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Presentation of Two Case Studies of Using selfies on social media.

Presentation of Two Case Studies of Using selfies on social media.

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  • 1. Selfies — Hide and Seek #SelfiesSM6 COM 600 Social Media @ericantonia @junekkim
  • 2. Definition “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and upload to social media website” (Oxford Dictionary, 2013) #SelfiesSM6
  • 3. Current Issues Phenomenon (recent issues) 1.11 billion users, 350m pictures post per day. 200m users, 100M pic tagged selfies 26m users(U.S), 350m pictures #SelfiesSM6
  • 4. Trend After Sex Selfies Teenagers’ selfies with homeless people Current Issues #SelfiesSM6
  • 5. #SelfiesSM6
  • 6. Case — Dunkin’s Donuts #SelfiesSM6
  • 7. Theory Social Presence The sense of being with others the feel in that one has some level of access or insight into the other’s intentional, cognitive, or affective states. Assumption: Social media users feel more social presence with selfies than just texts #SelfiesSM6
  • 8. Social media + Selfies ——> social presence. Seeing and Feeling others as fans of same brands want to be more involved in the event. When Selfies Meet Brands #SelfiesSM6 Selfies Presence of Fans Feel being as DD’s Fans
  • 9. @savvybostonian Social Media Strategist Social Media Manager at Dunkin' Brands Jessica Gioglio #SelfiesSM6
  • 10. Jessica Gioglio “Dunkin’s Donuts featured fans showcasing their love for the DD brand.” “A great way for the company to celebrate its passionate customers.” the fan-of-the-week images are also on the company’s digital billboard in Times Square. “If there’s a strong following and a passion for our brand on that channel, it’s like a party happening without us” Case — Dunkin’s Donuts #SelfiesSM6
  • 11. Nomakeup Selfies Campaign #SelfiesSM6#nomakeupselfie
  • 12. ! For Cancer Research UK Started from an individual 2M EURO in 48 hours Raising over $13M in 6 days 826,000 Likes on FB and 140,000 followers on Twitter Nomakeup Selfies Campaign #SelfiesSM6 #nomakeupselfie
  • 13. Theory Social desirability The tendency of people to answer questions in a manner that will be viewed favorably by others. Social Learning a perspective that states that people ran within a social context. It is facilitated through concepts such as modeling and observational learning. Assumption: People are more willing to share what they believe is right. #SelfiesSM6
  • 14. When Selfies Meet Social Media Individuals have desire to make good impression on social media. Commitments encourage users to share what they believe is right or good. #SelfiesSM6
  • 15. “Funnily enough we didn't choose the no-make up selfie campaign – it chose us!” “It seemed to gain a real momentum of its own and move through groups of friends, which is a real testament to the power of social media.” Cancer Research UK #SelfiesSM6
  • 16. @radhikasanghani Journalist at The Telegraph Interested in women’s lifestyle and health Radhika Sanghani #SelfiesSM6
  • 17. “like all women-related campaigns, it has inevitably attracted widespread criticism.” “These women who are standing up and taking bare-faced selfies for charity are doing something worthwhile that not every woman could do.” “It may seem like a simple act to some, but exposing yourself to people’s judgements is a terrifying thing to do.” Radhika Sanghani #SelfiesSM6
  • 18. Using Selfies is a creative way to both generate and increase engagement with a company or an organization. Suggestion If your brand or organization has… Strong following or passion - Release customers’ passion (Seek) Somehow not strong - Conceal your identity (Hide) Conclusion #SelfiesSM6
  • 19. Thank You @ericantonia @junekkim #SelfiesSM6