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Presentacion movil

  1. 1. Why Mobile?• There are over 4.2 billion mobile devices worldwide.• Mobile web growth is happening 4 times as fast as the Internet.• One out of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on mobile.• There are over 5,000 different mobile devices that can access the mobile web.Ready to Get Mo?. Does your business have a mobile friendly site? If not – or if you’re not sure –you’ve come to the right place to get startedGoing Places? Take abc-magazine with you 24/7− ABC CLUB MEMBERS CARD: The journey, from plastic loyalty card to the veritable Pandoras box of downloadable reward apps available today, has become one of dizzying speed due to the way technology is converging in one ever-present device.−− ABC MALLOCA A REAL M COMMERCE PLATFORM (P2P)− ABC gets all the engament in only one device.All the engament in only one device− FACEBOOK is continuing its push into mobile with its latest deal to acquire the loyalty app Tagtile pointing to how the social media giant might use mobile to connect the dots between social media display ads and in-store activityMobile—as a marketing platform—didn’texist only a couple years ago. Now, it’srapidly becoming the primary tool peopleuse to connect. Few local merchants areprepared to spend the money and timeto mobilize, though they need to prepare.Mobilizing as a group is the most flexible,affordable and immediate answer.A “regular” merchant district or web siteviewed on a mobile phone is very hard toread and use and mobile users literallycan not use 95% of “regular” websites.On the RIGHT you see how a mobile sitemakes it EASY for smart phone users toget what theyre looking for with just a thumb press.National chains, big malls and communities are developing mobile sitesand marketing plans and Coventry can now do it at no cost.With a Custom Coventry App Customers Don’t Haveto Download And the Coventry App Icon Still Resides
  2. 2. on ALL Smartphone Devices.We supply analytics, QR Codes, SEO, analytics and a“redirection script” that will automatically move smart phonecustomers visiting the regular web site to the user-friendlymobile site. We can also provide window decals, QR Codelabels, table toppers and signage that is customized forCoventry and/or by merchant. Call us to get set up!PLUS, we create additional value for local merchants thatwant active menus, lists, links, a control dashboard and,for those merchants that need “keep in contact” servicesfor opted in local clients, we provide txt/sms notificationscustomized for each merchant with offers, deals, etc.The LocalMobil platform shares events, menus, photos,coupons, specials and any other information you want toshare by mobile phone. Consumers are more likely touse a community directory of merchants and search isnow optimized to feature mobile. You build it or we’ll buildit...and we and/or your association can maintain it and update the app!We’re local, but nationally recognized providers ofmobile apps, sites and marketing solutionsCall 440-544-6530 or go to www.localmobil.com13940 Cedar Rd., #152, Cleveland, OH 44118 All rights reserved2012Why create a Coventry mobile app? NoOther Choice. By the endof 2013 mobile is projected to overtake theweb as the primarysource of search, shopping & dining andlocal businessneeds to prepare quickly, affordably andeffectively.Get this sample on your smart phone atwww.coventry.localmobil.comGartner Says by 2015, “Digital Strategies, Such as Social & Mobile Marketing,Will Influence at Least 80 Percent of Consumers Discretionary Spending”
  3. 3. Statistics show that 50.1% of mobile devices are now smart phones and thatsmart phone usersspend more frequently, spend more per sale and will “share” with friends that dothe same.