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  2. 2. 2011 Euromonitor Report on theConsumer Lifestyle Analysis in thePhilippines• Growing health consciousness among Filipinos• 40% of the Philippine population has not yet seen a doctor intheir lifetime• Major causes of death in the Philippines – Diseases in theCirculatory, Respiratory, and Digestive systems as well asDiabetes milletus and infectious & parasitic diseases• Obesity among children is a growing health issue (6.6% of thePhilippine population aged 15 years and above, is obese)
  3. 3. Philippine Health InsuranceCorporation (PhilHealth)a government-owned and government-controlledcorporation mandated by law to provide socialhealth insurance for the Filipino people.
  4. 4. SURVEYandFOCUSGROUPDISCUSSIONHIGHLIGHTSPRIMARY TARGET MARKET• 96% - Brand awareness• 43 % - Have health insurance plans (63% are Philhealthmembers)• Main motivation: feeling of security in times of need• Health insurance – for compensation and/or alleviation ofexpenses• Health – 3rd most important prioritySECONDARY TARGET MARKET•4 out of 14 – aware that they are dependents of their parents•6 out of 14 agreed that having health insurance guarantees healthcare benefits•100% - willing to register for Philhealth membership•Main motivation: feeling of security in times of need•All participants are willing to persuade their parents to get health insurance plan•Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr and Wordpress – most frequently used websites•Like/Share contests lower the value of the product.`
  5. 5. KEY MESSAGES FROM THE SURVEY AND FGDPRIMARY TARGET MARKET• Arranging requirements andapplying for health insurance is acomplicated process so theytend to undermine the importanceof membership and its benefits.SECONDARY TARGET MARKET• They believe that matters abouthealth insurance are still the underthe responsibility of their parentstherefore the arrangements shouldbe prepared by their parents and notthem.• They would be more motivated ifthey can relate to the persona inadvertisements.
  6. 6. COMMUNICATIONOBJECTIVES:• To stimulate the interest of the target markets about PhilHealthmembership• To encourage current members to pay regularly and maximizetheir benefits• To create an identity for PhilHealth as the most credible healthinsurance that will give people a sense of security;• To increase the awareness of Filipinos about the nature, services,and processes of PhilHealth• To entice non-members to register and eventually increasenumber of members
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCEPRIMARY TARGET MARKET 21 years of age and above, members and non-members ofPhilHealth, across all socio-economic classes.SECONDARY TARGET MARKET 18 to 20 years of age, soon-to-be members of healthinsurance companies, across all socio-economic classes.
  8. 8. BIGIDEA:SIMPLELANG“Simplicity leads to faster understanding.”• This will build interest, trust, and eventualloyalty to the company.• It will also show how PhilHealth’s applicationprocesses in general (membership andutilization of medical services/benefits) areeasy to understand, accomplish, andmaximize.
  9. 9. TAGLINE“Puhunan mo sa kalusugan, amingpananagutan.”• expresses Philhealth’s definitive role in accounting for andtaking care of its members’ health investments.
  10. 10. LOLOPHIL• The company’s brand champion• Ideal family man (responsible, approachable and veryknowledgeable about important matters such as healthinsurance and family needs)• Very sociable and quick to answer queries especiallythose related to health insurance• Personality and way of responding will appeal to all ages
  11. 11. SimpleLang!logo
  12. 12. LoloPhil’sViralVideos• Project Rubik’s Cube• Project Crossword• Project Easy Steps
  13. 13. LoloPhil’sFacebookFanPage
  14. 14. TwitterofLoloPhil
  15. 15. Pop-outWindow
  16. 16. TheNewPhilHealthWebsite
  17. 17. PhilHelpBrochureEnglish VersionTagalog Version
  18. 18. OutofHome
  19. 19. Strategy
  20. 20. FIRSTPHASE:“THINKHEALTHY”• Press Conference• Press Releases• Lolo Phil’s Facebook Fan page• Viral Videos – YoutubeRubik’s CubeCrossword• Pop-out advertisements• Twitter account of Lolo Phil
  21. 21. SECOND PHASE: “BE HEALTHY”• New PhilHealth website will be released• Out-of-Home advertisement• Final phase of viral video in Youtube:Easy steps• Continuous presence in social networking sites
  22. 22. THIRDPHASE:“FEELHEALTHY”• Mall activations• School Tours• Continuous presence in social networking sites
  23. 23. MEASUREMENTContinuous PR monitoring during the campaignincluding the next three months after the campaign.Monitoring of:• Social networking sites (likes, shares, retweets,favorites)• Daily site hits• Philhealth MembershipParticipant counts will be rigorously observed duringevents
  24. 24. Simple Lang!