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Xsolla Team

  1. 1. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comXsolla – Your Personal Payment Team
  2. 2. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com 7 reasons to Choose Xsolla1. Global Coverage 2. Diverse PO 3. Fraud Protection33 PO in USA Payment frequency41 PO in Europe Cash and e-cash, credit cards, Deep behavioral analysis64 PO in Eastern Europe mobile payments, direct debit, Automatic alerts13 PO in South America prepaid cards, offers.* PO = payment option … and we cover fraud ;)4. Support 24/7 5. Individual Service 6. Flexible TermsOur support team speaks Any exclusive technical Tax management, payoutsdifferent languages. solution or exotic payment in different currencies,Each of your players option can be obtained no chargeback, transaction,will be heard, understood instantly. or installation feesand taken care of.7th reason is the best: over 200 publishers have already chosen Xsolla
  3. 3. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com Your Personal Payment TeamOne Contract to Be Connected Let’s Develop Togetherto Payment Options You Need With more than 6 years of experience in creating payment solutions for online games, we knowJust one contract will get you all payment exactly what works best to monetize gameoptions you desire. We guarantee most projects. And we won’t stop developing: we addpopular tigether with local payment options 3 new payment options per week. We create newwith the weekly or monthly payouts. payment tools to make payments more easy and secure.Already Have Payment Options?We do offer the extension, rather than alternative Here is what you getto whatever you have. Our payment tool canintegrate your payment options or vice versa. Everything you need to monetize: customized tools, worldwide and local payment options, fraud protection, 24/7 multilingualIndividual Solutions support team.Each project is unique and therefore it needsunique payment tool. All Xsolla PaymentSolutions can be customized to merge perfectlywith your project.
  4. 4. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comWorldwide Coverage >80 Payment Systems Cash and e-cash, credit cards, mobile payments, direct debit, prepaid cards, offers. 33 PO in USA 51 PO in Europe 74 PO in Eastern Europe 37 PO in Latin America 29 PO in Middle East visit http://xsolla.com/coverage to see the coverage If you need Payment Options in a particular region – let us know. We will get them to you!
  5. 5. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comPowerful Analysis Numbers and dynamics Absolute and relative numbers Tables and diagrams Visual results Geo Revenue See the regions you are most effective at. Detailed statistics Numbers speak better than words.
  6. 6. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com Xsolla Direct PaymentPlayer choosespayment option 0 additional clicks by the user Player is redirected to the payment option’s check-out page Player Done Player enters payment including confirms amount all required parameters 1020 coins Depending on your 2060 coins requirements, 2600 coins the player either may change parameters, or not.
  7. 7. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com Xsolla PayStationCash & E-cash Credit Cards Direct DebitPre-paid Cards Mobile Payments Offers In over 74 countries USA Europe South America Canada Eastern Europe Asia All payment options in one solution
  8. 8. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comYour PayStation May Look Like This
  9. 9. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comor This Way
  10. 10. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.comor That Way
  11. 11. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com Present Payment Options in PayStation Offer PO by Type Sort Payment Options Do not want to list multiple payment options? Offer types, and PayStation will Choose payment options you need, proceed with the payment option with the and create the list you need. best payout for this region. Credit Card Phone Payment Credit Card Cash Visa / MasterCard max 1500 coins enter your phone number LiqPay max 1000 coins next Intellect Money max 15 coins Cash Recommended Payment Kiosks max 1500 coins Boleto max 1000 coins Boacompra PayPal Webmoney Yandex Dengi Neosurf Add Extra Information Show PO by Any FeatureAdd any information you need next to the Recommended, popular, recently used, lowestpayment option. commissions – sort the way you want.
  12. 12. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com Payment Amount in PayStationChoose Payment Amount Free amountHow many coins you want to get? Ask your player to enter free amount 2000 for 20 USD of coins to purchase. Prices are calculated instantly.Payment Amount PricePoints 505 coins for 5 USD / discount 1 % Create a table with various amounts of 1020 coins for 10 USD / discount 2 % coins to be purchased. 2060 coins for 20 USD / discount 3 % 2600 coins for 25 USD / discount 4 % Extra Information 5250 coins for 50 USD / discount 5 % Add any extra information you need.Enter promo-code Promotional CampaignsEnter promo-code to get extra coins Offer your users to enter promo-codes to get next discounts ot extra coins when purchasing. Use These Tools Together
  13. 13. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com Additional Options in PayStationCountry, USD Different icon sets Last used, SkrillLanguage Search by name Most PopularPop-up ‘Help’ window Sale & Promo All in my countryany other option… Your Personal Payment Team Xsolla will add any option you need to create a perfect payment solution. Your personal account manager will consult you on payment options, describing their popularity, conversion, average sale, coverage, promotional activity, usability, etc.
  14. 14. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com P.S. Our PartnersWe have been working with 2pay Russia 2pay for us has established itself as a reli- 2pay (Xsolla) is a fast growing companyand 2pay Inc. CA over the last two years. able and trusted business partner. The easy focused on increasing the product qual-Our cooperation has been in every respect integration and smooth day-to-day work ity and expanding the range of paymentsuccessful, beginning with the open and enables us to generate additional revenues methods.straightforward communication, timely without having cannibalization effects. The There has been no significant system mal-fulfillment of integration processes and friendly 2pay team is a pleasure to work functions for over 2 years of our coopera-continuous efforts on the part of 2pay to with and is going the extra mile to accomo- tion. Issues are always settled positively,increase the sales volume. date even difficult request. without delays. We definitely recommend Seth Iorio Linus J. Menden partnership with Xsolla to all online games Gameforge Productions GmbH BIGPOINT GmbH and services. Karpovich Alexandr CEO, AlternativaPlatform
  15. 15. Your Personal Payment Team @ xsolla.com Sign Up xsolla.com/account e-mail: usa@xsolla.com toll-free in USA: 1 - 877 - 797 - 6552toll-free in Germany: 0 - 800 - 181 - 6296 phone: 7 - 342 - 257 - 64 - 31
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