eIQ Datasheet - vBOOST Data Acauisition Ccommunications Unit


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eIQ Datasheet - vBOOST Data Acauisition Ccommunications Unit

  1. 1. PARALLUX COMMUNICATION MODULE vBOOST DATA ACQUISITION COMMUNICATIONS UNIT FEATURES vBoost operational telemetry includes power, voltage, current, and temperature readings Reporting interval from 1 to 15 minutes depending on installation No incremental transmission hardware or wiring required Centralized data repository and web-based access Customizable central The Parallux Communications Module connection (broadband, provides you with access to the operational wi-fi, or satellite data feed) data from the vBoost units. It is installed on TECH SPECS the DC powerline between the solar PV array and the inverter, and reports data directly to Outdoor rated enclosure the web, with no onsite configuration Ethernet internet connection required. The data is made available to you required through a set of web-based interfaces or as 110VAC connection required a direct download for your own monitoring programs. EASY TO INSTALL Transmission functionality is embedded in the vBoost box; no added hardware Parallux Communication with vBoost over power line; no additional wiring Simple-to-install, central communication module organizes and transmits data Centralized web repository; no onsite configuration required The smart path to clean energy
  2. 2. PARALLUX COMMUNICATION MODULE WEB BASED DATA ANALYSIS INTERFACE The Parallux Monitoring System provides you with state-of-the-art analytics toolkit that allows you to more effectively monitor and operate your solar plant. With panel-level data, the monitoring system provides you with unprecedented visibility into the health of your solar plant. REDUCE RISK ENHANCE ANALYTICS STREAMLINE OPERATIONS Visualization dashboard for Component level visibility for Targeted fault detection - your customers to access their greater reassurance that for fewer, faster, and smarter system performance performance can be truck rolls maintained over the life of Intelligent troubleshooting and the system Monitoring alerts for fast diagnostics of system errors notification of failures Downloadable financial Integration with weather Ability to manage multiple reports to track payback time monitoring for detailed installations from one remote and system economics analysis of ambient conditions login Greater data to enforce Centralized web repository; no Maintenance log integrated warranty claims with onsite configuration required with panel-level data for component manufacturers unprecedented visibility of State-of-the-art measures of performance history system health 525 Race Street, Suite 260 San Jose, CA 95126 www.eiqenergy.com