipment. PADI ® 3-2 padi.com
    • Instructor Guide Section Three: Discover Tec E. Gas requirements: Air. Participants who are certified in enriched air nitrox use (any training organization) may use enriched air within the limits of their certification. II. Predive Planning, Briefing and Preparation – suggested sequence A. Predive briefing 1. Explain that Discover Tec is an experi- ence program for trying out tec diving gear. It has no performance requirements, and it does not result in any tec diving qualifica- tions. However, you will demonstrate tec diving skills that they may try, if they want, under your supervision. • If appropriate, explain that Discover Tec may credit toward the Tec 40 course. In that case, there are required skills partici- pants can learn and practice. For Discover Tec to be credited to the Tec 40 course, participants must successfully complete the Tec 40 Training Dive One required skills. • Explain that tec diving is a team activity and that participants will dive in teams of two or three, and should stay together as a team. 2. Dive site overview • Depth, temperature, entry/exit points, areas with water shallow enough in which to stand. • Facilities – parking, lockers, boat dry & wet areas, where to find emergency equipment, etc. 3. Dive overview • Depth/time limits. • Descent – gear adjustment, buoyancy adjustments and general acclimation. • Tec diving skills (optional) you will demonstrate, and participants may try (listed are suggested skills – you may omit skills from this list); briefly describe each and explain that you will let participants try them one at a time with supervi- sion. o primary to secondary regulator switch. o gas shutdown – one regulator only. o stage/deco cylinder don and remove. o lift bag/DSMB deployment. o deco stop – maintain depth at a given depth within .3 metres/1 foot for 3 minutes. • Free time for general experience with equipment. B. Preparation PADI ®padi.com 3-3
    • Section Three: Discover Tec Instructor Guide 1. Gear should be set up in advance. 2. Participants gear up with staff assistance. Explain what each piece of gear is and what it is for. 3. Team assignments – divide participants into teams of two or three. 4. Predive check – staff predive checks each participant, explaining what they are checking. Teams go through BWRAF personally as well, super- vised by staff. 5. Review hand signals, emergency protocols, descent/ascent procedures and any other final details. C. Discover Tec Experience Dive 1. Entry – into water shallow enough in which to stand. • Participants check their weight, with staff supervision. • Staff checks participant equipment for adjustment and fit. 2. Descent to insensitive bottom (limited open water) • Staff gives each participant’s gear a visual check, including a bubble check. 3. Underwater gear adjustments. Give participants time to acclimate to their gear. Help with minor adjustments as necessary. 4. Skill demonstrations and practice (optional). Go through the skills as briefed. Participants who don’t wish to try a particular skill should feel free to skip it. • For Discover Tec to be credited to the Tec 40 course, participants must successfully complete the Tec 40 Training Dive One required skills. • However, these skill are not required for participants interested only in the experience. 5. Free time. Participants master technical gear while remaining in teams. They may repeat skills you demonstrated, one at a time, in teams. 6. Ascent – as briefed. 7. Exit – as briefed. D. Post Dive 1. Performance review. After a moment to rest, get a drink, etc, but immediately while memories are fresh, have teams discuss their dives. Comment on performance and fill in added information as appropriate, but this is an experience, not a course, so it isn’t necessary to detail or overly critique. 2. Encourage those who are interested to continue their training in the Tec 40 course. Remind participants that Discover Tec does not qualify them to make any type of technical dive. 3. If conducted in limited open water, participants log dive for your signature. If conducted in confined water, logging the experience is recom- mended, but not required.PADI ® 3-4 padi.com