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  • 4. http://prezi.com/pexnjhyvq-8h/wilde- Q1.samantha-g321-evaluation/ Mood board for my magazine
  • 5. Q3. I rejected this photo because I rejected this photo I rejected this there was not because the lighting photo because the enough room for was wrong and the picture was took at Whilst I liked the columns. star was in a bad a bad angle and scenery position. would not fit on the surrounding the star page properly. it wasn’t the right shot type. The scarf around the neck made the star look too childish.Luckily I did have some pictures set aside in case of thissituation, this is the picture I used in the end.
  • 6. Q2.I chose my colourscheme to be NeonGreen, Purple, Black andWhite. I wanted adefinitive range of coloursthat blended well butstand out on there own. I wanted the title to stand out, and to create my brand identity so using neon green and black I created my masthead. The font is called ‘Mostwasted’. To make the masthead look professional, I made the words 30% transparent.
  • 7. Q2.These colours represent differentthings. Neon Green stands outand shows confidence andattitude. Purple can appeal to bothgenders and I have aimed thismagazine at both genders – andshows the aura of the publication.White stands out on the page andblends well with black.My genre relates to havingattitude and getting yourvoice heard – thesecolours do that.
  • 8. When shown to the class, they gaveme some constructive criticism:•The star needs to stand out more•Needs to be brighter•There’s too much going on, on thepage•Shift everything left – maybe bydoing each letter individually•Need a better quality photoOverall I was given a Level 3/ 4 formy work.
  • 9. This is a better picture becausethere is room for columns and thestar is central which makes them themain focus.The star looks like a rock star andhas the attitude of a rock star.
  • 10. Q3. I rejected these photos because they did not reflect my genre – the star did not look like a rock star.These pictures do not allow many columns and do not reflect thegenre I was trying to get across.
  • 11. When shown to theclass, they gave mesome constructivecriticism:•The features are notin columns – looksunprofessional.•The star does notlook like a rock star.
  • 12. This is a betterpicture because itrelates to musicbecause of theguitar.The features are incolumns whichmakes the page lookmore professional.
  • 13. Q3.I rejected this image Even though thebecause of the lack of image suits thequality lighting – it genre, there is nodoes not relate to the eye contact whichgenre. would not engage the reader. This is a good, full bodied shot but it would mean I have to crop the guitar off because the floor is showing.
  • 14. This is my first draftof my DPS.Through audiencefeedback, I was toldthat the main imageis covered too muchby text, the dropcap is in the wrongplace and I don’tneed the extrapictures on thesecond page.
  • 15. I have made the mainimage fill the whole ofthe first page so theaudience know she iswho we are talkingabout.I have moved thedrop cap to the mainbody of text.I have added anarrow to show thereader that the articlecontinues over thepage.