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Quotes Quotes Presentation Transcript

  • You makeme see how much theworld has
  • You inspireme to be as good of aperson as
  • I fell in love, in love with you suddenly Now theres noplace else I could be, but here in
  • You‟re not only myboyfriend, but You‟re also
  • I now lookforward tothe first ofevery month
  • I love beingsilly with
  • It is amazinghow i‟ve knownyou for such ashort period of time, but it
  • Beingable to be my
  • Your taste is music is awesome, it surprises mequite often.. In
  • Yourintelligen ce is
  • I love how you are able to
  • •You are such a well-
  • •i can‟t wait for all of our plans to hurry up
  • You know how weplay fight about who loves eachother more? Well, you may not
  • Fairytalecharacters must be
  • You arethe best thing,
  • i won‟t give up, if
  • Anythingthat getsyour blood racing is
  • •if there‟sone thing I know, it‟s that i‟m
  • Told you 
  • No limitswhere wecan go <3
  • I love howYou‟re the farthest
  • We are all a little weird and life‟s a little weird, andwhen we find someone whose weirdness iscompatible with ours, we join up with them
  • You happento be in my scenariosquite often 
  • True story! Stop caringwhat others think so much, love. 
  • and You don‟t even try. I love you.
  • i‟m so glad i‟ve foundyou. I love
  • “…and theworld seems less terrible
  • i don‟t knowwhat they are called, the spaces between
  • The first time Isaw you, my heart fell. The secondtime I saw you, my heart fell. Thethird time fourth
  • words can‟t saY this. The one word lovemeans too little for what it is. It meanseverything and thatis still not enough. It doesn‟t communicate even a fraction of
  • I am fascinated by you.Everything aboutyou is unique and different fromwhat I am used to.
  • Life isslippery. We all need alovin g
  • Happiness.
  • Your little deformed earsare adorable. 
  • “…and then you meetone person and your
  • let‟s start with the fact thatyou are so
  • I just wanted to let you know, that when I
  • Infatuation is when you findsomebody who is absolutely perfect.Love is when you realize that
  • i‟ll be 87,You‟ll be 89. i‟ll stilllook at you
  • When youheld my hand as I got my flu shot, I was the
  • Oh, howthings have
  • You‟re thereason I
  • i know we‟re too young to talk about
  • i‟d walk athousand miles if Icould just
  • You‟re theonly one I lettear down the walls that I built, and
  • You lift my feetoff the ground. You spin me around. You make me crazier,
  • I was trying to fly, but I couldn‟t findmy wings. Then you came
  • I wasprayingthat you and me
  • I waswilling to be yourfriend, but
  • I sawspar
  • I love you.
  • Others onlyread of the love, thelove that I
  • I wish youcould seeyourself
  • We havethat story- book, oncein a lifetime
  • Well, I dont want the whole worldThe sun, the moon, and all their light I just want to be the only girl
  • I used to believe in the saYing, “we live in a world where what we want is only what we want until it‟s ours.”Then you came along and smashed every bit of
  • i‟m stillnot sick of you.
  • You are veryspecial
  • Guess I’m not the only one 
  • •This is a feelingi‟ve never felt, but
  • "A kiss is a lovely trick designed bynature to stop
  • LoveConquers All
  • I knew that this was going to blossom
  • The more I thinkabout it, the moreI want to let you know That everything you do
  • You see, this worldhas lots to offer butIn time it will go dark And if this love is what we say it is, Im sure we will go far And with a boy as
  • Oh, sweet perfection,Wont you hear my one confession? Ive been
  • we‟ve got itgood, love
  • I am so happy, Knowing you are the one that I want for the rest
  • I wanna try to be the person you want, the person you need. Its hard to conceive, that somebody like you,could be with someone
  • I love our secretlanguage; we are often thinking the same thing. We can just look at each other
  • I love the way you make me laugh,
  • I neverthought i‟d say this,but thank
  • I love how youkeep me on my toes. I never know what is
  • You neverbore me.
  • I love how one of the bestdays of my life had you in it. I was on this Earth for 18 years before meeting you, and you’ve alreadygiven me one of my favorite days. Wow. 
