Fathers Love Letter


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  • Great messages...we should keep that in our minds...thank you for sharing.
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  • An interesting way to spread your belief. Good job, George.
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  • Hari Om!

    Excellent George.

    Going through the slideshow was like reading Bhagwad Gita (The Manual of Art of Living).

    For some period of time I forgot that I was reading the revelation of Christian Saints. It was like engrossing myself completely in Upanishad (the declaration of God in Vedas).

    The statements like 'For in Jesus my love for you is revealed'. 'He is the exact representation of my being' strongly support our belief that

    “There are Many Religions, Many Interpretations, but the basic truth is only one”.

    The truth is that he is manifesting through us. This will not change whether we change ourself by converting ourself into Hindu, Christian, Islam or any other religion.

    Today the people world over are distancing themselves from each other by citing the reason of belonging to other caste, creed, religion and colours. Major problem like civil war in Iraq, Afganistan and Pakistan, Gaza Strip problem of Israel,Colour superiority of European world, Inferiority complex of African world and Identity crisis of Asian World are due to the reason of not understanding the basic truth. Further the wrong interpreter of basic truth fuels this problem.

    In such a difficult situation our belief of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” (The whole world is one family) gains utmost significance.

    Analyse any present situation relating to micro and macro problem of the world. The basic problem is the desire to gain superiority and greed. Everyone wants to take and no one wants to give. What will happen if we start thinking from the point of giving?

    If we start thinking from the point of giving only, there is a guarantee that he will fill our coffer with everything we require.

    We can experiment the principles of following the giving only. We have enough-enough resources. Identify that enough-enough and set aside a bit from it. Start giving that bit to needy. We can feel the difference. This small act of generosity has power to change our life completely.

    Our outer action influence the subtle forces inside us. This small act can provide us the experience of the power of subtle forces which are influenced by our outer action. This experience will slowly motivate us to explore the honeyed world of spiritual journey. This spiritual journey has the destination of highest evolution of human being from Man-Man to God-Man.

    There is no dearth of material resources in the system. He has kept enough resources for his children.

    So give, give, give and give generously.

    Love and Om!
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  • George is a religious messages
    is nice to see unique work Thanks for sharing
    hug Hermina
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  • My God bless you George for this meaningful and deep presentation!
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Fathers Love Letter

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