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my last project
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my last project


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. ENGLISH SEMINAR by Mariel my
  • 2. AT THE BEGINIG... I can tell, that at the beginig I didn´t know how exactly it was going to be, because before I had never been in one seminar like this. In this seminar I learned too much things from my classmates, from my teacher, and many others that are not exactly about english but helps me to be a good student and person every day. We did many things, we enjoyed during this months, and we tried to do our best in every project, or in every homework or in every class. We laughed and we shared experiences and some stories we did´nt know about each other in the seminar…maybe what we would´nt do in our ordinary english class. I´m very happy, pleased and honored to be working with all of you during this school-year! Thank you all of you for every momment!
  • 4. First we used an electronic-page: VIDEO-JUG An interesting web-page where we chase one video(funny video) to explain to our classmates. I really enjoyed this activity
  • 5. Then we create our own account in Blogger, a web-site which you can modify at your own style. The first thing that we did was a description of us, like a biography.
  • 6. In this blog we also put some descriptions about our family. To accomplish our information we also did a presentation using, another web-page where we coul put our photos cronologically and with our own style. I really enjoyed using slide!
  • 7. Then we did a project with a free topic. In my case y chase “the pussy cat dolls”. In this case we used voicethread , and in my case was difficult to use this, but it´s a good way to make a presentation and also put your voice when the pages passed one by one
  • 8. Other web-page we used was evoca where we could record our voice telling something ti the audience. In this case we used evoca to talk about our new year´s resolutions. Nice page!
  • 9. Scrapblog was another web-page we used to talk about my holidays in Veracruz. It was a little difficult to use.
  • 10. For my extra project i did a little summary about what belly dance is, the origins, elemnts odalisques uses to dance and some other interesting things, just because i thought it would be nice to talk about this topic. To do my project i used evoca to record my voice and also i upload some videos from you-tube.
  • 11. I had good memories from my clases. I had many abscenses but I think the time i spend with the teacher Elena,Aidee, Arely and…the other guys in every clase, was really good. As i told, Im really pleased to be with you one year.
  • 12. Thank to all for teaching me every little and enormous thing! ♥mariel♥