Backlink Storm - The Complete Guide To Building Backlinks!
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Backlink Storm - The Complete Guide To Building Backlinks!



This report is now part of the premium membership! ...

This report is now part of the premium membership!

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Backlink Storm - The Complete Guide To Building Backlinks! Backlink Storm - The Complete Guide To Building Backlinks! Document Transcript

  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 1 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. *Backlink Storm* The Complete Guide To Building Backlinks Produced By Allen Payne An Members Only Report NOTE: This Report Is Now Part Of The Premium Membership!
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 2 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me? My name is Allen Payne, and I’ve been a full-time internet marketer for over a decade now. I started out online in 2002 and for the past several years, I've been making a full- time mid-6-figure income online, using methods that don’t require a ton of experience, any kind of special skills or a huge budget to get started. I've also authored 13 of my own information products and built a solid business that has earned me a passive income for over 5 years now. I'm actively marketing in several niche markets including Make Money Online, Dating & Relationships, Health & Weight Loss and the main business models I'm concentrating my marketing efforts on are Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, List Building & Email Marketing and Membership Sites. But I didn't start out that way. I raised myself from being a waiter who made only a couple hundred dollars per week… to someone who earns more than both of my parents combined! And I did all that without being a native English speaker, nor having any previous marketing experience whatsoever. Since 2011, I've helped 100's of people to build their own businesses and make real money on the internet, using the community portal and training center. Join Our Elite Family Of Internet Marketers Today! Because knowing what to do to get started is so important to your success right out of the gate you should do yourself a favor and join the #1 fastest growing internet marketing community - The Insider's Club! (if the link doesn't work, copy the url and paste it into your browser)
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 3 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Now let’s build some backlinks  Method 1 Step 1: Download The Free Blog Commenter from here: Sign up at the bottom of the page and you will get the download link to your email. Step 2: After you download this unlimited backlink producing software for free read the guide to familiarize yourself with it. Step 3: CommentLuv Do you know what is CommentLuv and how can you benefit from it? Good question :-) CommentLuv is a WordPress plug-in . A growing number of blogs are using this plug-in every day.When a blog has CommentLuv installed, here's how CommentLuv works. Typically, when you visit a blog and leave a comment you'll be asked for your name and weblink as well.
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 4 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Search for blogs that are using CommentLuv(using the Free Blog Commenter) and make sure that the link you include in your comment is a link to your blog. Once your comment is posted, CommentLuv checks the blog link you provided and it *automatically* posts a small snippets of text from your post recent blogs post and then links back to that post. The cool thing is, this happens right away... no waiting, and your comments are auto-approved! So, that's it. Now go get some "Luv" using your free Blog Commenter software. TIPS: 1.Another similar free Blog Commenter is Comment Kahuna found at: 2.A similar WP Plugin is KeywordLuv.Use this technique to find blogs that are using KeywordLuv: Use this search query to find blogs. This search query will show you blogs with KeywordLuv-support. Search this on Google : keyword "Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage." rKeywords+in+the+Name+field+to+take+advantage.%22&btnG=Search&aq=f&oq =&aqi=
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 5 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Method 2 Get backlinks using software submission sites. There are hundreds of software submission sites and 90% of them have PR 5, 6, and 7. When you submit a piece of software to them they give you a backlink! Step 1: You can make free software in about 5 minutes with (toolbar generator) or with a free screensaver generator, or just make a .exe ebook. Step 2: The software sites require a PAD file to submit to their sites. You can make one for free in about 5 minutes with PADGEN (free software).Always put your website link in the fields and your main keyword in the Company Name in the PAD file. You can download PADGEN here: Step 3: Submit your PAD file to hundreds of sites with software like PADADD, PromoSoft or GSA AutoSoft Submit. Method 3 Step 1: Go to
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 6 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Step 2: Search for pages that are older than 365 days. Step 3: Go to the comments of these stories and take a look… You will see high pagerank pages.Most of them PR5 and up… Now all you do is make a comment and post your url like this hxxp:// and that's it... Your link is now on a high page rank page for free..... Tip: Now just search around and keep looking you will find some pages that have a really high PR (pr7, pr8).... Usually you'll want to choose the ones with the most diggs because they will usually have higher page rank... Now keep this quiet because too many people doing this will lose its effectiveness... Method 4 In short: Spam forums or blogs or comments and link back to your site using a smiley as an anchor text. Your hidden link will go unnoticed but it will help you as far as seo is concerned - despite not having a proper anchor text. Visual description:
