Sha's dNYel Wedding Gift


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Sha's dNYel Wedding Gift

  1. 1. a Sh Da y To g din er W ed The un-official nh O dNYel Instruction Manual: All sorts of advice on Marriage and Bliss
  2. 2. NICE Shahida dear, Remember to treat one another with kindness. It will take you through the long journey together. Lots of Love, Cikgu Kalida
  3. 3. COMMITTED Love your husband with all his faults and idiosyncrasies, and that includes his family. He comes as a total package – non-refundable and non- replaceable. Remember that you have already checked him out before you decided to love him. Lucy
  4. 4. STOIC Dear Sha... Congrats on becoming “MRS”! Wishing you bliss in your married life and remember, “Tolerance” is the key. Love BLoh
  5. 5. MEDIATED Dear Sha, Monroe said, “The only thing I wear between the sheets is Chanel No. 5”… Which is by far the better option to Channel 5. Min
  6. 6. PECUNIARY Ah Sha Mie Na… Never let the Man decide how you should spend your money. They always forget women are the best accountants ever Ah Heah
  7. 7. DIPLOMATIC Sha Sha Mei Na… When the Man acts “bimbo” as a means of magnifying his ego, zip up the mouth and stop talking. They need to know that contrary to their belief, women DO know how to shut up and when to. Communication resumes when a pair of Ferragamo appears at the bedside. Ah Heah again
  8. 8. PROLIFIC Dear Shah, Congratulations! Have a blessed marriage and have lots of kidsssssss! Love Ivay
  9. 9. ENVIRONMENTAL Dearest Sheikh & Shah Wishing you a house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer, love that grows deeper each day of the year! Jo
  10. 10. MATHEMATICAL Dearest Shahida, Let nothing limit you… go forth and multiply! :P Cynthia
  11. 11. MULTILINGUAL Dearest Shahida… “Meilleurs Voeux!” Never go to bed angry! Make up, kiss and the rest is history… Anne V
  12. 12. RESPONSIBLE Dearest Sha, Congrats! Have a blissful marriage and don’t bully your mum (do your own laundry)! Here’s to the little Sheiks & Shahidas! Amy
  13. 13. CARNAL Hey Shahida… Rule No 1: Finally, licence to have SEX! Rule No 2: Don’t EXHAUST yourself on the 1st night… Space out! Shasila
  14. 14. DOMESTIC The 4 most important words in ANY marriage… “I’ll do the dishes!” Elizabeth
  15. 15. COMMON SENSICAL Never attempt the Kama Sutra after a heavy dinner. Paul
  16. 16. CLASSICAL Just Do It. Nike (?)
  17. 17. TACTICAL Invest in an Arsenal of sexy negligee and initiate sex often. An anonymous Arsenal fan’s wife
  18. 18. TIAL FIDEN CON Dear Shahida, Learn to trust, commit and forgive – that’s how my marriage has lasted 3 decades and more! One more secret: food for the soul and stomach may do wonders, so start investing in those cookery books! Kam Chuen
  19. 19. TRAVELOGICAL Dearest Shahida. Congratulations on your most memorable & beautiful day. Your journey begins now and you’ll discover new strengths and possibilities. Togetherness is great. Julianna
  20. 20. THERAPEUTIC Be ever cheerful, ever joyful. Laugh always. Hwee Teng
  21. 21. MONOCHROMATIC say Yes to your man, yEars later he’ll still Love you Love you and hOnour your voWs. Anonymous yellow person
  22. 22. GOURMET h a us it o r w ari ne e v n, din th ctio ng isfy isfa h. lo at at a s s o hig like s to ice to and is se erv im e ur iag co For n s ’t a urm r f go ar o s. , do M es ite w us i et o o er pp nk l s a ym i on th An
  23. 23. COMMUNICATIVE Men want to hear things like this: 2. “You turn me on” 3. “I feel really safe when I’m with you” 4. “I appreciate the way you handled the situation” 5. “Thank you for working so hard” 6. “If only my friends had husbands like you” Especially in that order! Kah Lin
  24. 24. PARADOXICAL Just be submissive and you’ll be EMPOWERED. Anonymous Pet owner
  25. 25. PROVERBIAL Joshua
  26. 26. EPICUREAN Dear Shahida Just bear in mind this wise advice from the married women in our Dept: “The way to a Man’s heart is through his tummy.” Gladys
  27. 27. EXISTENTIAL Dear Sha, Just one word… ENJOY!! Hee Hee… Anonymous laconic