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Miniblog In China
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Miniblog In China


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MIcroblogging in China, the trend that setting news agenda and social movement

MIcroblogging in China, the trend that setting news agenda and social movement

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Miniblog In China The trend to set news agenda and social movement by DENG Zhixin    
  • 2. Chinese mainstream Media
    • CCTV, People’s Daily, Xinhua and provincial party newspaper: mouthpiece of CCP, receiving government fund or financial subsidies
    • Metropolitan newspaper, business publishing: market oriented, under strictly regulated ,trying professional journalism between Tiger and Crocodile
    • New Media , including major portal news sites as SINA/Tencent: focus on entertainments , sports, technology, housing
  • 3. Chinese New Media
    • Chinese internet users reach 400 million by April 2010
    • With introduction of 3G, Chinese mobile internet surfing gets boom with 233 million users. ——by CNNIC
    • State Council Information Office try to adopt a real-name registration system for online forums
    • Portal news site under pressure: copyright, Tort Law
  • 4. Twitter vs. Sina/fanfou/Renren
    • Twitter
    • uncensored/ civil rights activities
    • thousands of active Chinese users, 30 thousands followers
    • Fanfou/Sina
    • censored
    • Mainsream opinion leaders
    • Top user with over1.6 million follower
  • 5. What is happening
      • Philosophy of Sharism
      • Old slogan gone: What are you doing ? Personal conversation by SNS/ IM/group chatting
      • Public forum: keyword filter and delete, diversified views
      • Powerful Chinese miniblog platform: search engineer feature on location ,tag, time, fellowing etc.
      • Blogging on move: SMS addiction, Smartphone ,iPhone App
  • 6. Impact on news agenda
      • press conference 24 hours
      • Lost in Information flowing?
      • Social movement empowerment
      • From propaganda to talk show, and cynicism ?
  • 7. press conference 24 hours
      • Diversities news resources promoted major portal news sites, overcome the barriers of news reporting regulation
      • Various news organizations step in, targets to young audience and get interactive
      • Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one. By A. J. Liebling
      • Journalist: reporting beyond censorship
      • Academy: public forum
      • Celebrities: Charity and publicity
      • Tycoon: policy lobbying
  • 8. Lost in Information flowing?
      • On time, on site, strong journalist networking oriented to create a panorama picture
      • Intensive expression of Chinese character, 2-8 times of English
      • Searching feature: set different keyword to verify the story, deleted but without unseen
  • 9. Social movement empowerment Social unrest
      • Property dispute & civil right defending protest ,over one hundred thousands mass incidents : block youtube
      • Civilian Reporting : twitter/fanfou, google online document link, various video share site
      • Ethnic Uighurs conflict and social unrest July 5,2009 Fanfou, the leading miniblog was shutdown on July 7,2009
  • 10. Social movement empowerment Political dissent protest
      • Political dissent protest in Iran in the aftermath of the national election,2009 .Iran bloggers and activists reporting bypassing government restrictions which inspires Chinese netizens and provoke heat debate online
      • US government step in, ask Twitter to postpone its scheduled maintenance
      • Chinese government block Twitter & Facebook service
  • 11. Social movement empowerment networking, civil defend
      • Peter Guo (@amoiist) arrested, twitters it.
      • Postcard movement
  • 12. Social movement empowerment networking, civil defend
      • Human rights Activist Feng Zhenghu: a figure changing China from Terminal 1 ( CBS ), nearly 100 days stay in Narita airport, Japan
      • Shanghai authority denied him boarding four separate times "The Terminal" a romantic comedy , and my story is more of a tragedy.
      • Equipped with a cell phone and a laptop, he writes, talks, blogs and tweets. received thousands of encouraging texts and email messages, boasts over 17,000 followers on twitter, ranking the fourth of top Chinese user
  • 13. FENG Zhenghu on 22. January 2010, sitting on a bench in the immigration area of Narita International Airport, Tokyo
  • 14. Social movement empowerment networking, civil defend
      • AI Weiwei , leading artist, curator, architectural designer, cultural and social commentator and activist
      • Sichuan earthquake student casualties investigation,5209 : volunteers team
      • Ai Weiwei suffered headaches since returning from Chengdu, where he was beaten by the police for trying to testify for TAN Zuoren, a fellow in investigating the shoddy construction and student casualties in the earthquake: documentary production
  • 15. Social movement empowerment networking, civil defend
      • Ai Weiwei: 'Life is never guaranteed to be safe'
    • 念念不忘
    • ask the netizen to read the name of those student casualties, which would be part of his works on show in this fall’s Tate Modern's Turbine Hall
    • art and politics are indistinguishable
  • 16. From propaganda to talk show, and cynicism ?
      • Encourage people to sort our the truth and express their view independently
      • Open up the public dialogue on politics issue and civil society building
      • Help people to get socialized and prepared themselves for action
  • 17. END
    • Thank you!
    • Twitter: xmarden (Chinese)
    • Sina Miniblog: xmarden (Chinese)