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Professional website design

Professional website design






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    Professional website design Professional website design Document Transcript

    • Professional website design : Part IWhat is a web designer anyway?As a web designer, I get all kinds of requests , for information other than web design, and as a webdesigner Im not suppose to really to be able to do things outside of the web design area. I believe thereare a few misconceptions about what exactly a web designer does. In this article I am going to nail downexactly what a web designer is and what they should be able to do. This article pertains to small businesswebsite designers and not to bigger businesses where they are looking for someone who specializes.First Ill touch of the differences between a web designer and a web developer. A web designer issomeone who creates the visual design and layout of a web page. A web developer is someone whodoes the behind-the-scenes programming of a website. For example a web developer creates the codefor database websites.<b>Web designers definition:</b>They give business organizations a web presence by building them a website. Web designers areprofessionals who organize information, create page layouts, while communicating the businesssinformation/opinions in a website. Web designers create another medium for the business to expandinto. Creating a website enables the business to attract new customers, showcase its services products,and to do business across countries (as opposed to one location).<b>What things do web designers do?</b>Thats a really good question. It is definitely hard to nail down what every designer must do in order tocall themselves a web designer. A good web designer should be able to do both the design and thedevelopment, unfortunately for you the consumer it doesnt always work that way.<b>Your web designer must be able to perform the following:</b>::Understand and keep current will all new emerging technology:: Layout web pages with HTML, XHTML, XML , and other programming languages
    • :: Program HTML (hand code), JavaScript and CSS:: Translate your ideas, needs and expectations into a web page.:: Design navigation elements (such as navigation bars)::Create graphics in Photoshop or any other professional imaging software:: Effectively participate in a web development team:: Have an understanding on how to create Flash (authoring software used to create animationprograms):: Understand and implement web standards:: Have an understanding of Search Engine Optimization:: Have a basic understanding of typography, graphics and color theory:: Understand needs of users and of usability testing:: Have ability to analyze a target market:: Understanding of cross browser problems and how to fix them<b>A great web designer also has knowledge of coding languages such as:</b>:: C++:: Python:: Java:: JavaScript:: Cold fusion:: SQL:: PHP
    • Sometimes it might be difficult for a web designer to have all those different programming languagesunder their belt. It is like knowing English, French, Chinese and German. Quite complicated. The morelanguages they know the better. Well that should help you on your search for a good web designer!Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See http://breezywebsites.com for details!Professional website design : End of Part IWhat Does Your Logo Say About You?In the marketing world, a lot of attention is given to the concept of “image”, both on an individualproduct level and for a corporation as a whole. Researchers know the perception of a product or servicecan be vastly different from actuality. Business owners are faced with the difficult task ofcommunicating to their consumers exactly what benefits they will derive from using their product orservice vs. the competition’s offering.One way businesses do this is through their logo, or their corporate identity. Part of a logo’s impactcomes from repetition, the very act of seeing a familiar symbol on a continual basis. Every company,every branded product or service needs a logo for this purpose.Because logos are everywhere, it is essential for a logo to have meaning; to present to the subconsciousmind of the consumer a message about the corporation and/or the product it represents.Of all the factors that comprise corporate image , the most significant one is that of integrity. Integrity,in itself, has components: honesty, loyalty, determination, strength, completeness, dependability.Another element that is important for a corporate or product image is value; the consumer mustperceive that they will be receiving something of worth for their money.
    • Leadership is another factor; it connotes a knowledge of the marketplace and the ability to conductbusiness in such a manner that others in the field acknowledge this company’s worth.Innovation is another important component of image. Businesses want to be seen as creative,knowledgeable and able to meet consumer needs with the newest and best products and services.To build such an image through logo design requires the use of all of the tools a graphic artist has in hisarmory: fonts, color, placement, size, pictures and design motifs. Logo designers know that some imagesrequire a sense of movement in the logo design; some need the strength of heavy block lettering; logosfor products for infants, for example, would be best served with soft pastels and lines that are rhythmicand flowing rather than having sharp angles.Any entrepreneur seeking a logo for his company or product should first choose the elements he or shewants to present as a communicator of the corporate image.Knowing the relative weight of each factor, a logo designer can then create a logo that catches thepublic eye and imagination, sends a subliminal message about your company’s image and indeliblyimprints the logo in the consumer’s memory.There are four options for actually getting the design work done. From a freelancer, an ad agency, froman online logo design specialist like LogoWorks, or by doing it yourself. All have benefits and drawbacks,but for most small businesses hiring a freelancer or using an on-line company are the most effective andaffordable methods.Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See http://breezywebsites.com for details!Professional website design : End of Part II
    • What Comprises a Good Graphic Design?Graphic design is one of the most widely preferred means used at present. This is because itencompasses a beneficial aspect that helps every business to gain recognition from the market. Thisdesign service holds on to achieve a branding identity that marks every business to have a good name.Graphic design Orange County can indeed supply immense services that will help you work out with agood graphic design.Features of a Good Graphic DesignWith the stiff competition in the present industry, gaining recognition is somewhat hard to attain. So inorder for you to be known and stand out among your competitors you must come up with an excellentdesign and as well as informative content. Mainly the features of a good graphic design entail toencompass:• Readability – a good presentation depends on the consistent ideas given. A well expresseddesign need not to puzzle customers mind but rather make them understand what is given. Having areadable text content can manage to drive more visitors to be keen on what is being provided.• Visual organization – the image, designs and illustrations used must be appropriate to yourpurpose and target audience. The designs applied are based on the specifications given by you. Mainlywith the aid of a good graphic designer you will be able to achieve the desired design you want for yourmaterial.• Relevance – the importance a good graphic designs holds to make a web site more popular andvisitor friendly site.In addition with the development of a good graphic design, graphic design Orange County can provideyou with explicit design services that will help you develop a good branding image for your company.Focusing on the features and elements good graphic design is comprised with -- colors, lines, shape,mass and texture. To add up with the features of a good graphic design it should also entail an effectivepresentation, easily understood message and faster conveyance for specific audience.With the graphic design companies that sprout up nowadays, not all of them can give what you arelooking for. So if you want to have an effective and valuable design you have to look for the rightcompany suited for your jobs and can truly able to answer your needs. And yet graphic design OrangeCounty can help you decide to choose for the right companies that will be good for you. Primarily beingfamiliar with the elements and features of a good graphic design will help you establish a good name.
    • Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See http://breezywebsites.com for details!Professional website design : End of Part III