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C1 - Overcoming Distances: Scrum with Distributed Teams
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C1 - Overcoming Distances: Scrum with Distributed Teams


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Scrum ideals call for a team to be colocated, …

Scrum ideals call for a team to be colocated,
and with members in close proximity to each other. However, the reality is that many teams and organizations already have, and continue to have, a distributed component, with the team members partially or permanently located apart from each other. How to make this arrangement work? Is it still Scrum?

Silvana Wasitova

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. 2009 2010 Genève 2011 9 mai« Overcoming Distances: Scrum with Distributed Teams » Silvana Wasitova - C1 -
  • 2. Overcoming Distances: Scrum with Distributed Teams!  Service !  Knowledge !  Result 9 May 2011 Silvana Wasitova
  • 3. To Do Doing Done Intro Case Study, Result Best Practices ?2
  • 4. A little bit about me Waterfall Scrum
  • 5. At4
  • 6. Scrum Framework Summary !   Product Owner !   Product Backlog !  Product Planning !   Team !   Sprint Backlog !  Sprint Planning !   Scrum Master !   Potentialy !  Scrum Shippable Product !  Sprint Review !   Burndown Charts !  Retrospective Cardinal Rule: Work on the highest priority item first5
  • 7. Scrum Framework6
  • 8.
  • 9. Communication Modes
  • 10. ©  Silvana  Wasitova  
  • 11. VersionOne Survey 2009Ref:
  • 12. 64% implemented features are rarely or never used Focusing on customer needs ensures: !   the right features are built !   not wasting effort (and resources) on features that are not needed While the figures may vary by company, principle remains: Only build the features that the client/users need Ref: Jim Johnson, Chairman of Standish Group, quoted in 2006 in: Sample: government and commercial organizations, no vendors, suppliers or consultants11 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 13. To Do Doing Done Intro Case Study, Result Best Practices ?12
  • 14. Case Study London 4 Munich 4Paris 11 Milan 1 Grenoble 4 Madrid 1 IndiaUS, Ireland
  • 15. Schedule Highlights TDF Euro Paris-Dakar Tour de FranceJanuary February March April May June Rugby 6 Nations Rolland Garros Wimbledon FOOT: Moto GP Boxing Olympic Games qualifiers Golf, Athletics, Cycling Horse Racing World Cup qualifiers Basketball Snooker Hockey
  • 16. Challenges !  Team Size !  Geographic Distribution !  Timezone difference !  Keen stakeholders !  Agressive deliverables schedule15 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 17. To Do Doing Done Intro Case Study, Result Best Practices ?16
  • 18. Phone, Chat, Email Can you Phone •  eadset; Mute button, full duplex H hear me •  peaker phone, satellite microphones S now? •  eal time, informal, up-to-date status notes R Chat •  lways on, always monitored at each location A •  ebcam, Video Conferencing W Video •  ow-res is better than nothing L Minimum Screen Sharing •  o you see what I see D delays! •  ollaborative site, actively used C Wiki •  nfo radiator and repository I Use several modes
  • 19. Planes, Trains and Automobiles As much as budget & time allows: meet in person !   Release Planning !   Product Backlog !   Sprint Planning18
  • 20. Telephone, Tele-presence “Off-site” persons get priority: speaking, bringing up concerns !   Easy to “lose connection” with persons off-site !   Easy to hand-signal those on-site !   If unsure, ask to repeat/clarify Photo courtesy J. Vonlanthen Tell – a - person19 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 21. Scrum Best Practice !   Daily Standup: 15 minute limit !   With this setup, and this many people? Salut Bonjour Hello Konichiwa Hola Gruβ Dobry den Bongiorno Hiyya Guten tag Good Morning Everybody20
  • 22. Building Trust !   Spend time getting to know each other !   Do what you say !   Go the extra mile !   Be “their” advocate, act on “their” behalf !   Teamwork21
