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ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
ILT lesson design
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ILT lesson design


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Crysten – set up how lessons/curriculum are most important. Technology is a means for incorporating 21st century skills.
  • Crysten…or a consultant?
  • Crysten
  • Dwight
  • Randy – 21centuryweb20
    Crysten – Teach2.0
    Dwight – Birdville ITS
  • Briefly share modified lesson with a discussion partner. Transition to questions: how can you lead your teachers through this process? What are your expectations for the number of lessons to be modified?
  • Randy Rodgers
  • Transcript

    • 1. Where am I Going and How do I Get There? Experience the Process of Designing Lessons for Engaging 21st Century Learning
    • 2. The FREE way to enhance your curriculum with 21st century skills
    • 3. 4 C’s Collaboration Communication Critical Thinking / Problem Solving Creativity / Innovation
    • 4.
    • 5.
    • 6. Some helpful sites…
    • 7. Lesson Redesign Requires Decision-making As each teacher evaluates a lesson for 21st Century redesign, he will have to ask questions and make decisions. •What is the objective for this lesson? •What deep learning needs to result from this learning opportunity? •Where should a 21st century tool or skill be inserted within the lesson cycle? •Delivery / Investigation •Student Practice •Student Demonstration of Mastery? •Where will a substitution make the learning richer and more meaningful for students?
    • 8. What Tools and Resources are Available? •Web 2.0 tools •Hardware •Software •Where can you find resources? Quickly brainstorm a list of web 2.0 tools with which you are familiar… Select a tool/resource that will support the learning goals identified in the lesson to be modified What tools will help me reach the summit?
    • 9. Let’s Practice!! Take on the Role of the Teacher • Select one of the lessons • Make the decisions • Redesign the lesson – At what point do you want to substitute? – What tool/resource will you use? • Be prepared to share your work • Choice: – Work as an individual – Collaborate with partner(s) Need assistance? •Request a mini-conference with a Consultant or an Instructional Technology Specialist
    • 10. Inside Outside Circle
    • 11. Reflection: The Web2.0 Way