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Biofluorescence illuminated p pt
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Biofluorescence illuminated p pt


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System design that translates computer language [binary -1's & 0's] into visible light spectrum

System design that translates computer language [binary -1's & 0's] into visible light spectrum

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Biofluorescence Illuminated to help movie & music producers retain profits A 2006 Wall Street Journal article published statistics revealing that $6.1 billion dollar global movie revenue loss is due to piracy. Those stats are now obsolete. Combined with global music bootlegging, more than likely stats have doubled. Subjective solution is to translate current binary format and assimilate into visible color spectrum; then, by default will encrypt data and communiqué. linda s. © 2014 All rights reserved
  • 2. Biofluorescence - - “a phenomenon by which organisms absorb light, transform it, and eject it as a different color – is common and variable among marine fish species, indicating its potential use in communicating and mating.”
  • 3. The ocean is predominantly blue yet, TWILIGHT ZONE exists ‘201-1006’ meters below the ocean’s surface and “..with depth water quickly absorbs the majority of visible light spectrum.” Research has shown that certain fish “absorb the remaining blue light and reemit it in neon greens, reds and oranges.”
  • 4. “Many biofluorescent fishes have yellow filters in their eyes, possibly allowing them to see otherwise hidden fluorescent displays….”
  • 5. With chemical bioluminescence marine life can: Communicate Locate food Attract mate/prey Camouflage themselves  Use for self-defense  Use to mimic    
  • 6. Changing the format of current computer modalities of communication & data storage, alters capability to compromise. – linda s. …”U.S. movie studios are losing about $6.1 billion annually in global wholesale revenue to piracy…” WSJ 2006
  • 7. Music producers in aggregate could be losing just as much or more in pirated global revenue.
  • 8. This system design translates computer ‘s binary (1’s & 0’s) language (which is imprinted on CD & DVDs) into visible light spectra (=color) needs further development.
  • 9. This designed system can be manufactured using current available technology. By default data is encrypted, and thus encrypting communicating instrument. Photo – Ken Pei
  • 10. 1 POSSIBLE RENDITION OF FORMAT: YouTube: Bach, J.S. -- The Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus I
  • 11. Changing binary (1’s & 0’s) computer format to visible light spectrum (=color) format safeguards information from:  Identity theft  Social Security # compromise  Credit Information improper distribution or larceny  Computer/server voyeurism or duplication  Equity in home or property being stolen  Medical or personal information misuse  Hacking of computer or server information  Losing $$ or information in transactions (on-line)  Information being lost, compromised or illicit copying  Unauthorized viewing  Unsuspecting or innocent release of personal data  CD or DVD piracy or bootlegging
  • 12. Conclusion: Computer’s binary (1’s & 0’s) language can be translated into visible color spectra via collaborative venue, utilizing current technologies. Changing the status quo binary format will by default encrypt communiqué delivery and storage. With holes in my skill set, knowledge and current resources, I will only consider serious investment proposals by qualified and experienced partner to help bring Optic Laser Spectral Array – (system which translates binary (1’s & 0’s) into visible light spectra a.k.a. COLOR) creation to market. If you are interested, please contact me at the email below. email:
  • 13. Resources: Slide 1: (PICTURE) McBride, S., Fowler Geoffrey A., Studios See Big Rise In Estimates of Losses To Movie Piracy, Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2006 Slide 2:ress: (PICTURE) Accessed - January 10, 2014 Researchers discovered a rich diversity of fluorescent patterns and colors in marine fishes, as exemplified here. A). swell shark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum); B). ray (Urobatis jamaicensis); C). sole (Soleichthys heterorhinos); D). flathead (Cociella hutchinsi); E). lizardfish (Saurida gracilis); F). frogfish (Antennarius maculatus); G). stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa); H). false moray eel (Kaupichthys brachychirus); I). Chlopsidae (Kaupichthys nuchalis); J). pipefish (Corythoichthys haematopterus); K). sand stargazer (Gillellus uranidea); L). goby (Eviota sp.); M). Gobiidae (Eviota atriventris); N). surgeonfish (Acanthurus coeruleus, larval); O). threadfin bream (Scolopsis bilineata). (Credit: ©AMNH) Slide 3: (PICTURE) (Article) Slide 4: (PICTURE) (Article)
  • 14. Resources Continued: Slide 5: (PICTURE #1 & 2) Slide 6: (PICTURE) McBride, S., Fowler Geoffrey A., Studios See Big Rise In Estimates of Losses To Movie Piracy, Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2006 Slide 7: (PICTURE) Slide 8: (PICTURE) Slides 9: Photo – Ken Pei Slide 10 – 13: - Author Slide 14: Bach, J.S. -- The Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus I - YouTube Slides 15-18: Author