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Sawatdee from Thailand: My Semester in Bangkok
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Sawatdee from Thailand: My Semester in Bangkok



Published in Travel , Business
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  • Map of thailand – Thais smile with everything. Fear, happiness, sadness, embarrassment.
  • Who organized it? Extra fees? Over break? Weekend? Duration?
  • International student with international. Apt Only option at this campus. Talk about housing a lot. Standard of living. Resort hotels vs poverty. Meals – eating out. How did I discover transportation? Guidebooks, local students.
  • 6 months = 24 weeks
  • What happened? How I dealt with it?
  • How religion impacts culture. Tips for bartering.
  • Ate out for all my meals. Flavorful & spicy. How to decide which vendor to go to?
  • Traveling within thailand – off the beaten path! How did you find out about the festival?
  • Laos: most similar to Thailand
  • Cambodia: rich culture
  • Vietnam: communication difficulties
  • Malaysia: melting pot of Southeast Asia
  • Loy Kratong festival762 curves to PaiKayaking in the oceanDeep water soloingRiding elephants in Koh ChangGrand Palace
  • Cultural values towards animals (being part of our family, “extra”), advice for taxis, etc, coping strategy, importance placed on physical traits, being in the majority = less special, respecting the thai culture (freedom of speech) – family came to visit
  • Academics – how much time spent


  • 1. สวัสดีSawatdee from Thailand:My Semester in Bangkok
    Jennifer Noinaj
  • 2. Agenda
    About Thailand
    Thammasat University
    American vs Thai Life
    Travel Experiences
  • 3. About me
    2 Thai parents
    Cash strapped student
    Avid domestic traveler
    6 months in Thailand
    Less than comfortable understanding of the language
  • 5. Thailand: The land of smiles.
    Capital: Bangkok
    Population: 63 million
    Language: Thai
    Climate: Tropical (82-95°F)
    “Sanuk” lifestyle
    Exotic yet modern
    Most popular destination in SE Asia
  • 6. Thammasat Programs
    Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA), Thai Studies, Bachelor’s of Economics (BE), British and American Studies (BAS)
    Pattaya & Lampang Centre
    BBA International program – very competitive
    600 students overall
    US, Canadian, Australian, Swiss, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, & more!
  • 7. Uni & Classes
    Principles of Marketing
    Principles of Management
    Marketing Research
    Intermediate Thai Language & Culture
    Product and Brand Management
  • 8. Class Structure
    Excellent professors
    Integrated classrooms
    Language of Instruction: English
    Class Size: 20 – 60 students
    Teaching Methods: Lectures, case analyses, papers, projects, presentations, exams
    Class Format: Two 1.5-hour lectures/wk or 3-hour lecture/wk
    Attendance: Mandatory with a minimum of 70% attendance to take exams
  • 9. Logistics
    Exchange student orientation
  • 10. Offered Excursions & Activities
    BBA Farewell dinner
    EAP Thanksgiving dinner
    Grand Palace trip
    Ayuttaya field trip
    Cruise down the Chao Praya river
    Spa trip to Ranong
    Law Trip to PrachuapKhiri Khan
    Clubs: Meditation, Thai kick-boxing (Muy Thai), Thai cooking
  • 11. Housing
    Find roommates beforehand or during orientation
    Different types of apartments & condominiums
    Scattered around the city
    Wide price ranges from $100/mo - $1,000/mo
  • 12. BTS (Bangkok Skytrain) & Bangkok Underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
    Buses (BMTA, Bangkok Metropolitan Transit Authority)
  • 13. Other modes
    Ferries, express boats, river taxis
    • Tuk-tuks
  • Cost Savings
  • 14. External Influences
    Cyclone Nargis in Burma
    Thai-Cambodian border disputes
    Internal political instability – closing down of Suvarnabhumi
    Death of the King’s older sister: Princess GalyaniVadhana
  • 15. Cultural Differences
    Street cred for being a “Thammasat inter student” vs a tourist
    Different conceptions of beauty
    Shopping – bartering
    Conservative dress
  • 16. the “wai”
  • 17. Food
    Very big part of Thai culture
    Food in the States is not representative of how it is in the country it’s from (explain)
    One of the best parts about being in Thailand
    Vegetarian options
    Lots of fresh fruit and street vendors – a word of caution!
  • 18. Travels outside of Thailand
    Great chance for me to experience “culture shock”
  • 19. Laos
  • 20. Cambodia
  • 21. Vietnam
  • 22. Malaysia
  • 23. Best Memories
  • 24. Struggles
    Stray dogs
    Getting scammed
    Being a majority
    Lèsemajesté & The Royal Family
  • 25. Back at Home
    Stay involved
    Keep in contact with your friends
    Reach out to other interested students
    Study abroad again
  • 26. What I learned
    Try anything once
    Don’t take life or anything for granted
    Materialism doesn’t bring happiness
    Don’t sweat the small things
    Things don’t always go your way, and that’s okay
    Feel free to make your own adventure
  • 27. Thanks for listening
  • 28. Feel free to contact me: