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  1. 1. Diversity Week Ashley Lee, Vaish Shastry, Nathan Martin, Jennifer Noinaj, Alex Etheridge
  2. 2. Problem To Be Addressed Current  Growth of immigration and number of Situation foreign workers in the USA Strategic Findings  Especially large from many less well known countries Strategic Decisions  Confusion about cultures and customs Marketing from around the world Decisions  Community involvement and Ending Points partnership in current holidays
  3. 3. Research Results Current  Oriented toward family Situation  Familial interaction: activities that bring family Strategic together Findings  Universality Strategic  Need for individuals to feel like a part of a Decisions larger community Marketing  Appeal across all demographics, ages, sexes, Decisions and ethnicities Ending  Personal relationship Points  Personal satisfaction for taking part in celebrations
  4. 4. Holiday Name Current  Diversity Week Situation  Short and memorable title Strategic Findings  Describes the length of the holiday Strategic  Rationale Decisions  Cultural – Racially and ethnically diverse Marketing  Sociological – Open-minded and forward Decisions thinking Ending  Psychological – Multiculturalism Points
  5. 5. Positioning Broad Cultures Current Situation 4 1 National Religious Freedom Day Strategic Diversity Week Findings Strategic 5 Heritage Month Celebrations Decisions Less Popular More Popular Marketing Decisions Ending Cinco de Mayo Points 3 2 St. Patrick’s Day Specific Cultures
  6. 6. Market Current  Ideally would like to have no specific Situation target market for celebration Strategic Findings  Celebrated by all ages, sexes, creeds, and ethnicities Strategic Decisions  Largest opportunity for quick growth of popularity Marketing Decisions  Initial target market has emphasis on Ending institutions and families Points  Schools and Corporations  Housewives
  7. 7. Target Audience Current  Goal: appeal to 10% or more of the US Situation population, or 30 million Strategic 1. Young adults K-12 Findings 2. College students Strategic Decisions 3. Corporate offices Marketing  Sufficient profitability if targeted well Decisions  Diversity is extremely important to young Ending students as well as older college students Points  Corporations continually look for more and more diversified employee pools
  8. 8. Date & Time Current  Date Situation  The first week in May Strategic  Cinco de Mayo will fall during Diversity Week Findings  Time Strategic Decisions  Daytime - Classroom and businesses Marketing  Evening - Community and neighborhood Decisions events Ending Points
  9. 9. Artifacts Current  Car decals Situation  Buttons Strategic Diversity Week Findings  Potluck Recipes Strategic  Cookbooks Decisions Marketing Decisions Ending Points
  10. 10. Launch personality Current  National launch Situation  Adoptability – HIGH Strategic Findings  Familiarity – HIGH Strategic  Compatibility (target market) – HIGH Decisions Marketing Decisions Ending Points
  11. 11. Aesthetics Current  Logo Situation  Design Strategic Findings  Professional and likeable Strategic  Colors Decisions  Diversity Blue Marketing  Bright, friendly and appealing Decisions  Warm and cool Ending Points
  12. 12. Implementation Current  Website Situation Strategic Findings Strategic Decisions Marketing Decisions Ending  Blogs Points  Social Networking Sites  Google logo change
  13. 13. Interpersonal Influence Current  Celebrity representation Situation  Range of ages Strategic Findings  Ethnically diverse Strategic  Family-friendly Decisions Marketing Decisions Ending Points
  14. 14. Brand Personality Current  Loving, accepting, and respectful Situation  Foster an environment where people Strategic appreciate other cultures Findings  Achieves and promotes greater respect for Strategic Decisions different cultures Marketing Decisions Ending Points
  15. 15. Market Penetration Current  Grocery stores and food retailers Situation  Seen by consumers who already make Strategic food-purchase decisions Findings Strategic  Blades - aisles Decisions  Kiosk with information about the Marketing holiday, will direct consumers to the Decisions website Ending Points
  16. 16. Contest Current  Before Diversity Week, implement a Situation contest with $25,000 prize Strategic Findings  “Learning and Loving Diversity Week” Strategic  We will encourage video entries, but Decisions any creative form will be accepted Marketing  For all ages, family-friendly Decisions Ending Points
  17. 17. Diversity Week Current  Family-friendly Situation  Inspires creativity and sharing Strategic Findings  Melds consumption and celebration Strategic  Cross-promotions Decisions  Food Network Marketing Decisions  Interactive and informative website Ending  Corporate sponsors, and in the future, Points government funding
  18. 18. Questions?
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