  • •You are the world‟s
  • I love how you never bad talkanyone. You
  • I love how you loveshopping asmuch as I do,
  • I love yourtidiness and how organized youare. Our futurehouse is going tobe awesome with
  • i can‟t think of a singlething that Iwould want
  • You know i‟m such a fool for you,You‟ve got me
  • I love how we talk to each other in oursleep. It is myfavorite when
  • I lovethat I
  • I love how you get me to do things that i wouldn‟t normally do. Examples: eating eel and standing
  • Yoursmilemakes
  • I love that you let me meet your friends and invite me to do things
  • i‟ll neverforget how kind you were the
  • Best.Boyfriend. Ever.
  • I love the way you love to
  • You are myonly, my
  • It is super attractive that you like to learn. The fact thatYou‟re alwaYs trYing to obtain more knowledge by reading articles or
  • I love you for noticing
  • You‟ve gotmagic inside yourfingertips.
  • Every time that I get close to You, You‟remaking me weak with the way
  • “all i see is Yourface, all I need isyour touch, wake me up with your lips, come at me
  • I love how well Isleep with
  • I love that You‟re not acrazy sports fanatic or
  • I love your
  • I love your sleepattire, bu
  • I love your soft hair that gets more cute
  • I love how I usually can tell rightawaY if You‟re
  • Most of all, I love how myfeelings for you arereciprocated
  • I love that when it comes to you, itdoesn‟t take much to show that you care. Simple gestures like surprising me at
  • I love howYou‟re stilla little kid
  • I love how you reallY don‟thave much of atemper. I think i‟ve onlY seen
  • I love how you make sure you tell me
  • I love that You‟re agentleman and open
  • I love how hard it is for me toleave you
  • I love that you enjoy just sittingin my car and
  • I love you because "doingnothing" withyou is better
  • I lovehow our minds
  • No matter what I do, Iwill alwayscarry you in my heart.
  • I love that getting good grades comes easy for you and you barely ever have to study.What a brain you have. 
  • I love that You‟re an earlysleeper and
  • When I closemY eYes, i‟msomewhere with you
  • We just getcloser. I fall in love all over, every
  • For the firsttime, i‟m
  • i must‟ve donesomething
  • As long asYou‟re here,everything will be
  • “even if themoon falls downtonight, there‟d be nothing to worry about
  • Your kisseson my cheek (even if they are
  • Did you know you have a special way of turning around my terrible days?You make all of
  • it‟s the waY everYlove song reminds me of you, alongwith the stars and the sunset here too. it‟s the waY
  • I adore you
  • i can‟t explainthat smile that
  • i don‟t knowhow you dowhat you do. It just keeps getting
  • I think thatpossibly, maybe i‟m falling forYou. Yes, there‟s a chance that
  • They say that goodthings take time, butreally great things happen in a blink ofan eye. I thought the chances of meeting somebody like you
  • I want to give you what
  • Your nextbirthday isgoing to bespecial for
  • Can you stay
  • i‟mcarrying your
  • I love the fact that we both tried to make it out like
  • I luffyou.
  • This is the best thing, the bestthing that couldbe happening andI think you would agree. The best
  • All I want to have is all that you can give me,and i‟ll give rightback everything I have in me,
  • You‟re ahundred times cuter thanRyan Gosling and Robert
  • Youshouldmodel.
  • I love I spent all of therecent holidays with you..Thanksgiving, Ch ristmas, New
  • when You‟reholding me, Ifeel like anatomic bombcould go off
  • I love that you think highly of yourself.
  • See that smile? It’s allthanks to you.
  • You putyour armsaround me
  • The bestrelationship is when twocan act like
  • i‟venevertruly
  • No onecompares to you.
