Presenter manual embedded systems (specially for summer interns)


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Presenter manual embedded systems (specially for summer interns)

  1. 1. Embedded SystemsSpecially For Summer Interns Effective from: Jan 20121 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  2. 2. Embedded Systems Course ContentC ProgrammingFundamentals of C Datatypes and Constants Simple & Formatted I/O Memory Usage Operators & Expressions Flow Control LoopsFunctions Role of Functions Pass by value / reference Returning values from Functions Recursive Functions Call Back Functions Implications on Stack Library Vs User defined function Passing variable number of argumentsArrays Defining, initializing and using arrays Multi Dimensional Arrays Arrays of Characters and Strings Arrays and Pointers Passing arrays to functions String handling with and without library functionsStorage Classes Scope and Life Automatic, Static, External, Register Memory(CPU / RAM)Structures & Unions What structures are for 2 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  3. 3. Declaration, initialization Accessing like objects Nested Structures Array of Structures Passing structures through functions Allocation of memory and holes Structure Comparison Structure bit operation Typedef for portability Unions Overlapping membersEnumerated data types Enum, Indexing, enumVs #defineBit Operations AND ( & ), OR ( | ), XOR ( ^ ) Compliment ( ~ ) Left-Shift ( << ), Right Shift ( >> ) Masking, Setting, Clearing and Testing of Bit / BitsPointers The purpose of pointers Defining pointers The & and * operators Pointer Assignment Pointer Arithmetic Multiple indirections Advanced pointer types Generic and Null Pointer Function Pointers Pointers to Arrays and Strings Array of Pointers Pointers to Structure and Union Pointers to Dynamic memory Far, Near and Huge Pointers Pointer Type CastingDynamic Memory Allocation 3 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  4. 4. Malloc(), Calloc(), Realloc(), Free() Farmalloc(), Farcalloc()File Handling Concepts Concept of a FILE data type Inode, FILE structure File pointer Character handling routines Formatted Data Routines Raw data Routines Random Access to FILECommand line Arguments Argc, argv Variable Inputs to the mainCompiler in Practical Preprocessor Directives Compiler, Assembler, Linker Conditional Compilation Multiple File Compilation Code Optimization techniques Volatile, #pragmaData Structures Linear & non-linear Homogeneous & non-homogeneous Static & Dynamic Single, Double & Circular Linked Lists Stacks & Queues Binary TreesSorting and Searching Techniques Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Merge, Quick, HeapConcepts and Real-time Exposure Development Tools and Environment 4 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  5. 5. Make Utility MISRA Coding Standards Object / Executable File Format DebuggerLinux InternalsIntroduction Kernel Architecture Application Shell and Services System Calls Error HandlingLibrary Linker and Loader Static Dynamic LibraryProcess Management Process Control Block Process Creation and Exit Process Scheduling Policies Process Limits Process Priorities Foreground & Background Processes Race Condition Synchronization Copy-on-write Process time values Daemon ProcessInterrupts Process Interrupt Raise of Signal Catching signal Signal actionFile Management 5 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  6. 6. Files and File Attributes File Descriptor File I/O Duplicating File & File Descriptor File Control operations File types Protection InodeInter Process Communication & Synchronization Pipe Fifo Message Queue Shared Memory Client – Server properties SemaphoreThreads Creation Termination Synchronization AttributesMemory Management Paging Reentrancy Segmentation Virtual Memory Memory Protection Memory SharingShell Script Types of Shell Shell Variables Control Statements Looping Command Line ArgumentsNetworking and TCP/IP Applications 6 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  7. 7. Network Structure Classifications and Topologies Switching and Routing Gateway, repeater, Hub, Bridge OSI & TCP/IP Protocol Layers Physical & Logical Addresses ARP & RARP nternet Protocol Routing Protocol and IP Datagrams Error and Control Messages (ICMP) UDP Transfer Control Protocol TCP Networking Applications (FTP, TFTP,TELNET,DNS,DHCP,SNTP,POP3,IMAP,SNMP)Socket Programming Overview Concurrent Processing Programming Interface Socket Interface Client / Server Design Concurrent Connection-Oriented Servers Socket Calls for TCP and UDP Single Process Concurrent Servers Remote Procedure Call Implementation of TFTP / SMTPMicrocontroller Inter 8051Introduction Microprocessor vs Microcontroller CISC vs RISCOverview of Architecture of 8051 Processor Core and Functional Block Diagram Description of memory organization Overview of ALL SFR’s and their basic functionalityLow-level Programming Concepts Addressing Modes 7 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  8. 8. Instruction Set and Assembly Language (ALP) Developing, Building and Debugging ALP’sMiddle Level Programming Concepts Cross Compiler Embedded C Implementation, prog. * Debugging Differences from ASNSI-C Memory Models Library reference Use of #pragma directive Functions, Parameter passing and return typesOn-Chip Peripherals Ports: Input/output Timers & Counters Interrupts, UARTExternal Interfaces LEDS Switches (Momentary type, Toggle type) Seven Segment Display: (Normal mode, BCD mode, Internal Multiplexing & External Multiplexing) LCD (4bit, 8bit, Busy Flag, Custom Character Generation) Keypad MatrixProtocols I2C (EEPROM), SPI (EEPROM)Keil’s RTX51 Tiny / Pumpkin’s Salvo Overview Specifications Single-Tasking Programs Multi-Tasking Programs RTX51 Tiny Programs Theory of Operation Timer Tick Interrupt Task Management & Scheduler Events Round-Robin & Co-operative Task Switching 8 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  9. 9. Lynx RTOS RTOS Kernel and POSIX features Development Tools Task Management Priority based, Round Robin based Inter Task Communication and Synchronization Dead Lock Handling, Watch-Dog Timer Semaphores & Message queue Pipes & I/O Drivers Priority Inversion and inheritance Socket Programming B.S.P Creation Kernel configuration, Build and Load Application loading through Target Server Installation and Implementation Porting of the softwareObject Oriented Programming with C++ Overview Characteristics Function Overloading Scope Resolution Operator Classes in C++ Access Specifiers Constructor, Destructor Static members, Functions Friend Classes, Friend Functions Operator Overloading Data Conversions Inheritance, Polymorphism Exception Handling, Templates Input and Output StreamsNotes: Recommend Practical hours for student except class hours is 90 Hrs. We also provide weekend classes for all courses. After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Live Project Training, Major Project Training Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in Software Industry. 9 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  10. 10. Our Technology Specialization and Certification Courses:10 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
  11. 11. KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: Training by Certified and Experienced Trainers. Industrial and Corporate Tie-ups for Live projects for student. Well equipped Computer Lab, Internet and Book Bank facility. Live project based Summer Trainings, Summer Internships and summer programs. 100% placement assistance on every course. Interview Preparation and Technical Events. On Campus Interviews in every month for the placement of students. WI-FI enabled classrooms. 100% Placement Assistance On Campus Interviews 58-61 (Basement), Vashist Park, Pankha Road, New Delhi-46 Ph.: 011-28526572, 65833100, 9990345891 Email: info@xpert-infotech.com11 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential EMBEDDED SYSTEMS