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It's Live, Now What? Reflecting on the first year with Ebsco Discovery Service

It's Live, Now What? Reflecting on the first year with Ebsco Discovery Service



IU Librarians' Day | June 8, 2012

IU Librarians' Day | June 8, 2012



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  • ongoing custom link requests -- seamless integration with everything, or at least as much as possibleworking with the extract (not very technical, mostly focusing on impact on how it “looks” - including Springer e-books, challenges with holdings statements showing, changes to data imported to clean up records)
  • A closer look at the makeup of EDS…IUK has approximately 286 electronic resources. This number does NOT include single title e-journal purchases, as well as many open access or free resources.130 (45%) of these 286 resources are automatically represented via at least metadata within EDSOnly 32% (42 total) of the resources included in EDS are from EBSCO. The rest are other providers!Another 8% (24 total) of IUK’s resources are incorporated into EDS via EHIS (EbscoHost integrated connector) links7 (2%) of our resources are in the process of being integrated into EDS (e.g. Emerald, Project Muse, SAGE, Wiley & more JSTOR)So what are some other non-EBSCO providers that are found in EDS? (Both things we pay for and things that are free)Subscription: Web of Knowledge (3 indexes), Credo Reference, Oxford/Grove Art & Music, JSTOR, ScienceDirectFree: Directory of Open Access Journals & J-STAGEAnd a few examples of connectors we’ve requested:Several Gale products (Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Business & Company Resource Center, Gale Virtual Reference Library)CQ Global ResearcherGoogle BooksValueLine[show 2nd chart]And now we’ll look at what’s not in EDS…42% (119 total) of our resources are NOT included. Only 35% (42 total) of these resources are subscription products, though. (And 19 of those 42 – 45% - are from ProQuest or Chadwyck-Healey, so they’re not likely to ever be integrated into EDS.)So what else is currently missing from EDS?A lot of specialized Gale collections that don’t really make sense for a discovery service (Afghanistan and the U.S. 1945-1963, Feminism in Cuba 1898-1958, Conditions and politics in occupied Western Europe 1940-1945)Free resources (American Memory from LOC, Homeland Security Digital Library)And some things we’d really like to have in EDS (Films on Demand, MarketLine and/or Business Insight, Bloom’s Literary Reference – plus ProQuest!)Refer to EDS content partners spreadsheet for updates/inform additional required maintenance
  • usage statistics -- review user engagement metrics (e.g. full text and abstract retrievals) instead of straight session and search metricswhat did the librarians and everyone else say.- IUK faculty member tells his students to go to the library home page and put their keywords into the search box; they’ll find something (prefers EDS over straight catalog)
  • as we know more about statistics and use, helps us make decisionsAnalyze prevalence of PDF/HTML/Smart Link/Custom Link links for random queriesmarketing for fall- At IUK, we didn’t name EDS on our home page. This might change in conjunction with a marketing campaign we are planning for the fall. “One and done” with EDS as an acronym for End Desperate Searching.changes in the API (integrate into OnCourse)

It's Live, Now What? Reflecting on the first year with Ebsco Discovery Service It's Live, Now What? Reflecting on the first year with Ebsco Discovery Service Presentation Transcript

  • It’s Live, Now What?Reflecting on the first year with Ebsco Discovery Service Courtney Greene, IUB | Angie Thorpe, IUK June 8, 2012
  • Web-scale discovery• “Flexible services which provide quick and seamless discovery, delivery, and relevancy-ranking capabilities across a huge repository of content” (Vaughan 2012, 32–33)• “Delivered on demand to library users via the browser, with infrastructure, processing and indexing provided and maintained remotely by the vendor” (Howard and Wiebrands 2011, sec. Web scale discovery).• A single unified index which includes - citation & abstract data from a large number of publishers - records from the local library catalog - other data (records from institutional repository, etc) • Faceted searching to enable quick sifting of results
  • Ebsco Discovery Service: Implementation• IUB o Launched as OneSearch@IU (re-branding of 360Search federated search product) o Went live August 18, 2011 o Integrated into resource gateway search, link on home page, tab in subject guides, tabbed search box on Find Information page• IUK o Launched as EBSCO Discovery Service o Went live Sept 9, 2011 with redesign of home page o Search box on the home page, Find Information page, resources A-Z guide, and Public Access & Research Resources page
  • Maintenance• Seamless user experience - Custom links - Connectors - Full text whenever possible• Catalog extract - How it “looks” - Holdings statements challenges - Clean up records
  • The composition of EDS Whats NOT currently in EDS at IUK? Whats currently in EDS at IUK? 1% 4% 21% 18% Subscription databases Subscription databases 29% Subscription E-journal packages Subscription E-journal packages EBSCO metadata sources EBSCO metadata sources 54% Free sources 9% Free sources INSPIRE databases 16% INSPIRE databases 6% Resources from IUB Resources from IUB Streaming video collections 4% 0% 3% Streaming video collections 28% 7%
  • Attacking the extract
  • Usage & reception• A different approach to usage statistics - User engagement metrics (e.g. Abstract and SmartText views) - Not sessions/searches• What librarians said• What everyone else said
  • OneSearch@IU: Items Retrieved 45000 40000 35000 30000 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 September October November December January February March AprilAbstract 16784 27696 35590 18949 19755 31800 29247 42051FT retrieved, total 4093 9725 13633 6555 5919 10803 10461 17542PDF Full Text 2029 5159 6958 3466 2875 5213 5144 9128HTML Full Text 1444 3587 5052 2352 2233 4302 4028 6322Ebsco Smart Link 602 968 1617 735 810 1287 1289 2081Image/Video 18 11 6 2 1 1 0 11Link-outs 4538 7612 8921 4688 4366 8282 8473 11728
  • EBSCO Discovery Service at IU Kokomo: Items Retrieved 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 September October November December January February March AprilAbstract 1901 4536 6217 1357 1781 4113 2913 3814FT retrieved, total 1207 2901 4055 940 1325 2921 2166 2467PDF Full Text 739 1584 2506 615 881 1826 1295 1441HTML Full Text 423 1183 1274 265 370 980 786 865EBSCO Smart Link 46 154 322 97 95 254 130 170Image/Video 0 1 19 0 0 1 9 5Link-outs 344 757 866 290 294 854 500 715
  • THE FUTURE• Statistics help us make (more informed) decisions• Marketing initiatives• Changes in API  integration into Oncourse
  • Thank you!QUESTIONS?Courtney Greene, IUB – crgreene@indiana.eduAngie Thorpe, IUK – atthorpe@iuk.edu
  • ReferencesHoward, David, and Constance Wiebrands. 2011. “Culture Shock: Librarians’Response to Web Scale Search.” ECU Publications (January 1).http://ro.ecu.edu.au/ecuworks/6206.Vaughan, Jason. 2012. “Investigations into Library Web-Scale DiscoveryServices.” Information Technology and Libraries 31 (1) (March 3).doi:10.6017/ital.v31i1.1916.http://ejournals.bc.edu/ojs/index.php/ital/article/view/1916.Forthcoming:Greene, Courtney. 2012. “The Long & Winding Road: Implementing Discovery at Indiana UniversityBloomington Libraries.” In Planning and Implementing Resource Discovery Tools in AcademicLibraries, ed. Diane Dallis and Mary Pagliero Popp. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. [publication date - lateJune]Moore, Kate, and Courtney Greene. 2012. “Choosing Discovery: A Literature Review on the Selectionand Evaluation of Discovery Layers.” Journal of Web Librarianship 6 (3).doi:10.1080/19322909.2012.689602. [publication date - late August]