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Digital Tech to increase PA
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Digital Tech to increase PA



Presented by Ernie Medina, Jr. DrPH at the Movement & Learning Conf., hosted by La Sierra Univ, July 28, 2011

Presented by Ernie Medina, Jr. DrPH at the Movement & Learning Conf., hosted by La Sierra Univ, July 28, 2011



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Digital Tech to increase PA Digital Tech to increase PA Presentation Transcript

  • USING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY TO PROMOTEPHYSICAL ACTIVITY Ernie Medina, Jr., DrPH, CHFSMovement & Learning, Thursday, July 28, 2011 http://tinyurl.com/DigitalTechPA
  • Intro  Education   Andrews University, ‘89   Loma Linda University ‘93  Professional hats   Beaver Medical Group – Prev. Care Specialist   Loma Linda University – Assistant Clinical Prof.   MedPlay Technologies – CEO/Co-founder   Shinobi Labs– Co-founder
  • Overview  The need  PA Rx  Categories of tools  Resources
  • Mission Inn Half Marathon, Nov. 14, 2010Team Medina in action!
  • “Noooo, it’s ascary worldout there!”
  • “I’d ratherstay herein bed.”
  • Our kids’ lives are at stake!
  • Being a couchpotato can kill you! (And it’s not the carbs…)
  • Worst risk factor? Sedentarianism Hypokinetic Dz
  • October, 2008 Rear Admiral Penelope Royallhttp://www.health.gov/paguidelines/
  • Know benefits, yet 56.5 % aren’t doing! 81.6% kids (81.8% of adults) 18.4 % kids did meet 60” daily Hypokinetic disease is deadly!!! Source: Healthy People 2020; National YRBS 1991-2009
  • Hans Kraus, MD 1960
  • Why bephysicallyactive?
  • Benefits of PA well-known
  • Rx forphysical activity
  • Aerobic - Kids60 minutes daily
  • Aerobic - Adults150 minutes per weekmoderate intensity
  • Strength training - Kids3 days per week
  • AnaerobicAdults/Older adultsStrength training2 days per week
  • Do something!Daily10 minute blocks
  • Move more!
  • Build it into your work day
  • Highly allergic to sedentarianism-causing agents!
  • Traditional gadgets
  • CES 2011
  • Shellie PfohlExec. Dir.Presidents Council onFitness, Sports, &Nutrition Ernie@MedPlayTech.com
  • http://tinyurl.com/WSJShapeUpApps
  • http://tinyurl.com/QSelfAppList
  • Why use digital tools?
  • The Interface to Healthcare is Broken  Dr. visits <20 minutes  20+ icons on desktops in hospitals “Information as  Text based information abounds displayed in  Lack of standards in all healthcare is slow, information design let alone actual practices lacks design &  ESL, Youth, Elderly communication impact, anti-patient, issues anti-engaging”  Wellness / self-directed care not linked or monitored - Ben Sawyer Games for Health  Health reform
  • http://www.continuaalliance.org
  •  monitoring Future ofhealthcare?  Improved outcomes  Improved use of resource
  • Source: Ellen LaPointeHopeLab | Vice President, Strategic Partnershipswww.hopelab.org
  • Top 5 Excuses  Too expensive  Too painful  Special Limitations  It’s boring  No time
  • Categories  Mobile gadgets   Assessment tool   Accelerometers   SSD Controller   GPS   Exergaming  Web-based   Resources   Live coaching   Virtual trainer   Competition
  • Mobile Gadgets
  • Mobile Web – New Data Business Models43 43 43  
  • Problem: Walking is BoringAmerican’s Aren’t Exercising According to the CDC, 65% of Americans 18-years and older do not have regular leisure-time activity1.Top barriers to exercise2:   Motivation   Boredom / Not enjoyable   Lack of encouragement, support and companionship 1www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/series/sr_10/sr10_249.pdf 2www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/everyone/getactive /barriers.html
  • www.mobileAdventureWalks.com
  • Solution: Mobile Game Watch Videos Solve Clues Answer Q’s Earn Points Next Location !
  • Future Version•  Player generated walks•  Friends•  Stats•  Challenges
  • Why it Will Help your ClientsMotivational   Dynamic walks create a different experience   Easy to attract and include family   Accumulate in-game pointsFun   Feels like an adventure   Player-generated routes to choose fromSocial   You’ll be able to connect with clients and create a community
  • How to Get Started  Get notified when it’s available, sign up for mailing list at: www.MobileAdventureWalks.com  Get involved: Email Fun@MobileAdventureWalks.com to find out how to create your own Adventure Walk
  • Mobile Adventure Walks Movie http://tinyurl.com/mAdvWalk
  • Accelerometers
  • Web-based Tools Tracking
  • www.fitday.com www.dailyburn.comwww.sparkpeople.com www.fitclick.com
  • Client A Client B Client C Client D
  • Client AClient BClient C
  • www.HelpYouGetStarted.com
  • www.HelpYouGetStarted.com
  • Assessment Tools
  • SSD  COMPANY  LIMITED  For  more  informa8on  email:   pnewman@shinsedai.co.jp    
  • Exergaming/Active Gaming
  • Screen-based
  • Ernie@MedPlayTech.com Non-screen based
  • Loma Linda University Drayson Center XRtainment Zone Special needs Athletic training Senior physical, cognitive, Rehab & social fitness
  • We need more evidence-based research!
  • Next generation controllers Sony’s Move Sept. 19, 2010 $99.00Microsoft’s KinectNov., 2010, $150
  • Digital Tools Resources
  • www.dogtra.com
  • http://exergaming.pbworks.com http://exergamesunlocked.com http://www.Exergamefitness.comhttp://exergamingevangelist.blogspot.com
  • http://www.pesoftware.com/
  • http://physicalactivityevangelist.blogspot.com/
  • Thank you! ernie@medplaytech.com C: 909-747-5935
  • Audience Participation: Share your ideas!