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 7 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. If you click any of the above smiles it will lead you to another website. You can post on forums and include a smiley backlink, or you can leave a comment on a wordpress blog and include a smiley backlink, and the mods will have a hard time detecting your hidden link cause the smiley will look just normal. The codes: For forums Code: [URL=""]:)[/URL] For wordpress blogs comments Code: <a href="">:)</a> Method 5 Step 1: Find a website which has some comment spam on it. Step 2:
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 8 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Look at the websites being "promoted". If you've worried about on-niche backlinks, look for sites in your niche. Personally, I try any site. Step 3: Go to and check the backlinks for one of these websites you've found. It lists all the links pointing to the spammers site, and tells you if its nofollow or dofollow. Step 4: Go through the DoFollow links, using an SEO plugin to check the page rank. Soon you will find a PR4 or PR5 which is DoFollow and non moderated. Leave your comment… Step 5: Look at the commenting system, try to identify what makes it unique. Then, create a search operator and put it into google. I will give you an example: "Add/Change #*" Comment "change properties" Other identifiers are found in the url. To search for these, google inurl: Some of the time, it won't work, but sometimes it does and you get a big list of other sites using the same commenting system. Step 6: Back to your PR5 DoFollow site you found earlier, do a site: search on the domain and you'll have a list of all the pages in thet domain. It might help to put "add a comment" or whatever the add comment text is into google too to isolate pages where you can comment. Use SEO for firefox to check the PR of each page, go through the results and pick out the best ones. A word of advice, don't bother with PR1 and below. Waste of time imo
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 9 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Most sites you put into BLW will be white hat, in which case all you'll see is article directories and organic links - not what we want. Keep putting different spammer sites into backlink watch, and you will find a good site sooner rather than later. And one good site leads to others in a never-ending spam trail. Nowadays, when i'm making a new site, I just turn to my reserve of spam megasites and get a set number of easy links per day. It's very time-efficient. Method 6 This method is pretty easy and simple and if you do it right the links well stick and be there long term. It is completely Whitehat and a little time consuming but sense its Whitehat it should stick and be effective in the long run. Step 1: Well the first thing you need is SEO for Firefox or the SEO Toolbar, they are pretty simple easy to install just Google it for download link. Most of you should already have one of these plug-ins installed or something like it. If you do you just ignore this step. Step 2: I am assuming you already have a niche and a couple of good keywords. Now you are going to search a very generic term for your niche example: if your niche is “Internet marketing” then search some thing like “How to make money online” or “make money online” Pick a couple of the big guys like “Blogspot” or “” Step 3:
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 10 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Now if you’re using SEO for Firefox you well see under the search results “Y! .edu Links” click on it. You well then be taken to yahoo search, there well be a huge list of places were they got .edu links. Search through the list looking for Student Blogs or just a blog, but student blogs are the best. Your goal is to find a post that is really old and that got left out for dry. The older the blogs are the better chance you have of not running into the dreaded “your comment is waiting moderation.” Step 4: Once you find a blog that allows you to comment with no moderation, well its pretty simple comment on every post. Just in case I mix up the name/keyword up a little so it doesn’t look like I’m spamming. Step 5: This step is the most important, you have to ping it. Most of this blogs are buried deep into the website so if you don’t ping it Google well never find it. Note: The same can be done with but .gov it’s allot harder because less people have .gov links. There you go, you have some .edu link’s I know this isn’t the easiest way to get links but you have to mix it up. Just having a couple edu links well help your blog out allot not just because the .edu links them self’s but because Google well disvalue your links if there not mixed up and scattered all over the place. There are lots of ways to improve this method; I actually found ways to improve it while I was reading it. This is just a basic idea on how to get .edu links, take this method twist it and bend it as much as you can. Method 7
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 11 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Forum Postings There are tens of thousands of forums on the internet. Many of these are even better than blogs because they are on old trusted domains. That means the links you get from them are worth double. Gaining backlinks by posting on forums can be a very ethical way to get links but only if it is done the right way. Don’t go spamming forums with a ton of links especially if you want to show your face again. To find forums on your subject just search for ‘Niche Topic’ forums on Google. Another great resource to find Niche Topic forums is . Now, let’s concentrate on creating some smart signatures. So what is a signature exactly? It is some text or url that you choose to display below each and every post you make in the forum. The signature is saved in your profile and whenever you make a post, the signature goes underneath it automatically. This can generates backlinks to your websites. Post thousands of postings on forums can take a lot of time consuming. For saving time, paid manual postings services for forums are available: Forums First Forum Advantage Automated software posts your comments to thousands of forums with push button ease. Get long-lasting links that build your credibility by sharing your comments with far more forums than you could ever have on your own!
