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New technologies

  1. 1. By Nancy, Jordan, David & Leticia
  2. 2. Production- Digital Filming C.G.ICelluloid film is used for the majority of films as C.G.I : Computer Generatedthe image quality of the film was nothing Imagerycompared to others.As a result of it being cheaper than film, digital C.G.I is often found infilming is now widespread especially amongst Hollywood Blockbusters withindie film makers who have a low budget for high budgets and is a form ofmaking their films. computer generated graphics. At the moment Digital film is usually used forediting then later changed to film when being Raw elements are usually shot inreleased out in the cinemas. The process is quite front of a blue/ green screen soexpensive, time consuming and low quality. the background wanted for thatDigital video doesnt allow this process and ismore resourceful as the footage is shot digitally shot can be created using C.G.Iand can then be edited immediately even during and then placed behind.shooting.
  3. 3. Motion CaptureMotion capture is recordingactions of actors that are humanand then mapping it onto 3Danimated digital model of thecharacter.Motion capture can be used forfingers, face and delicateexpressions.Motion capture only records themovement of the actor and nothis/ her appearance.
  4. 4. Attack The Block Batman (Trilogy) CGI used on the creatures to take Motion capture used for out all of the detail. the face of two face.
  5. 5. Distribution is a long By taking the actual and very expensive rolls of film out of theprocess. The distributors picture, you can savehave to pay for someone a great deal of package the film, put Also the film itself can it in the van and drive degrade over time and the van to the various can get dirty due to cinemas and in some finger prints which cases, shipping it. will damage the film itself, so when the film runs it will be dirty Due to the large costs involved in distributing, films with a big budget can distribute to many places, when of the is majors is paying to distribute a film they send it everywhere because thy have the funding, where as a indie film would have to be very picky on who the distribute it to.
  6. 6. This is where digital distribution comes into play, instead of spending all hose costs on hiring vehicles and people to deliver your film, you could send it via email instead, via a storage website or a memory stick. Thissaves a lot of money for the film companies, and for small indie films this gives them more of a budget to spend on their film. The drawback of this is that it puts the people that used to package and deliver it out of a job. Digital film is not a physical object therefore cannot get dirty or A negative draw back to degrade over time. By this is it makes it even having the film digitally easier for piracy to come it can be shown in many about, because a email screens in the containing a film can cinema, under that one easily be intercepted and file instead of having to uploaded. use a roll o film per screen.
  7. 7. ATACK THE BLOCK BATMAN TRILOGY Attack the block had a small budget of £9Mil therefore  Now for the batman trilogy they could only afford to they have a huge amount of send it to certain cinemas backing and across the country, appealing funding, meaning they can to a local and niche audience. distribute it to a whole load However they managed to of cinemas all across the take it to America, but due to world, an because they have the sang and London accents such a strong marketing it did not do so well. campaign they will easily make there money back.
  8. 8. Websites – movies can now make their own official websites with packed information and market their products through it because majority of us now have access to the internet nowadays. Attack the block - Batman returns - IMDB(internet movie data base) – The IMDb started manbegins/index.html The dark knight -as a hobby project by an http://thedarkknight.warnerbros.c international group of om/dvdsite/ movie fans, essentially The dark knight rises - http://www.thedarkknightrises.cosomething by movie fans m/ for movie fans. It is ahuge collection of movie information. Which Mobile phones – as the years go by we are contains information on being introduce to new phones with new upcoming movies technologies and updates. Our phones are allowing anyone to see now capable of doing all the things our computers does which makes it easier for it. movies like attack the block and the batman trilogy to market their films. People can now customise their phones with movie applications. Movies can use the applications on our phones to communicate with us about their movies.
  9. 9. Viral campaign - Viral marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzzare buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existingsocial networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieveother marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of viruses orcomputer viruses.Viral marketing may take the form of video clips, interactive Flashgames, advertising, games, eBooks, brand able software, images, ortext messages.
  10. 10. IMAX-It has a wide-screencinematography (The techniqueof motion picture photography)that produces an image 3D- Is a movie with images that have a threeroughly ten times larger than dimensional form or appearance.the standard film which is 35 It’s a motion picture that causes an illusion ofmm. depth perception. It comes from stereoscopicIt’s done to project images that photography, a regular motion picture camerahave greater sharpness and system is used to record the images from twodefinition than can be shown in perspectives (or computer-generated imageryconventional cinemas, usually generates the two perspectives in post- production) Special projection hardware and/oron a gigantic screen several eyewear are used to provide the illusion of depthstories high. when viewing the film (3D glasses).
