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  1. 1. Emma Dieting<br />Mr. Phillips<br />English 9b<br />17 May 2011<br />Why the Sweeper Position in soccer is important<br />A player who plays just behind the two center-halves and is used as a spare man, a good sweeper can read the game well, is a good passer of the ball, and sees opportunities to attack as well as providing another defensive option. This is a sweeper position in the game of Soccer. When I say I play the farthest person back on the field most people laugh and say people don’t score on defense. Soccer isn’t all about scoring goals; defense is a major part of the game. A sweeper has to Read the game, protect the goal, and direct the outside defenders and midfielders. <br />One of the most important things you need to do is read the field. If there a gap between us defenders I need to tell the outside defender to move inside. On corner kick of the opposing team the sweeper needs to read their corner kick and mark each player accordingly. If the opposing team has one forward that is faster the faster of the outside defenders need to get back. As the sweeper you can see the whole field so you can also direct the forwards when they have the ball towards the other team’s goal. They have to know the game and the next move. <br />The goalkeeper is the only person behind the sweeper. The sweeper and goalkeeper have to be really close. If the goalie comes out to stop a play it is the sweepers job to go protect the goal incase the forward beats the goalie. This also means that if the forward makes a shot the sweeper has to use any part of his or her body to stop the ball from going in the net. Also if the forward gets a break away it is the sweeper’s job to get back and run her down. It gets really tiring if the defense isn’t doing their job.<br />Another quality they must have is to direct people. The position has to be respected by their teammates and they are going to have to want to listen, or the defense will get scored on. If someone is not marking up the sweeper needs to tell them so no one gets past us. Or if the midfielder is not getting back to mark the defense it’s the sweeper’s job to tell them to get back and who their mark is.<br />This role isn’t something to laugh at, it is a challenging spot to play on the field and it takes a lot of skills and mentality to not get scored on. It is the sweepers fault if the defense breaks down. As a sweeper you need to stay positive and be a role model for your team. If you thought this position was a walk in the park you were wrong. <br />