College Students in Japan
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  • 1. COLLEGE STUDENTS IN JAPAN by 07bn042e, 07bn076h, 07bn072j, 10bn929n
  • 2. AGENDA • Overview • Demographics • Sub-culture • Opinion Leaders • Takeaways
  • 3. OVERVIEW We are more We want more independent choices! now! Japanese College Student Instead of just following the choices recommended by the environment, Japanese college students now have their own independent way of thinking and are leaning towards having more choices. Having a college life is just their 1st step to get into society
  • 4. DEMOGRAPHICS • AGE • 18 - 23 • REGION • Urban, Suburb or Rural • LIVING • FAMILY or ALONE
  • 5. SUB-CULTURE Science/Engineering Social Science/Arts More study requirement More free time Have to be specialist Have to find what you do often go to graduate school 4 years
  • 6. SUB-CULTURE Club Club activity is very important Club activities take up the largest part of college life for some students Members have huge influence among their peers Even after graduation, students are connected by having being in the same club (can be useful for career) Club can show students’ identity (ex. Tennis club, Band club, College Sports Team/Taikukai )
  • 7. OPINION LEADERS Club! Influence of the president on the many members of the club This is attributed by the status and respect that they have from their peers A large club usually has more than 100 members. A party takes place at the end of each semester
  • 8. OPINION LEADERS • Fashion • Models • Tokyo Girls Collection Important for students, especially females, to be fashionable. Students frequently update themselves on the latest fashion news
  • 9. TAKEAWAYS Collective Influence Japanese college students are influenced by the group in which they belong in Social Status Japanese college students are more influenced by people higher than them in the social status. (Celebrities, Presidents)