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The overview of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS 2012), June 28 − 30, 2012, Xiamen, Fujian, China.

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  • Networking: 46, 13 full (28%), 3 short (7%): 35%Architecture: 22, 7 full (32%), 5 short (23%): 55%Storage: 37, 12 full (32%), 8 short (22%): 54%
  • 12* Implementing the Jacobi Algorithm for Solving Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices with CUDA
  • Nas'12 overview

    1. 1. Conference Program Overview Program Co-ChairsCarlos Maltzahn, University of California Santa Cruz, USA Xiao Qin, Auburn University, USA 6/27/2012
    2. 2. Submissions Total submissions Regular Papers Short Papers 105 32 166/27/2012 2
    3. 3. Submissions: Three Tracks Submissions Submissions Submissions Regular Papers Regular Papers Regular Papers Short Papers Short Papers Short Papers 46 22 37 13 7 12 8 3 36/27/2012 3
    4. 4. Program Committee and Reviews PC Members 377 Number of Reviews 1056/27/2012 4
    5. 5. Conference Program 15 Technical Sessions Tracks Keynote Talks 4 36/27/2012 5
    6. 6. Technical Sessions Network Security Cloud Storage Wireless Network Deduplications Network Protocol Data-Intensive Computing Parallel and Hybrid High-Performance Architecture Computing Caching Architecture Reliability and Fault Flash Memory Tolerance Cloud Computing6/27/2012 6
    7. 7. Keynote Talks
    8. 8. Keynote Talks
    9. 9. Best Paper Award Nomination - Networking TDWS: a Job Scheduling Algorithm based on MapReduce. By Yanrong Zhao et al. IVI-based Locator/ID Separation Architecture for IPv4/IPv6 Transition. By Wentao Shang et al. MOLTS: Mobile Object Localization and Tracking System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks. By Tao Liu et al.6/27/2012 9
    10. 10. Best Paper Award Nomination - Architecture PSA-NUCA: A Pressure Self-Adapting Dynamic Non-Uniform Cache Architecture. By Anwen Huang et al. Implementing the Jacobi Algorithm for Solving Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices with CUDA. By Tao Wang et al.6/27/2012 10
    11. 11. Best Paper Award Nomination - Storage Integrated System and Process Crash Recovery in the Loris Storage Stack. By David C. van Moolenbroek et al. Performance Evaluation of Traditional Caching Policies on A Large System with Petabytes of Data By Ribel Fares et al. A Quantitative Evaluation Model for Choosing Efficient Redundancy Strategies over Clouds. By Jianzong Wang et al.6/27/2012 11
    12. 12. Program vice-chairs Dr. Lisong Xu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USADr. Murat Yuksel from University of Nevada, Reno, USA Dr. Guangyu Sun from Peking University, China Dr. Yiran Chen from Pittsburgh University, USA Dr. Jun Wang from University of Central Florida, USA Dr. John Bent, EMC, USA6/27/2012 12
    13. 13. Give our thanks to Dr. Jizhong Han from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, for producing the proceedings Dr. Lei Tian from University of Nebraska- Lincoln, USA, and Dr. Hanzi Wang from Xiamen University, China, for publicizing the NAS 20126/27/2012 13
    14. 14. Give our thanks to Dr. Suzhen Wu and Dr. Yunqi Lei from Xiamen University, China, for handling registrations Dr. Cuihua Li and Dr. Da Lu from Xiamen University, China, for managing local arrangements Yixian Yang from Auburn University, USA, for creating and maintaining the NAS’12 website.6/27/2012 14
    15. 15. Download the presentation slides Google: slideshare Xiao Qin