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Book revieww

  1. 1. “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!” - Hotel California, The eagles Kanchana JaishankarLet bygones be bygones. Lets forget about the past. Lets move on and putthis chapter behind us. All is well that ends well. But is it really over? Letsrewind for a second. Five years ago, author Sara Shepard released a novelwhich appealed to teenaged girls. It had a sense of mystery to it and so itwas read by many, including myself. “Pretty Little Liars” slowly turned intomy secret comfort book. A novel that takes place in Rosewood, Philadelphia.It talked about high school girls who were falling in love, being separatedfrom her best friends and were having parent issues. It was enjoyable. Butthen something happened to the perfect town of Rosewood. A discovery of amurdered body. This wasnt just any dead body. It was the dead body of theRosewood sweetheart, the “it” girl, better known as Allison Dilaurentis.Perhaps Rosewood isnt so perfect after all! The finale to Shepard’s series ismind twisting. It provides fresh perspective to the same evidence. You willnever guess who the killer is! The book had me turning my head every minutejust to make sure that there wasnt someone behind me waiting to plunge aknife into my heart and put me to sleep forever! So who did it? Who killed“it girl” and a few others? Thats for me, the author and a few others toknow, and you to find out!I mainly read this book due to the character Hanna Marin. This is a verycomplex character. She has issues with everything about herself whichmakes her compromise her authority as the queen bee of her high school.She is a relatable character and she faces many problems that today’steenaged girls face and solves them in her way which may or maynot be avalued at times. Learning from her mistakes, she teaches life lessons andalways takes responsibility for her actions. Perhaps someday, she can besome what of a fictional role model to young girls.
  2. 2. Besides Hanna Marin, the other main characters include Spencer Hastings,Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields. These characters have simplepersonalities that face tough challenges. One thing that appealed to me themost is how at least one of the challenges that these girls face can beunderstood by many teenaged girls around the world. Hanna Marin has bodyimage issues and her solution to solve these problems may haunt her butthey do bring out morals as a life lesson. And lets not forget about poorSpencer Hastings, she found out that the new suspect of the investigation isthe love of her life, that she is actually adopted, a mind that blocks badexperiences which may not be the best at times (especially when theblocked out content knows who the killer of your best friend is), and twomore surprises in store! These girls have to deal with challenges that someof us find ourselves in, and their solutions can also be helpful. These girlsalways prove to make the best of the worst. They always manage to keepholding on.“Remember when you stalked me in my backyard for the time Capsuleflag? And remember that girl who trotted out to the lawn and talked toyou? That wasnt me(allison)!”So who was it? Who talked to these girls asif they were best friends for life even though she didnt know who it was? Imean, the night Allison went missing, Spencer had seen “Two blondes thatnight” maybe the love of Spencers life isnt the murderer after all, andwhere did he disappear anyway? was it someone who was never in the pictureto begin with? well all I can say is that you dont know them yet. Forgive me,but lets rewind to the day Allison came out on her backyard while the othergirls were just standing there; There was a voice coming from inside thehouse, claiming to be Allison, the mystery voice will finally be revealed in thefinal book and still, all I can say is that the person inside maybe the killer.Or perhaps another victim.If you have heard of the Eagles, then maybe you have also heard of theirsong “ Hotel California”. And as the songwriter wrote, “ You can check outany time you like, but you can never leave!” All of the charatcters tried toget away from the investigation, but now we know that it never happened.They never got away from the not-so-perfect-anymore quiet town of
  3. 3. Rosewood. Even little dead Allison Dilaurentis couldnt keeps her hands out.Maybe she just isnt really dead at all! After all, “it” girls cant be murdered!They simply throw parties and make everyone envy them. Homicide isnt forthem. “Bad things only happen to the less important!” Find out who thekiller is and maybe discover more long lost victims in the the finale to SaraShepard’s award winning series, “Wanted”.