Double Bass: A Cremona Double Bass Is A Really Good Instrument
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Double Bass: A Cremona Double Bass Is A Really Good Instrument






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    Double Bass: A Cremona Double Bass Is A Really Good Instrument Double Bass: A Cremona Double Bass Is A Really Good Instrument Document Transcript

    • Cremona SB-2 Premier Student Upright String Bass, 3/4 size List Price: $1,095.00 Price: $784.90 Read ReviewsPrice DisclaimerPrices are accurate as of less than 12 hours ago. Product prices and availability are subject tochange. Any price and availablility information displayed on at the time ofpurchase will apply to the purchase of any products.The range of the Cremona double bass accomodates all players.Here on this website, you can select the one suitable for you. Cremona bouble bass instrumentsare available in 3 quality. Good quality at a good price. Cremona double bass comes in threequality. Cremona premier novice, Cremona premier student and Cremona premier deluxe.In the double bass world, a 3/4 is considered a full size bass. It is just a small bass compare to a7/8 or a 4/4. A 1/2 or even a 1/4 bass instrument is intended to youngster and small people.Cremona uses select Spruce for the top and maple for the back and the sides. Cremona alsouses ebony for the fingerboard. The endpin are made from boxwood. The top and backconstruction are arched for better sounding.Here is a very cool experience with the cremona sb-2 premier by a Cremona double bassplayer:“When I’m in the mood for the challenge, playing my string bass is a rewarding experience,mainly from the rich full-bodied bass acoustic vibrations you hear and feel, an experience notclosely duplicated by my electric basses. ” 1/4
    • The upright bass selection below covers the different quality and price range. It is helping younarrowing your search. Most of them are top rated and have user reviews.See below Best Selling Double Bass Instrument At AmazonClick and get your music instrument. Do play music. Click and see how much you save on theprice list.Sorting products by Store Name CREMONA PREMIER DELUXE SOLID TOP 3/4 UPRIGHT BASS SB-4The market leader in student basses once again raises the bar for quality and value! more...$1,895.00 CREMONA PREMIER STUDENT UPRIGHT BASS 3/4 OUTFIT SB-2Road warriors Schools Acoustic/Bluegrass/String/Jazz bands all need affordable! Shipping isonly $7.00 on more... $989.95 Cremona SB-2 Premier Student Upright String Bass, 3/4 sizeRoad warriors, Schools, Acoustic/Bluegrass/String/Jazz bands all need affordable, powerfulbases that can take a beating more... $948.48 2/4
    • Cremona SB-4 Premier Student Upright String Bass, 3/4 sizeThe market leader in student basses once again raises the bar for quality and value. more...$1,546.43 CREMONA PREMIER NOVICE UPRIGHT BASS 3/4 OUTFIT SB-1Our value leader the SB-1 is Americas best value in a bass! Shipping more... $799.95Searching the web for the best product deals...var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); window.setTimeout(function(){$j("#_68dotdOuterDiv").show("blind"); }, 750); window.setTimeout(function(){$j("#_68_row0").show("blind"); }, 750); window.setTimeout(function(){$j("#_68_row1").show("blind"); }, 1500); window.setTimeout(function(){$j("#_68_row2").show("blind"); }, 2250); window.setTimeout(function(){$j("#_68_row3").show("blind"); }, 3000); window.setTimeout(function(){$j("#_68_row4").show("blind"); }, 3750); window.setTimeout(function(){$j("#_68dotdOuterDiv2").hide(); }, 3750);Here a story if you do not mind.My father started to play the violin when he was a teenager. He played in his town orchestraand met the father of his future wife, my mother. She remembers looking to this young manplaying trio with her father on the violin and her mother on the piano through the stairs. She gotmarried a few years later with the man and had 5 children’s. They are both dead today, but the5 children’s are still alive. Two of them went to college in music. That is life. 3/4
    • The Cremona double bass uses solid wood for a better sounding instrument. They are made by skilled and experience violin makers. All for the benefit of the player. Because a musician needs a responsive instrument to express himself. So the player will thank Cremona for making such a good double bass at a great price. Click the links. Make Music Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Double Bass: A Cremona Double Bass Is A Really Good Instrument 4/4Powered by TCPDF (