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 12 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Generate a stream of traffic and give yourself an upper hand in the quest to accumulate profitable search engine rankings. Getting a massive amount of links from forums can’t get any quicker or easier than this! Method 8 Here’s another interesting find. It’s called Cool Site of the Day. This site lists some of the most interesting sites from around the web. Best of all, you can submit your site as well if you think it’s up to snuff. Not only does this present an excellent link opportunity, but Cool Site of the Day is known for sending thousands of visitors to their featured sites. If your site is chosen, it will be featured on the homepage and announced to their email list of over 150,000 subscribers. Much like Digg, Cool Site of the Day also has a ripple effect. The featured sites are often picked up by journalists throughout the world. Some of the previously featured sites have been quoted on the BBC News website, featured in USA Today, picked up by radio stations and quoted in a number of other media outlets. Sites similar to Cool Site of the Day that you can submit to include… CoolPick AskMen CSOTD TopsiteoftheDay Yahoo Picks
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 13 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Blackstump Family First Do you have a unique or entertaining website? If so, you can drop your links at the following websites… Leenks Bored BoredatWork Ubersite College Humor Stimes Ebaumsworld Method 9 Coupon Sites Here’s a tactic I see very few sites using - submitting your website to coupon directories. Besides building links, you can also generate new customers and build some buzz around your brand. Some of the most popular places you can submit your coupons to are Coupon Cabin, Ultimate Coupons, Free Shipping, and Deal Taker. For a complete list of coupon sites, go to…
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 14 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. There are lots of ways to create coupons for your site. For example, checkout the following web page to see a Link Building Service that is using coupon sites to advertise their service. Coupon sites are an excellent option if you sell any kind of product or service. You can offer discounts, promotional codes, or even rebates. Be creative! Method 10 Underground Link Building Tool Here’s one of my favorite tools for finding hidden link-building opportunities. It can be found at… This tools searches for websites of the theme you specify that contain keyphrases like “Add link”, “Add site”, “Add URL”, “Add URL”, “Submit URL”, “Add Article” etc. I’ve found lots of great link building opportunities using this tool. Try it Out!
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 15 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Method 11 Build Backlinks with Tickers! Have you ever seen on forums those countdown tickers that countdown to a particular date or event?Here’s an example: People use these tickers when posting to forums and on their blogs. Most people include the tickers in their signature. Step 1: Create your own countdown tickers on: This software allows you create and customize graphical countdown tickers. Step 2: Start distributing them to your users and promoting them in popular forums. You could get thousands of one-way backlinks coming into your site. This is a great technique for increasing your backlinks, traffic, revenue, and website exposure. Think about it… If you had just one active forum member using your ticker, that could equate to thousands of backlinks.
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 16 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Method 12 You can use this trick to get indexed in Google really quick and get some backlinks at the same time. All you have to do is to check your domain stats on each of the following sites: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12- 13- 14- 15- 16- 17- 18- 19- 20- Copy and paste each link in your browser and in 10 minutes job is done.
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 17 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Method 13 Our final link building technique is quite “out-of-the-box”. It’s about buying established websites! Buy low-cost websites to get quality one-way backlinks. You can find some great deals on: SitePoint Marketplace Buying an already established website not only gives you link building opportunities,but a lot of extra traffic and subscribers. Lots of people have websites getting hundreds of visitors a day and they don’t know how to monetize all the traffic properly.They aren’t even collecting opt-ins. Just buy the site and using your marketing knowledge, start collecting subscribers.Then start building your relationship with the list. Imagine what profits this could bring. Quick High PR Backlinks 1. Create a blog at and include a link to your website. Page Rank 7 2. Join the Message Board Discussions at They offer a WYSIWYG editor for posts, from which you can hyperlink your name to your website. Page Rank 8
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 18 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. 3. Join Google Earth’s community (these are forums) and put your link in your signature. Page Rank 8 4. Create a profile at and post a link to your website. Page Rank 7 5. Create a profile on and include a link to your website. Then comment on some of the news stories. When your comment shows up, your name is hyperlinked to your website. Page Rank 7 6. Register on and create a profile. Include a link to your website in the profile. Page Rank 6 7. Make comments on the news stories on Page Rank 6 8. Create a profile on and include links to your website. Page Rank 7 9. Create a profile on and set up your signature to link to your site. Page Rank 7 10. Participate in for forums on and post links to your website – MAKE SURE THEY’RE PERTINENT TO THE DISCUSSIONS. You may want to make an “about me” page on your website. This will give you more chances to post actual links to your website. has blogs. Create a blog on that site and include a hyperlink to your website in one of your blog posts. Page Rank 8
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 19 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. 11. Create a profile on and post on the message boards. Sign your posts with your name and hyperlink your website to your name. Page Rank 7 12. Comment on the stories at You will have to go to your email to confirm, this site is has a Page Rank of 8. 13. Create a profile on and post a link to your website on your “comment wall”. Page Rank 8 14. Set up a profile on and include a link to your homepage. Page Rank 6 15. Set up an account on and post comments on the blogs. Sign the comment and hyperlink your website to your name. Page Rank 7 16. Comment on the blogs at and hyperlink your name to your website. Page rank 7 17. Comment on the blogs on and include a link to your website. Page Rank 7 18. Make comments on the articles on and include a link to your website in your actual comment.You will need to register first. Page Rank 7 19. Make comments on the articles on and include a link to your website in the actual comment. You will need to register first. Page Rank 7
  • Backlink Storm - An Members Only Report 20 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Thank you once again for taking the time out to purchase this report. It’s now up to you to get out there and take some action. To Your Success, Allen Payne Administrator