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Xnd 12 14-10

  1. 1. Exposure and Delivery
  2. 2. --- The XND Mission.... A business-to-consumer network which offers a channel of exposure and delivery for products, services and content. XND leverages the most popular and utilized aspects of communication and social media contentto attract consumers. We provide campaign strategies, delivery tools and platforms to provide online users with media that coincides with their interests. XND combines platform customization and digital marketing services that can attract the desired audiences.
  3. 3. eXposureaNdDelivery of media content and products to the masses Music Radio Station Movies Videos News Articles Social Pages Online Sales Online Advertising Direct Marketing Campaigns Email Marketing Mobile Messaging
  4. 4. xndnation.com xndnation.com is our portal site, where audiences are introduced to our online entertainment medium as a whole. xndnation.com contains updated hot topics of our media websites. This site vertically integrates our media platforms and gives users the first glance into XND. xndnation.com is our online media guide page which provides all of our new and interesting updates on radio, TV, movies trailers, articles, and social-user generated content. xndnation.com was created as a media guide to assist users in finding our newest and most popular content each month. **URL can also be found at xnd1.com
  5. 5. xndnetwork.com xndnetwork.com allows producers to submit songs, videos, articles, or join our network to become a part of XND's promotion and marketing mechanism. xndnetwork.com is where we identify the marketing and promotional capabilities of content. We utilize content to expose the advertising viability of products. We combine digital marketing methods to send messages to the demographic target. Our goal is to identify the quality of the content and the true target demographic capability that it has to attract audiences to introduce them to an ad sponsor or online buyer. .
  6. 6. xndnetwork.com *Value packaging for a content creators
  7. 7. xndradio.com xndradio.com, was created with the help of three domains which were streaming radio with artists, listeners, and music already in existence. XND has DJ’s submit their radio shows and music from every part of the globe. XND scouts for good content shows which will sustain audiences’ interest for lengthier times than some social networks. Radio DJ's and artists join our social network, xndhangout.com, and submit content while simultaneously gaining promotions on their social page. Once the buzz is created then we transition the show to our radio platform as a podcast or live streaming which can be digitally marketed through xndradio.com.
  8. 8. xndtv.com xndtv.com is a platform for serious video production content. We have created channels to target demographics. There is no user-generated content posted to give a company brand an unreliable environment to run advertising in. Audiences can view channels with music videos, pay-per-view events, on-demand movies, original TV shows and more. Video Producers are able to join our social network, xndhangout.com, to submit content while simultaneously gaining promotions on their social page. Once the buzz is created then we transition the show to our TV platform as on-demand or live streaming which can be digitally marketed through our platform.
  9. 9. xndmag.com xndmag.com is an online portal which showcases various magazine publications. xndmag.com provides writer perspectives with text, video, and picture-integrated articles on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The publication entities provides many forms of journalism including world news, arts, sports, interviews, entertainment, business, travel and food. Publications can be digitally marketed to audiences. Writers article pages can be customized to engage the audience and even be interactive while introducing advertisement .
  10. 10. xndhangout.com XND's blogging community offers clients and audiences an arena to network with each other through messaging, open forums, chat rooms, pictures, music, mixes, and even embedded video from xndyou.com. Users can register and create profiles to become a part of the XND community. A place to meet others who have created content, share interests, thoughts, or just want to meet someone in a similar industry! XND has also created access to interfaces for private groups within private environments to organize and communicate with users. xndhangout.com helps us determine the social demographics like age, race , and geographic data to better understand our users.
  11. 11. xndhangout.com Social network access Commenting Chatting Profile page Blogging Video uploads
  12. 12. xndyou.com xndyou.com is a video sharing, user and group website that shares the same login access with xndhangout.com. xndyou.com is promotional video website which allows users to share their content and gather views data. Users are able to upload their videos on xndyou.com so that our digital marketing teams can promote, market and arrange advertising campaigns.
