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Tbli Presentation

  1. 1. Investing & Incubating Early-Stage Social Enterprises in South & East Asia S. Dev Appanah Principal, TRN Institute dev@trnlab.org
  2. 2. $2.3 trillion spent 5 decades solutions not reaching the poor bold unmotivated plans
  3. 3. lack of feedback •consumer needs are met through feedback •buy if the right price or return/ complain if worthless •theoretically politicians function in the same manner •constituents complain about public services and politicians try to fix it •aid given for free so nobody listens to the poor feedback/ demands
  4. 4. lack of accountability •biz produce more if demand increases or goes out of biz if it hurts consumers •politicians lose elections for not fixing problems •blurred and mixed accountability in the aid environment creates a weak incentive to find out what works •no pure independent/ external evaluation mechanism •success is measured by the amount of money spent
  5. 5. planners searchers •already knows the solutions •ready to admit they don’t know the solution but willing to experiment •lack the knowledge at the bottom & trust outside experts •incremental discovery process relying on competition and feedback •never find out if the target group got to find out what works what they needed •find out the reality at the bottom •CIDA/World Bank farming project and believe in homegrown solutions example •find out if the customer is satisfied •PSI - Bednets example
  6. 6. grant-financing •grants are useful for non-revenue generating activities or very early stage ventures •long exposure to grants creates donor dependent organizations (nonprofits); donors have become your clients instead of your target group; • short-term, project-based funding prevents nonprofits from focusing on long-term mission and development •nonprofits are chronically undercapitalized (relying on donations); exist is a state of dysfunction and rarely achieve their objectives; also unable to broadly disseminate or scale solutions •nonprofits focus resources on service delivery rather than internal capacity building; due to donor financing relationship
  7. 7. PSI Malawi - Bednets
  8. 8. water is supplied to the children play on schools and surrounding merry-go-round advertising community finances maintenance powerful pumps store lots of water in tank Clean Water: Playpumps Intl
  9. 9. blended-value balance the generation of social/environmental and economic returns to remain effective and sustainable over time
  10. 10. Social Blended Sus. NGOs Biz Ent Value Biz convergence
  11. 11. Initiatives & Ventures 25 investing & incubating 14 ventures regionally access to approximately 100 12 10 youth-led ventures (startup & scale-up 5 scalable social innovation deals 2007 2008* - micro agri tech, alt energy, Major Intiatives SE, telecentres Social enterprises
  12. 12. Grassroots Innovation Network (GIN)
  13. 13. •delivers life-skills education to the BOP •2 centres in Cambodia & Timor Leste •over 2000 students per centre
  14. 14. Jaspal Shakya Community Friendly Movement •1000++ artisans engaged •USD150,000 turnover
  15. 15. Marielle Nadal idea!s
  16. 16. Salah Uddin Ahmad XayanIT
  17. 17. ! Youthworks Philippines •22 young entrepreneurs •1300 jobs •100% repayment rate •micro-business training workshops
  18. 18. innovative financing Jobs guarantee Equity-like grants mutual funds as SVC international buffer funds
  19. 19. Opportunities • entering a new world of blended value businesses • reinventing development financing & changing the field of finance • untapped opportunities in social innovation • exploring these new areas and are interested in working with more partners
  20. 20. beware of overfishing! S. Dev Appanah dev@trnlab.org