More Bang for the BuckDo Advertisers Really Know WhatThey Get for Their Advertising $$?
More Bang for the Buck                                            Take Susan, for instance. Highly interested in books, he...
Success You Can Count On — and Take to the Bank                      Later on, analytic tools evolved and enabled publishe...
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Mobile advertising raising the ante on metrics


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Mobile advertising raising the ante on metrics

  1. 1. More Bang for the BuckDo Advertisers Really Know WhatThey Get for Their Advertising $$?
  2. 2. More Bang for the Buck Take Susan, for instance. Highly interested in books, her mobile Web surfing habits include frequent visits to best- seller forums. This information is captured in Susan’s profileDo Advertisers Really at the mobile operator’s network, so when Susan visits her neighborhood mall, a leading bookstore partneringKnow What They Get for with Susan’s mobile operator leverages knowledge of her preferences and location to deliver a customized ad to herTheir Advertising $$? mobile.Advertising has deep historical roots. As far back as the 17th Susan is pleased to see that she is being offered a specialcentury, newspaper ads already had become familiar as a discount coupon for any of the ten best-selling books in thewidespread tool to get non-personal messages to the public. mall’s bookstore — including a book that she has recentlyOver the years, technological advancements have played decided that she wants. The chances of Susan responding toan extremely important role in the evolution of advertising, this ad are much higher than the chances of her respondingadding various mass-media outlets beyond newspapers to to a non-targeted ad. The ability to connect Susan’s buyingserve as advertising platforms. behavior with her presence in the mall increases the ROI for the book seller.Measuring Eyeball Hits and Purchasing Behavior Multiple Channels for New ProfitsOne of the lingering questions in advertising has alwaysbeen the topic of metrics: Measuring a campaign and Mobile advertising offers advertisers numerous channels toassessing its real value in terms of return on investment connect with the target audience on the device that goes(ROI). Historically it has been highly difficult to measure everywhere with users, 24/7. Touchpoints include WAPhow many eyeballs an ad has actually hit and how people’s banners, ringback tone advertising, in-game advertising andexposure to advertising influences their purchasing behavior. advertising on SMS and MMS — both person-to-person andAccess to accurate metrics is especially important with the push. These multiple channels combine to provide strongtremendous growth of advertising options available today, display capabilities to serve advertisers’ general marketingand advertisers increasingly want to know if their ads are goals. Additionally, call for action options such as click-to-call,effective — and how they can be made even more effective. short codes, and links to WAP sites, make it easy for buyers to act on first impulse, which is the moment of greatestDigital advertising in its various forms and mobile advertising opportunity.specifically provide something virtually unprecedentedthroughout advertising’s long history: an ability to accurately Every element of the process is highly measurable, trackable,measure advertising campaigns and assess the buying and interactive. The advertiser can run a synergistic multi-behaviors triggered by campaigns. This unique ability gives channel mobile campaign with real-time metrics for alladvertisers important information and tools to make their channels that not only enable accurate and immediateadvertising dramatically more effective. reporting, but also the ability to constantly fine-tune the campaign according to target audience responses. Low-Sharp Shooting: Trigger-Based Advertising Boosts ROI performing campaigns may become a thing of the past once advertisers can see in real time how ads are being receivedIn a previous column we discussed the razor-sharp targeting by the audience and how to adjust the ads to resonate withabilities made possible by mobile advertising. These mobile the audience’s buying behavior.advertising capabilities can be utilized not only for targetingbut also for assessing and tracking campaigns, all of whichcan help boost ROI.One good example of this is trigger-based mobile advertising— promotions that are triggered by the user’s presence at acertain physical location, thus allowing advertisers to createfinely tuned and highly effective timely customized offers.For more information please visit 2
  3. 3. Success You Can Count On — and Take to the Bank Later on, analytic tools evolved and enabled publishers to know which operating system visitors use, their IP addresses,Because companies want to spend their marketing money users’ trail along the site pages and how they navigateon advertising that they can measure and that can deliver through the site. Despite this information availability, it is stilleffective results, advertisers are very attracted by mobile difficult to extract exactly who the site visitors are and theiradvertising’s many advantages, such as: level of engagement with the site. Yet, these analytics did enable advertisers to adopt a more advanced measurement• Metrics: Precise, real-time measurement capabilities than eyeballs for measuring effectiveness — the click-• Knowledge of User: A wealth of information about users through-rate. If users click through an ad – it means the ad and their preferences was effective in catching their attention and driving them to action.• Multiple Touchpoints: A synergistic scope of options for reaching the user But what if clicking is not the answer? Maybe the real metric• Impulse Response: Users can respond easily and should be how many users have actually engaged with the immediately brand? Today there are companies like Nuconomy that offer tools to measure user engagement on top of all the• Always at Hand: The message can reach the user any- traditional online metrics of page loads and unique users. time, anywhere Site owners can track individual actions such as number ofMobile advertising is an irresistible advertising medium users who viewed each millisecond of video, number ofthat significantly increases fruitful interactivity between the users who published a comment, rated a video, interactedadvertiser and the end user. It improves chances for a much in chat, etc. This information adds a lot of value to the clicks-better ROI, and gives advertisers the accurate information around-a-site information. The ultimate result is the ability tothey need to more quickly appreciate and enjoy the better analyze the combination of all metrics described above andreturn that they get for their advertising dollars — more bang deriving meaningful insights from it.for the buck. Advertising on the mobile phone matches and raises theMobile Advertising: Raising the Ante on Metrics ante when it comes to metrics. Mobile operators not only know how many times each banner ad was displayed, butIn the previous column I raised the question of whether also which users clicked on it, together with those users’advertisers really know what they get for their advertising preferences, history and behavior. And this goes for thedollars. The industry is still challenged by the whole notion of entire mobile advertising inventory — from WAP banners,metrics and finding the best ways to assess the real value of ringback tone advertising, in-game advertising to advertisingadvertising. on SMS and MMS — both person-to-person and push. These multiple channels together provide strong display capabilitiesHistorically, it has always been difficult to measure the to serve advertisers’ general marketing goals. Call for actioneffectiveness of advertising. The first advertisement options such as click-to-call, short codes, and links to WAPappeared in a newspaper in 1704. Since then, the main sites, make it easy for users to act on first impulse, which ismetric used by the advertising industry for measuring the moment of greatest opportunity.exposure to ads is the number of “eyeballs”. In thenewspaper business, this figure is derived from the number Above all, every element of the process is highly measurable,of readers based on circulation figures. trackable, and interactive. User profiles are constantly updated based on their behavior, enhancing their value In the early days of the online world, advertisers used the to advertisers. Mobile operators can leverage their rich number of page loads to measure eyeballs and to monitor knowledge base to gain deep insight into consumers’ traffic on a given site. Wanting to keep the content fresh, behavior unlike any other medium, maximizing an some publishers started to use scripts that refreshed the advertiser’s return on investment. page every x seconds, which resulted in inflated numbers of site visitors. In response, the industry started to talk about“unique users”.For more information please visit 3
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