  • 23. Team Dynamics Four stages of team formation: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing Awareness of Motivation, Personalities !   Maslow hierarchy of needs !   Theory X and Y !   Myers-Briggs - MBTI !   INTJ – Don’t change *my plan*, there will be consequences!22 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 24. Remote “Team Building” and “Having Fun” Alternatives to lunch or bowling together: !   Arrive early at conf. calls !   Get (a bit) personal !   Share pictures !   Joke and tease Treat all equally well23 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 25. Build Rapport !   Be approachable make it your job to build the bridge of rapport !   Care about them spend time talking about their interests and activities !   Support them in things that don’t directly benefit you time to hang out, without “talking shop” !   Ask them what they think24 Initiate the conversation
  • 26. You’re only talking about Communication! !   Risk #1 for software projects is: communication !   People working large distances/timezones away: More challenges to communication !   Different languages, different cultures !   Absence of continuous face-to-face communication Yes, Virginia, there is a communication-clause25 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 27. Apply Distribution to Scrum Teams? VersionOne “State of Agile Development”, 2008 Survey, n=3061 !   57% respondents work with distributed teams !   41% respondents currently, or plan to, do agile with outsourced development. !   The agile ideal of co-locating the entire team in a single room is at odds with what’s actually going on within a large part of the software development community. !   Success rate for co-located team (in same room) is over 20% higher than for geographically distributed team26
  • 28. Why use Distributed Teams? !   Development Cost !   Talent Availability !   24/7 around the globe !   Closer to customer !   Market Opportunity !   Flex-time 50% of US workforce can be mobile on any given day. Total Employee Mobility® Benchmarking Report, Runzheimer International, October 200827 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 29. Why use Agile Philosphy? •  Frequent product delivery •  Transparency: daily standup •  Collaboration: developers and customers •  Regular reviews with Customer & PO •  Strip-off non-essentials •  Retrospective: Continuous improvement Adapt to Change28 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 30. Hyper-productive Distributed team Extreme Success Jeff Sutherland re. Xebia: 1.  “Home Team” start scrum: 3 wks prep, 2 x 2wk sprints 2.  Collocate home and off-shore team, 3 x 2wk sprints 3.  Achieve co-located hyperproductivity 4.  Achieve hyperproductivity from two locations; one Product Backlog fed 4 Sprint Backlogs Xebia delivers 7x Function Points over industry average waterfall teams © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 31. Visual Tools: information sharing in distributed environment !  Skype !  Acrobat Connect !  MS Communicator !  myATT / Interwise !  Time-lapse pictures !  Video-streaming; “Always On” (within legal limits)30 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 32. What is a Distributed Team?31 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 33. Agile in 3D You just knew this was next… Virtual World Interaction Agile in 3D worlds brings teams closer to face-to-face Aug 2010 – Lessons from Second Life Avatars - quality/agile-in-3d-worlds-brings-teams-closer-to-face-to- face/ TELEPLACE or AgileZen (Rally)32 © Itecor all rights reserved
  • 34. Passionate team members, driven by common purposecan overcome any obstacles 35
  • 35. Build Trust !   Spend time getting to know each other !   Do what you say !   Go the extra mile !   Be “their” advocate, act on “their” behalf !   Work as a team37
  • 36. How much do you trust each other?
  • 37. Silvana Wasitova, PMP, CSM, CSP Vevey, Switzerland +41 79 558 05 09  39
  • 38. To Do Doing Done Intro Case Study, Result Best Practices ?40
  • 39. 41
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  • 42. Photo Credits p.7 Flickr, Yahoo team; Flickr, by blackdood p.18 Beijing Olympics Stadium, Clive Rose, Getty Images p.21 Beer:, Working Lunch, Silvana Wasitova p.22 Jonas vonLanthen, used with permission p.32 p.36 Rowing team: J.D. Photography44
  • 43. 45 © Itecor all rights reserved