  • let‟smake
  • Take love,multiply it by infinity andtake it to the depths of
  • If you let me, here‟swhat i‟ll do. i‟ll take
  • i‟ve gotyou, and life is
  • Myheart is
  • How did Imanage toget such an amazing
  • Youare
  • With youit feelslike I am
  • You are so entertaining and fun to bearound, even if we‟re just
  • You‟re such athoughtfu
  • It truly is a breath of fresh airthat You‟re
  • it‟s like the second I lay eyes onyou, everyone else
  • We should getjerseYs, „causewe make a goodteam. But yours would look better than
  • i‟m racking mYbrain for a new improved way,to let you know You‟re more to
  • i know that it‟s so cliché to talkabout you this way,but i‟ll push all mY inhibitions aside.it‟s so verY obvious to everyone
  • I love how I feel safe enough to tell you secrets that I usuallY don‟t
  • i‟ve never braggedabout someoneas much as I do
  • I love how we can talk about our future, and
  • We have thecutest
  • They say everything is about timing.i‟m glad i found
  • I love you more than Ilove coffee.Remember? 
  • Can Ikeep
  • Your sense of style ismy favorite. We are
  • I know this is probably nevereven crosses yourmind, but in case it ever does, I will never hurt you
  • I am going to be the best girlfriend I can be for
  • i‟ve never tried to impresssomeone as
  • You make melaugh like noother, I guess you can sayYou‟re funny..I
  • You tell the best“stories”..
  • Is it weird if I tellyou that I have to catch my breath when you walk into the room? It is? Oh well, too
  • i‟m not afraidanYmore, i‟m
  • Forever is along time, but I wouldn‟t mind spending it by
  • Sitting in your room justsinging songstogether has
  • “tell meeveryday I get to wake up to that smile, Iwouldn‟t mind it,
  • Pinch me. I must bedreaming.
  • You are too goodto be true
  • Kiss me. Nexttime you see me. First thing, no
  • I love how I was so wrong
  • I love how our fights neverlast long. Who could really
  • Neverchang
  • AnnieHugo..has anice ring to it don‟t ya
  • Thought you would appreciate this
  • Falling head over heels. I thought I knewhow it feels, butwith You it‟s like
  • “all i cansay is it was enchanting to meet
  • i‟mcaptivated byyou, baby, li
  • Thank you for all of theexperiences
  • You were myfirst for a lotof things, and Iwouldn‟t want
  • i‟m on mY guard for the rest of the world, but with you I
  • Usually..actually…jus t sayin‟ 
  • You alwaysfind exactly what wantwhen You‟re
  • “what we got is just like driving on anopen highway, neverknowing what we‟regonna find. Just like two kids always
  • Even though you say You‟re terrible at communicating, youalways seem to knowexactly what to saywhen it is needed. With You, i‟ve realized
  • i couldn‟t be happier
  • It doesnt matter where you go in life, its who youhave beside you
  • You always smell amazing
  • We have somuch to lookforward totogether 
  • “cause this isreal, this isgood, it warmsthe inside justlike it should,
  • You are my
  • i‟m allyours
  • You have super nicegrammar..gh ey I know
  • The fact that youplay piano isawesome and
  • Confession time: I may..just may..secretly enjoy that youlove MapleStory as much as you do.
  • since i don‟t get phone calls from you often, when you do call me it makes me smile. Justthought i‟d mention that because you actually did just call right
  • Confession time! Isort of find your crazy driving more fun then scary. Did I just
  • I love thatyou believe in me as much as I
  • Grow oldwith me,the best
  • o hi !
  • We look cutetogether
  • I love you because I can be at your housewatching Roseann or Family Feud
  • i‟ll tell Youone thing, it‟s alwaysbetter when
  • Despite all ofour differencesand your absurdlove of arguing,we work really
  • Everydaythat I spend with you is my new
  • Waking upto you in the morning is the best
  • Just the thought of your smileis enough to
  • The thingsthat make you “You” are adorable i.e: the way you
  • Pillow it 
  • You surpasseverything i‟ve everwanted in a
  • You make being in love feelbetter than
  • i know i‟ve said it thousands of times, but you are extremelyhandsome. So. So.Good looking. 
