PPClass Intro. 20101118


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Introduce the technologies developed at e-learning lab of Shanghai Jiaotong University to enable large scale open live courseware initiatives.

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PPClass Intro. 20101118

  1. 1. PPClass – Enabling Technologies for Large Scale Open Live CourseWare (OLCW) Dr. Weikai Xie, wkxie@sjtu.edu.cn E-learning Lab, Shanghai Jiaotong University 2010-11-01
  2. 2. We believe in the power of Open CourseWare (OCW) OCW is the social responsibility for top universities Global interests • By Top universities • MIT OpenCourseWare • Open Yale Course • Berkeley Webcast • By Comapnies • Apple iTunes U • AcademicEarth • By Research programs • EU FP7 videolectures.net • OpenCast.org
  3. 3. Example: Apple iTunes U
  4. 4. Example: Apple iTunes U
  5. 5. Our Vision of Open Live CourseWare (OLCW) In addition to on-demand OCW, “Live” matters • More immersive and “connected” learning experience • Always ‘fresh’ content Should be “HD” grade quality • Especially the slides Need affordable and scalable solution to make it really “Open” Universal access • Not only PC, but also smart phones
  6. 6. Drawback of Existing Solutions for OLCW No “Live” Suboptimal quality • Low resolution slides, based on general video codec High cost to accommodate large-scale audiences • Overwhelming server and bandwidth Infrastructure cost for most non-profit educational institute Limited client device support • PC only • Except Apple’s iTunes U
  7. 7. Features of PPClass - from Lecturer’s Perspective Functionalities • Lecture capturing • Live broadcast • On-demand/download playback Rich media • Slides • Video • Audio • Chat Software-As-A-Service model • Both the capturing-end and player-end are deployed via browser • Easy to self-serviced setup even for non tech-savvy lecturers In production use at the Continuing Education College of SJTU since the fall term of 2009 • > 20 classes carried each day
  8. 8. Core technology advantages of PPClass Optimized video codec for screen-cast • Typical 800x600 slideshows encoded at<100kbps with near lossless quality • Vs. >600kbps with noticeable artifact if using H.264 Peer-to-peer streaming delivery (vs. CDN) • Save > 90% server/bandwidth cost • Scale up to 10K scale of audiences Universal access • PC/Flash player/Smart phones (Android)
  9. 9. Capturing-end UI Wizard for Camera/Mic setup Main UI (with sample text messages sent from student)
  10. 10. Web Client UI (Snapshot of a real class) Student can send text messages to the lecture here Messages sent by other students Course title/lecture name/time
  11. 11. Android Client UI Design sketches Running on real device
  12. 12. www.Go2Class.net – Our trial of OLCW
  13. 13. Powered by PPClass technologies Provide open access to all the live classes running at Continuing Education College of SJTU Thanks to P2P streaming, no extra infrastructure cost for us Welcome to try out, but notice • The live classes are scheduled 9:00-11:20 AM, 2:00-5:00 PM and 6:30-9:20 PM (GMT+8) everyday, including week ends • IE only • The web site is beta-test quality yet. Some known bugs. www.Go2Class.net – Our trial of OLCW
  14. 14. Universities/education institutions who are interested to utilize our PPClass platform to do OLCW, welcome to contact the author at wkxie@sjtu.edu.cn