  11. 11. DVDDVD is Short for digital versatiledisc or digital video disc, a type ofoptical disk technology similar to TV on demand-the CD-ROM. A DVD holds a Video on Demand or Audio and Video on Demandminimum of 4.7GB of data, enough are systems which allow users tofor a full-length movie. DVDs are select, watch/listen to video or audio content oncommonly used as a medium for demand. IPTV technology is often used to bringdigital representation of movies and video on demand to televisions and personalother multimedia presentations that computerscombine sound with graphics. Television Video on demand systems eitherOne of the best features of DVD stream the content through a set-top box, adrives is that they are backward- computer or other device. allowing viewing in realcompatible with CD- time, or download it to a device such as aROMs, meaning they can play old computer, digital video recorder (also called aCD-ROMs, CD-I disks, and video personal video recorder) or portable media playerCDs, as well as new DVD-ROMs. for viewing at any time.Newer DVD players can also read of depth when viewing the film (3D glasses).CD-R disks.
  12. 12. 4D 4-D describes an entertainment presentation system combining 3-D film with physical effects in the theatre, which occur in synchronizationStreaming media with the film. Because the physical effects areStreaming media is multimedia that expensive to set up, 4-D films are usuallyis constantly received by and presented only at special venues such as themepresented to an end-user while parks and amusement parks. However, inbeing delivered by a streaming Korea, some movie theatres also have the abilityprovider. With streaming, the client to present a 4-D film and the film Avatar wasbrowser or plug-in can start one of 10 films that have received thedisplaying the data before the treatment, starting with Journey to the Centre ofentire file has been transmitted the Earth.The distinction is usually applied tomedia that are distributed over Some of the effects simulated in 4-D filmstelecommunications include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration.networks, because most other The use of water sprays and air jets is alsodelivery systems are either common. A 4-D film is not shown in a motionstreaming (e.g., radio, television) or simulator, although some seats in 4-D venuesno streaming (e.g., books, video vibrate or may move a few inches during thecassettes, audio CDs presentation. of depth when viewing the film (3D glasses).
  13. 13. Blu- rayBlu-ray disk is optical discstorage medium. It was Love filmdesigned to replace the DVD Love Film is a UK-based provider of home videoformat. Blu-ray discs contain and video game rental through DVD-by-mail and25 GB streaming video on demand in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. It is currently an Amazon.comThe name Blu-ray Disc refers subsidiary, and operates the Love Film website, asto the blue laser used to read well as providing outsourced website and deliverythe disc, which allows infrastructure for other British companies.information to be stored at a In January 2012, Love Film announced that it hadgreater density than is possible reached 2 million subscribers. It also claims overwith the longer-wavelength red 70,000 titles and over 4 million DVD, Blue-ray orlaser used for DVDs. Games rentals per month across five countries. Through a series of mergers andThe major application of Blu- acquisitions, Love Film has, in a fewray Discs is as a medium for years, become the leading online DVD rental andvideo material such as feature streaming outlet in the UK and across Europe.films. of depth when viewing the film (3D glasses).
  14. 14. Multiplex A multiplex is a movie theater complex with multiple screens, typically six to ten screens. They are usually housed in a specially designed building. Sometimes, an existing venue undergoes a renovation where the existing auditoriums are split intoTriple play- Netflix smaller ones, or moreTriple Play is a form of auditoriums are added in anhome entertainment Netflix is an American extension or expansion ofoptical disc distribution provider of on-demand the building. The largest ofwhich provides the buyer Internet streaming these complexes can sitwith a film or TV series in media in the United thousands of people and arethree different formats in States, Canada, Latin sometimes referred to as a America, the megaplex.a single keep case. The Caribbean, United Definitions of whatformats are Blu-ray constitutes a multiplexDisc, DVD, and a digital Kingdom and Ireland versus a megaplex arecopy and flat rate DVD-by- related to the number of mail in the United States screens, but often the comparison is arbitrary
  15. 15. The dark knight:•IMAX•Triple play Attack the block:•DVD/ Blu ray Attack the block (the•TV on demand film) was released on•Multiplex DVD and Blu-ray Disc•Full release in the UK on 19•Media streaming September 2011•Netflix Limited CGI because•Love film it indie•3D/4D Limited release