  • Youdeserveto be the
  • Youare
  • i can‟t think of anyone that I hate to miss as
  • You have the prettiest eyes and the cutestnose and the besthair and the rest
  • i‟ll never forgetwhen I was telling you about the gurus I watch on YouTube and youactually knew who
  • Thanks forintroducing me to the best gameever, TempleRun! I will beat your
  • i‟llalways
  • I LOVE that youremember everything. It makes me superhappy that I can tell you something once, even if it is the littlest thing, and
  • Yourattention span is
  • Your friendwas right, you are quite the
  • You had me at
  • You are, and will always be,my favorite.
  • Coolest Lego Set Ever 
  • "Love is the condition in which thehappiness of
  • "Anyone can catch your eye, but ittakes someone special to
  • I love you, EarlCrawford
  • “we werejust theretogether, and that
  • Yeah, we‟re thatcute/d orky 
  • I want to breakevery clock, the hands of time could never move again. We
  • Mine .
  • One of the best daysof my life
  • Two of the coolest peopletogether in one picture? 
  • Lov e Yo
  • You‟vegot the
  • I love how ustaking it slow turned into the exact opposite.
  • “there‟s somany fish inthe sea, but we could
  • “there‟s toomany stars in the sky, but they
  • I knew there was just something about you the first day I metyou. It turned out I was correct.
  • “You‟re the match to mycandle. You‟rethe scrape to my knee. And
  • You‟re my
  • Boy, yougot just what I
  • Wonderfulhappens to be my favorite
  • I loveeverything you are
  • This feelingi‟m feeling is something i‟ve never
  • “and though my edge is maybe roughI never feel Im quite enough And it may notseem like very
  • So glad Iattacked you. 
  • Salt and pepper. Socks and shoes.Left and right. Beth and
  • You havestolen my heart
  • i‟ll be thegreates
  • I love how much time we spend together. I know i‟ve said itbefore, but You‟re theonlY one that doesn‟t get on my nerves. By now, i‟m usuallY
  • •i don‟t think anyone feels the way I do
  • You‟re the closestto heaven
  • LOVE COUPON!One freemeal on
  • LOVE COUPON!This entitles you to: One Hour ofPlaying Maple
  • “it‟s alwaYs nice to have someone inyour life whocan make you
  • i don‟t know whenYou‟ll pick this one,but I just wanted totell You that i‟m so happy that I haveYou this valentine‟s
  • LOVE COUPON! One movie night withyour choice
  • LOVE COUPON! Out of the Doghouse This ends one fight, complete forgiveness.just don‟t push it, guY. 
  • LOVE COUPON!One Photo Shoot However You‟d like. My camera
  • LOVE COUPON!The Answer is YESWhatever you want, you can get with this.(i‟m a little scared with this one..)
  • LOVE COUPON! DO-OVER Re-use any coupon that you have already used.(This doesn’t apply to future coupons. If this is the first one you open, you must use it on the next one you open.)
  • it doesn‟t matter where weare or what
  • i‟m nutsabout you! lol I had to…
  • I Love Us
  • You‟re mY specialsomeone
  • Me andyou, alw ays.
  • I am gladthat your plans
  • I could conquer the world withjust one hand
  • All I really want fromyou is to feel me, as the
  • i‟ve learned that whenever I decidesomething with
  • i‟m being completelY truthful with all of these little pieces of paper. A lot of them scare me to deathbecause i don‟t know how you will react to them. i‟m not holding mYself
  • I want to show you just howextraordin
  • I love youmore than words. and i‟m a
  • All the things wetalk about, you know
  • You don‟tknow how lovely
  • You are one of the realest, down to
  • Have you evertalked about someone and all of a sudden, you
  • I havenever felt more
  • Please stay.
  • Yeah, you’re original, efff what that little girl said. The second part of this picture is true as well. 
  • You still make me nervous and shake, in that“little puppY who just got a bath” kind of way. No
  • I wish I could dobetter by you,
  • You are soimporta
  • Pistanthrophobia is the fear of trusting. Thankyou for being the only boy in my life who makes
  • "Love is justa word until someonecomes along
  • My body hasfinally got usedto the fact that there will always be butterflies
  • The fall of 2011 willalways beone of the
  • I find us beautiful because weboth met each other hoping