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Genaker R&D Solutions

  1. 1. R&D SolutionsOffering<br />Genaker – eSI Mobile Solutions S.L.<br />©2010<br />1<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />
  2. 2. Genaker. The Company<br />Company founded in Barcelona in 2003<br />Spin-off of Nokia R&D Center<br />Independent and Privately Held<br />82% owned by staff<br />Strong Performance based on Organic Growth<br />2<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />Focus on Mobile Multimedia Products & Services<br />International Team with Global Scope<br />Collaborating with Small-to-Tier-1 OpCo’s and partnering with leading Network Providers and Integrators<br />Fast and cost-effective solutions based on a large mobile software components repository<br />A customer-driven organization with consistent performance and reliability <br />
  3. 3. Our Vision.New market situation creates new opportunities<br />3<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />Mobile Internet access at affordable rates is becoming a commodity<br />New Web 2.0 services allow users to interact with their Social Networks while reducing their communication costs<br />Operators need to launch innovative services that generate new revenue streams faster and in a more efficient way than ever<br />Companies are now able to outsource corporate application development for their ubiquitous mobile workforce without heavy IT investments<br />
  4. 4. OurMission<br />4<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />Being a trusted, creditable and reliable provider of value added solutions in the mobile domain by consistently meeting our commitments with customers based on seeking excellence through the whole process and organization<br />
  5. 5. OurOrganization<br />5<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />Management Board<br />Corporate<br />Functions<br />R&D Projects<br />BU<br />IMS Products<br />BU<br />Corporate Mobile Resource Mgmt BU<br />IMS & Multimedia<br />Push-to-Talk<br />Corporate Mobile ResourceMgmt.<br />SaaS<br />(Tasks + LBS + Voice)<br />eHealth<br />RichCommunications<br />eLearning<br />MultimediaTelephony<br />mSecurity<br />
  6. 6. Genaker’sCoreOur R&D Team<br />Jordi Guerrero: CTO and Co-founder<br />Almost 20 years of experience in Mobile Software projects<br />4 years working as the R&D Manager in Nokia and 8 years in IBM<br />Jordiholds a MSc on Computer Science from UPC and PDD from IESE Business School<br />+<br />David Viamonte: Head of Sales & Marketing and Co-founder<br />10+ years of experience in the telecom area<br />Worked for majors OpCo and Telecoms providers (Retevision, Nokia, Vodafone Group)<br />David holds a MSc and BSc from the Technical University of Catalonia<br />Currently PhD Candidate at the Telematics Engineering Department<br />Co-Author of Wiley’s Multimedia Group Communication covering SIP/IMS multimedia<br />+<br />Javier Rodríguez: R&D Solutions Manager<br />10 years of international experience in Innovative Mobile software projects<br />Javier worked for leading start-ups and for major OpCos in 5 European countries<br />Master with Honors in Software Engineering from ‘Université Pierre et Marie Curie’<br />Scrum Master since 2008. Javier has participated in open-source projects<br />=<br />40+ years of experience in Innovative Mobile Software Engineering<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Whatwe do<br />
  8. 8. R&D Solutions. IMS & Mobile Multimedia<br />Development of native and web applications for all top mobile platforms<br />(iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, J2ME)<br />Genaker component repository to minimize Time-to-Market and maximize efficiency<br />(VoIP, Presence, Chat, Video, Datamatrix, FB&Twitter widgets)<br />Extensive knowledge of mobile multimedia protocols and architectures<br />(SIP, IMS, RCS, LBS, MMTel, PSS, ECRIT)<br />Advanced Web 2.0+ & Mobile 2.0+ projects and WebMobilizer GW for best mobile web user experience<br />(Flash-based applications, Web 2.0 – Telco GW, …)<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />8<br />
  9. 9. R&D Solutions. eHealth<br />Tele-Assistance and Tele-Medicine solutions<br /><ul><li> Dispatch controlled patient monitoring
  10. 10. 3G-based bio-router sensor network</li></ul>Mobile vertical applications for e-Health segment<br /><ul><li> Sensor-based “man down” detection
  11. 11. SIP legacy Paging replacement</li></ul>On-device R&D e-Health Solutions<br />- Simplified “red-button” app<br />- Portable ECG Kit<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />9<br />
  12. 12. R&D Solutions. mSecurity<br />mBanking<br /><ul><li>SIM and phone-based authentication
  13. 13. Digital signature storage in mobile device
  14. 14. Fraud prevention platform for mobile banking
  15. 15. Biometric authentication system</li></ul>mSecurity<br /><ul><li>Operator security solutions based on SIM-toolkit transparent apps
  16. 16. SIP-based Secure corporate VPN services</li></ul>CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />
  17. 17. R&D Solutions. eLearning<br />Mobile access to Learning Management System<br />(The ubiquitous learning experience)<br />Creating the mobile experience that complements learning activities<br />(Maximize student retention through mobile Learning)<br /><ul><li> Community forums, quizzes, chats
  18. 18. Mobile content sharing
  19. 19. Learning events notification system
  20. 20. Web 2.0 integration (Tasks, Calendar, Twitter, …)</li></ul>CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />
  21. 21. R&D Solutions. Whatweoffer<br />Develop turnkey mobile solutions focusing in quality and reliability thanks to our experience, cutting-edge processes and our core building blocks.<br />Help companies with our expertise to implement mobile solutions for their business.<br />Participate in research projects and take advantage of our 6 years of innovative mobile solutions.<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />
  22. 22. References. WhatOthersSayaboutUs<br />13<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br /><ul><li>GSMA awarded Genakerthe “Best RCS Innovation” Award in the RCS Developer Challenge, among 24 participants from leading SW / IT vendors
  23. 23. GSMA, Mobile World Congress ‘ 2010
  24. 24. “Thanks to its experience, working close to customers, Genaker has shown Ericsson new ways of using our product offerings”
  25. 25. Strategic Product Manager IMS, Ericsson, 2009
  26. 26. “Got the application working. You guys are amazing!”
  27. 27. Senior Product Manager EMEA, from large Network Equipment Provider, upon successful delivery of demo in GSMA MWC’2008
  28. 28. Genaker awarded the “Excellence in Technology Innovation 2009” award during the “8th Telecommunications Day in Catalonia” and presented as a success story for local entrepreneurs in the “Respira” Barcelona-TV program</li></ul>Most important, we can proudly say that 100% of leading operators and infrastructure vendors that worked once with Genaker in the past, keep working & partnering with us today!<br />
  29. 29. 14<br />Javier RodríguezR&D Solutions Managerjavier.rodriguez@genaker.netlinkedin:<br />Thank<br />You!<br />genaker – eSI Mobile Solutions S.L.<br />Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes 133, 4-A <br />08014 Barcelona, SPAIN<br />Tel: (+34) 93 242 28 85 <br />Fax: (+34) 93 396 46 72<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />© Genaker 2010<br />