P5 Fdn Plant System(Revision) Hb Lwk2

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  • 1. A system is made up of different parts that work together to carry out a certain function. It can be simple like a toothbrush . . .or complex like a computer.
  • 2. A plant is made up of 3 main parts such as leaves, stem and roots. stem leaves Each part has its own function and they work together to help the plant live and grow well. roots Balsam plant
  • 3. Needle like Aerial roots leaves Orchid plant Weak stems Cactus plant Money plant
  • 4. Vegetables are plants and parts of plants that can be eaten.
  • 5. Carrots are roots.
  • 6. Lettuces are leaves.
  • 7. Each bean sprout is a whole plant with roots, stem and leaves.
  • 8. Potatoes are underground stems.
  • 9. A leaf is made up of different parts. Leaf stalk Veins Leaf blade
  • 10. A leaf is made up of different parts. Leaf stalk The leaf stalk supports the leaf blade. It is also a passageway for water and nutrients to reach the leaf.
  • 11. A leaf is made up of different parts. Veins These veins contains tiny tubes called xylem and phloem. Phloem carries the food made in the leaf to the rest of the plant. Xylem brings water from the roots to the leaf.
  • 12. A leaf is made up of different parts. The leaf blade is the thin, flat surface of the leaf. Photosynthesis takes place mostly in the blade Photosynthesis is the process whereby plants make food in the presence of light. Leaf blade
  • 13. Leaves are attached to the stem. Most plants are green because they contain chlorophyll. Like animals, plants need food for survival. How do plants obtain their food?
  • 14. Like animals, plants need food for survival. Unlike animals, plants make their own food. The leaves of plants can make food for the plants.
  • 15. Leaves are like food factories because they make food during a process called photosynthesis. Green plants make use of carbon dioxide from the air, water from the soil and sunlight to make food. Chlorophyll that is found in the leaves helps plants to trap the energy from the sun. Underside of a leaf where the veins can be clearly seen.
  • 16. Leaves come in different shapes, sizes and colours. The shape of the leaves can help us to identify the plant.
  • 17. Smooth edge Toothed - edge
  • 18. Heart shape
  • 19. • A plant is a system made up of different parts. • Each part has its own function(s) and different parts work together to make sure the plants grow well. • Plants have leaves, stems and roots.
  • 20. • A leaf has a leaf blade, veins and sometimes, a leaf stalk. • The leaves make food for the plant. • Leaves can be classified based on their colours, shapes or the types of edges they have.