Presenter manual core java (specially for summer interns)


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XPERT INFOTECH imparts qualitative training in .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, PHP++, JAVA, J2EE, ORACLE DBA, ORALE D2K, RIA, SEO, WEB DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT, ANDROID and other latest technologies. The training is designed for the BCA/MCA/B.E./B-Tech students who want to speed up their technical skills and proficiencies into real time development environment.

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Presenter manual core java (specially for summer interns)

  1. 1. CORE JAVASpecially For Summer Interns Effective from: Jan 20121 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential Core Java
  2. 2. Core JavaCORE JAVA Introduction to Java Simple, Object Oriented, and Familiar Robust and Secure Interpreted, Threaded, and Dynamic Primitive Data Types Arithmetic and Relational Operators Arrays Strings Multi-Level Break Memory Management and Garbage Collection The Background Garbage Collector Integrated Thread Synchronization Features Removed from C and C++ Java is Object Oriented Object Technology in Java What Are Objects? Basics of Objects Classes Instantiating an Object from its Class Constructors Methods and Messaging Finalizers Subclasses Java Language Interfaces Access Control Packages Class Variables and Class Methods Abstract Methods Architecture Neutral, Portable, and Robust Interpreted and Dynamic Dynamic Loading and Binding The Fragile Super class Problem Solving the Fragile Super class Problem Run-Time Representations Security in Java Memory Allocation and Layout Security Checks in the Class Loader The Byte Code Verification Process The Byte Code Verifier 2 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential Core Java
  3. 3. Security in the Java Networking Package Multithreading Threads at the Java Language Level Integrated Thread Synchronization Multithreading Support--Conclusion Performance and Comparisons Performance The Java Language Compared A Major Benefit of Java: Fast and Fearless Prototyping Java Base System and Libraries Java Language Classes Input Output Package Utility Package Abstract Window Toolkit The Hot Java World-Wide Web Browser The Evolution of Cyberspace The HotJava Browser--A New Concept in Web Browsers Dynamic Content Dynamic Types Dynamic Protocols Freedom to Innovate Implementation Details Security The First Layer--the Java Language Interpreter The Next Layer--the Higher Level Protocols HotJava--the PromiseDISTRIBUTED COMPUTING (JDBC) What Is the JDBC API? Driver Types Two-tier and Three-tier Models Connection Overview Transactions DriverManager Overview Statement Overview Sending Batch Updates ResultSet Overview Types of Result Sets Concurrency Types PreparedStatement Overview CallableStatement Overview 3 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential Core Java
  4. 4. JDBC SQL Programming Error Checking and the SQLException Class The SQLWarning Class JDBC Types Executing SQL Queries ResultSetMetaData Executing SQL Updates Using a PreparedStatement Parameterized Statements Stored Procedures Transaction ManagementApplets: Getting Started With Applets Defining an Applet Subclass Methods for Milestones Life Cycle of an Applet Applets Execution Environment Developing an Applet Deploying an Applet Deploying With the Applet Tag Doing More With Applets Finding and Loading Data Files Defining and Using Applet Parameters Displaying Short Status Strings Displaying Documents in the Browser Invoking JavaScript Code From an Applet Invoking Applet Methods From JavaScript Code Manipulating DOM of Applets Web Page Displaying a Customized Loading Progress Indicator Writing Diagnostics to Standard Output and Error Streams Developing Draggable Applets Communicating With Other Applets Working With a Server-Side Application Network Client Applet Example 4 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential Core Java
  5. 5. Getting Started with Swing Learning Swing with the NetBeans IDE Using Swing Components Concurrency in Swing Using Other Swing Features Laying Out Components Within a Container Modifying the Look and Feel Drag and Drop and Data Transfer Writing Event ListenersNotes: Recommend Practical hours for student except class hours is 90 Hrs. We also provide weekend classes for all courses. After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in Software Industry. 5 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential Core Java
  6. 6. Our Technology Specialization and Certification Courses:6 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential Core Java
  7. 7. KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: Training by Certified and Experienced Trainers. Industrial and Corporate Tie-ups for Live projects for student. Well equipped Computer Lab, Internet and Book Bank facility. Live project based Summer Trainings, Summer Internships and summer programs. 100% placement assistance on every course. Interview Preparation and Technical Events. On Campus Interviews in every month for the placement of students. WI-FI enabled classrooms. 100% Placement Assistance On Campus Interviews 58-61 (Basement), Vashist Park, Pankha Road, New Delhi-46 Ph.: 011-28526572, 65833100, 9990345891 Email: info@xpert-infotech.com7 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential Core Java