  13. 13. xndgamer.com xndgamer.com is an informative platform for video games with media ranging from articles and video surrounding topics like sports, role-playing, and first-person shooting. xndgamer.com will expose a range of new products, reviews of console games, video game footage, special video cheat guides, user-game blogging forums, and chat. We will actively seek new and independent game creators to showcase their game platforms, characters, and influences on xndgamer.com online publication.
  14. 14. xndcomics.com xndcomics.com is a delivery mechanism for animators, anime, graphic novels, and creative art concepts. Artists and Animators are able to submit their own work for online publication in xndcomics.com.
  15. 15. xndmovies.com xndmovies.com is a delivery system for movie trailer marketing and a pay-per-view access point. Movie producers and distribution entities have the option to distribute and advertise their movies online through customized campaigns. Movie producers, film festivals, and film distribution can utilize content online viewing through xndmovies.com to promote and market their advertisers on a new categorized platform.
  16. 16. XND’s focus is to identify company marketing campaign concepts which are designed to attract audiences using tools such as video and social media, banner ads, text and email blasting campaigns. These are some site maps for example digital marketing foot prints. Video and TV media, commercials, and cost-per-click advertising Search engine optimization social network marketing video rss feeds xndtv.com Client Experience : “Our focus was concentrated on taking our TV network show and promoting the content online to gain new viewers. We saw the advantage in strategically placing advertisements for new visitors to see which is generating revenue. xndtv.com became our landing page, as they used a dynamic variation of tools to generate awareness of our show…”
  17. 17. Music and radio media, banner ads and cost-per-click advertising Search engine optimization social network marketing radio rss feeds xndradio.com Client Experience: “As a DJ in the music industry, my Team and I rely heavily on word-of-mouth to promote my shows. XND provides an option where my listeners can hear my DJ sets right on xndradio.com and download the MP3! They are also able to visit my xndhangout.com profile page to read about me and my DJ history which includes my contact information. I was booked for an upcoming event right through XND!”
  18. 18. News and articles, banner ads and cost-per-click advertising Email marketing search engine optimization social marketing xndmag.com Client Experience: “xndmag.com’s Chief Editor informed us that the article content for the month would cover my demographics. Their writers wrote articles which captured readers by meta-tagging their article on Google and Yahoo. We were able to create place banner ads in their table of contents and within relevant articles.”
  19. 19. Product marketing, banner ads and cost-per-lead advertising social network marketing search engine optimizationxndshop & xndmall Client Experience: ‘We wanted to sell UFC tickets, so we called an XND representative and they recommended using UFC content on their sports channel, they put our banner ads for the tickets on their channel and ran an email marketing campaign to help us sell 1,000 tickets in three days!”
  20. 20. Execution flow of an XND digital marketing strategy craigslist listing craigslist adxndmall commerce Web2carz landing page ads.xndmedia.com (metrics/analytics)
  21. 21. xndmedia.com metrics and analytics (ROI) How do we track your progress and analytic data?
  22. 22. XND Content and Advertiser Targeted Marketing Mobile Marketing Video text Podcasts Text messages Bluetooth Social Network Marketing myspace.com youtube.com facebook.com twitter.com craigslist.com Email Marketing 1.6 billion list Subscribe system Level 3 scrubbing Search Engine Optimization google.com yahoo.com bing.com
  23. 23. Something to consider… Ultimately, XND provides maximum online exposure for content creators and content consumers to converge. As part of XND's strategic marketing campaigns, we can target audiences locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally and provide the strategic placement of ads for businesses. XND's versatility creates marketing opportunities for local businesses, entertainment venues, restaurants, events and more. This creative concept will allow brands to stop using the same old stale marketing techniques to gain interest in their products. This technique also gives brands a safe, predictable, well categorized and controlled environment they can feel comfortable using. Many of today's websites utilize environments with no control and have trouble separating tasteful from questionable content. Where these websites will hit road blocks XND will rise to the occasion by separating its environments and providing different avenues to media deployment and advertisement inclusion.