Xpointo Social Media Survey 2013


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Key findings from a 2013 survey of Singapore-based marketers to gauge the role of social media in organisations’ marketing strategy. 301 marketers responsible for either Singapore-only or Asia-regional participated.

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Xpointo Social Media Survey 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Survey 2013 imagine inform create engage reach act June 2013Key Findings into the Role of Social Media in Marketing Strategy A Survey of Asia Regional and Local Marketing Decision-Makers based in Singapore
  2. 2. Key Findings & Insights
  3. 3. About the Survey • Up to June 2013, Xpointo invited hundreds of Singapore-based marketers to participate in our Social Media Survey • The objective was to assess how social media is impacting overall marketing strategy • At the close of the survey fieldwork, we received 301 completed survey responses • The responses have been aggregated and compiled. Following is a snapshot of the findings:
  4. 4. Fielding the Survey
  5. 5. Industry Representation in Survey 5.0%0% 15.0%10.0% Arts & Entertainment 3.3% 5.0% Transport 4.7% Financial Services Heavy Industries Property 5.3% Retail 5.6% Wholesale & Distribution 14.3% Consumer Goods 11.0% Education & Training 7.3% FMCG, Food & Beverages 10.3% 10.6% Travel & Hospitality 15.6% Others 7.0% Distribution of Participating Industries Percentage %, June 2013
  6. 6. Participants’ Roles in Organization Significant Influence 48% 73% 65% Implement and Execute Lead and Direct 31.6% 54.8% 13.6% Both Local Regional Do You Handle Local Or Regional Marketing? Percentage %, June 2013 How Are You Responsible For Your Organisation’s Marketing Strategy? Percentage %, June 2013
  7. 7. Social Media Management Trends 71.0% 28.0% Increasing Same Decreasing 1.0% Is Social Media Marketing An Increasing Or Decreasing Priority For Your Brand? Percentage %, June 2013 Outsource 6% In-House 51% 43% Mix of In-House and Outsource Is Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Currently Handled In-House Or Is It Outsourced? Percentage %, June 2013
  8. 8. Top 10 Digital Marketing Channels 100%0% 50% Developing Mobile Apps Mobile Advertising YouTube Presence Market Research 43.9% Producing Video content 47.8% Search Marketing 54.2% 28.9% 30.2% Advertising on Websites 69.1% Email Newsletters Facebook Presence 74.1% 55.5% 77.7% 98.3%Company Website What Is Currently Included In Your Digital Marketing Activity? Percentage %, June 2013
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing Objectives 4.18 4.374.39 4.53 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 5.0 Product AwarenessBrand Exposure Customer Loyalty Return on Marketing Investment Content Development Consumer InsightsSales Revenue How Important Is Each Of The Following In Social Media Marketing? 5-Point Index, June 2013
  10. 10. Social Media Success Metrics 3.22 3.35 3.36 3.41 3.42 3.47 3.51 3.01.0 4.0 5.02.0 Time Spent with Social Media Qualified Leads from Social Media Unique Visits to Social Pages Total Number of Likes/Followers/Fans Incremental Sales Attributed to Social Media Shares, Forwards, Re-Tweets Engagement with Brand Content How Important Are These In Determining The Success Of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts? 5-Point Index, June 2013
  11. 11. Social Media Challenges 0 5 10 15 Lack of Resources 12.8% 6.3% 17.0% 10.1% 5.4% Social Media Marketing Budget Allocation Lack of Expertise, Knowledge and Insight 6.5% Creating Relevant & Rich Content Others 7.7% Shift from Tradtional to Social Media Marketing 11.0% Effective Engagement with Fans/Followers/Members 14.3% 6.3% Social Media Response Management Showing Return on Investment Differentiate from the competitors 2.7% Reaching Target Audience What Are Your Top Challenges When It Comes To Social Media Marketing? 5-Point Index, June 2013
  12. 12. “How do we get fans to visit us in real life” Some Social Media Challenges Cited “Handling negative comments is a challenge” “In Singapore, digital marketing agencies lack the challenge and knowledge. They do not have any idea what they are doing” “Authenticity of comments, people and influence on the social media sites” “Unable to control the comments that people make” “High engagement doesn’t translate into sales” “Social media is not applicable as my clients are not tech savvy” “Personal relationships are more important and are more tangible compared to social media marketing” “Have to spend too much time maintaining the social media sites” “Social media marketing is too broad therefore it is difficult to reach out to the target niche”
  13. 13. Digital Marketing Challenges 10 0 20 Others 10.4% Determining Appropriate Digital Channels 6.4% 18.8% 9.7% Digital Marketing Budget Allocation 7.7% 7.7% 9.0% 5.9% Creating Relevant & Rich Content Reaching Target Audience Lack of Expertise and Knowledge 7.7% Shift from Tradtional to Digital Marketing 3.8% Showing Return on Investment 3.5% Optimising Response & Conversion Lack of Resources 16.7% 5.0% 9.0% 5.0% 2.7% 6.6% 7.0% 12.2% 10.4% 4.2% Keeping Up to Date on Latest Technologies 2013 2012 What Are Your Top Challenges When It Comes To Digital Marketing? Percentage %, June 2013
  14. 14. “Lacking the expertise in content development” Some Digital Marketing Challenges Cited “HQ in Singapore acts as support unit, as there is no customer base in Singapore” “Spectrum too wide, difficult to reach out to targeted audience” “Web design, quality of pictures etc.” “Too many new products are coming up too fast and it’s a challenge to keep updating the website” “Company website is not so popular” “Finding the Relevant Target Audience” “Quantifying the ROI” “It’s a challenge to keep abreast with the changes” “Insufficient contents available to constantly update company website”
  15. 15. Digital Marketing Initiatives 10 20 0 30 4.4% 2.8%2.8% E-commerce Online Display Advertising 3.3% 4.0% 7.5% Digital Marketing Strategy 3.2% Online video channels 1.6% 17.2% 16.4% Website Development/ Revamp Social Media Development (Community, App) 33.3% 23.2% Content Development Others 6.4% 7.5% Mobile Marketing (Advertising, App Dev) 5.6% Lead Generation Search Engine Optimisation 9.9% 1.2% 11.7% 2.3%2.3% 4.0% 2012 2013 What Are Your Top Digital Marketing Initiatives This Year? Percentage %, June 2013
  16. 16. “Improve & enhance audience engagement through Twitter, Instagram & mobile apps” Examples of Digital Marketing Initiatives “Want to increase brand awareness and looking into social media marketing” “Relook into how interaction online” “To explore more in social media. Currently we only have our Facebook page” “Digital advertising and app development: “Post more products on the website” “Moving towards Enterprise; lead generation, product awareness through Events” “Engage with customer through YouTube” “Plan to venture into other social media sites” “Increasing Facebook likes and lead generation”
  17. 17. Key Takeaways • Social media remains the top digital marketing initiative for marketers • Marketers have high expectations for social media with objectives spanning branding > loyalty > revenue > customer insights > content development all ranked highly • The importance of social media is still increasing • Content development is an emerging need and core challenge
  18. 18. Close Questions or Comments: kteo@xpointomedia.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kathyteo