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Basketball 4 wiki

Basketball 4 wiki






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    Basketball 4 wiki Basketball 4 wiki Document Transcript

    • Basketball Shooting Drill #1: SHOOTING 101 One player starts with the ball under the basket. The other player spots up from any spot on the floor. The ball is passed to the shooter who catches the ball low with his knees bent and shoots a jump shot. He gets his own rebound while the passer now spots up to shoot. After a pass is made get a hand in the shooter's face and go game speed. Basketball Shooting Drill #2: FREE THROW DRILL Have a player shoot 10 free throws. However many he misses have the team run that many conditioners. Then have the same person shoot how many he missed the first time, and have them run how many he missed the second time. Repeat until he gets to zero. Basketball Shooting Drill #3: Increase Your Range Its great to have good range, especially since defenders don't guard you as tightly two or three feet outside the arc. Follow this basketball shooting drill to improve your long range shot... This drill is most effective with 2 players, but it can also be performed with one. Begin with one player standing 15 feet from the basket, and the other underneath rebounding. The rebounder passes the ball to the shooter, who quickly catches and shoots. The shooter then gets his/her own rebound, and passes it to the other player who has now set up for a shot at 15 feet. The two players continue shooting, getting their own rebound, and passing until they have made a combined 5 shots. The shooters then move out to the 3 point line, and make 5 shots together. They then move out at least a step beyond the 3 point line, and as far as the NBA three point line if they have the range. After 5 shots are made, they return to the college three point line and make 5, then make 5 at 15 feet. When the players return to the college 3 point line and the 15 footers, they will seem like easier shots than they did before. The purpose of begining and finishing the drill at 15 feet is to remind the players that the form should be the same regardless of distance.
    • OFFENSE An offense is your method to score baskets and get open shots against your opponent. Most coaches consider their offense to be a continuous motion or a play that can be run over and over again. It's common to have more than one offensive set, usually a primary offense and a secondary offense 1) Man to Man Offenses Duke Motion Offense On the perimeter, they like to occupy the wings and corners, using the high post for reversals. This gives them the spacing and driving lanes they need to get penetration. They use the dribble to drive those lanes and also often use the high post to ball screen. In the interior, when running as a 3 out/2 in offense, the post players screen for one another. If you think back to all those foul line jump shots that Christian Laetner used to shoot, most of them were as a result of the other post player screening for him. They often look high-low after a post exchange. A key is how the low post is being played. If the low post is being defended from the back, they will look at a direct pass into the low post. If the low post is fronted, they will look high to the high post, who will then look into the low post. 2) Fast Break Carolina fast break offense 1 is the point guard. He handles the ball. He tries to keep the ball out of the middle once he gets to midcourt. That allows the trailer a lane to run and tells them which side to run to. 2 is a shooter and runs the right wing 3 is a shooter and runs the left wing. 4 & 5 are trailers. The first trailer fills the ball-side block by going to the opposite elbow and then angle cuts to the block. The second trailer runs in line with the Weakside elbow. The 1st option is for 1 to "headman" the ball to 2 and 2 looks to score. "Headmanning" is when the guard passes the ball ahead. It can be done once the player is in position or as they run up the court. If there is a good ballhandler
    • ahead of the ball, the 1 man can pass it up as early as he can and the ball then is dribbled into position. 3)Passing The key to any good offensive strategy is passing. The ball can be passed faster and more effectively than it can be dribbled. By passing the ball around quickly and offensive basketball team can cause the defensive team to move and make adjustments. Enough good passes and eventually an offensive player will get a good open shot. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.ducksters.com/sports/ basketballstrategy.phpAug 31st 2010 http:// www.breakthroughbasketball.com/ offenses.html Aug 31st 2010
    • BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.basketballtraininggrounds.com/images/shootingc.jpg aug 24th 2010 http://img.sparknotes.com/figures/D/d7639869bcaa5ec4f9ccae00d79f534f/basketball.gif aug 24th 2010 http://www.guidetocoachingsports.com/images/Jump%20shooting%20drills4.gif aug 24th 2010 http://www.guidetocoachingsports.com/images/Shooting5.gif aug 24th 2010
    • Defense Basketball Defensive Strategy Although scoring is exciting, fun to watch, and fun to do; defense is a key to winning any basketball game. Teams often change up defenses and change who is guarding who during the game. Most teams have a main defense they like to run and it usually a zone defense or a man-to-man defense. The zone defense is where each player has a specific area of the court they are responsible to defend. The zone shifts and moves depending on where the offensive players are standing and where the ball is. Zone defenses are great for stopping inside scoring as multiple players can surround or "collapse" on a player getting the ball on the inside. They are not as good at stopping outside or long shots. So zone defenses are often deployed against offensive basketball teams that have a strong inside offensive game, but a weak outside game. Man-to-man defense is where each player is assigned to cover a specific offensive player.The player guards the offensive player wherever they go on the court. Man- to-man defense can be very affective against a strong outside shooting team. Man- to-man can also help with rebounding as each defender can block out the person they are guarding and no one can slip into open zones like they can on zone defense. Sometimes teams run a combination of zone and man-to-man. One example of this is the box-and-one. In this defense four players play zone (in a box shape) and one player plays man-to-man usually on the offensive teams best player. Other basketball defensive strategies include: Full court press - where a team will play defense over the entire court hoping to trap or steal the ball. Double Team - where two players will cover the player with the ball BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.ducksters.com/sports/basketballstrategy.php sep 5th 2010