VoIP Over Cable Networks


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Invited speech on SoftSwitch 2001 on providing VoIP over cable networks.

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VoIP Over Cable Networks

  1. 1. SOME THOUGHTS… Xiaolin Lu Softswitch 2001
  2. 2. What is this?A presentation on Softswitch 2001 Introduction of the VoIP over cable evolution – from semi to full + thoughts on issues beyond technology
  3. 3. THOUGHTS Reality Evolving
  4. 4. Drivers Cost Reduction  External:Capacity cost (regulation and tariffs)  Internal: common platform Value Liberating  Open platform  Create stickiness
  5. 5. MOTIVATIONS VoiceCable DOCSIS CMTS SLA Others’ 2nd line GW LEC 5E SLA Others’ Voice IXC Others’ GW Backbone  Internal cost saving  Commodatize others  Create stickiness  Control the demarcation points
  6. 6. DEMARCATION POINTS A&R Classifying Internal  Routing A&R A&R Networks  OperationVoice  Services Data HG POPVideo Transition External  Connectivity NetworksPresentation  Conversion
  7. 7. CONSTRAINTS Compatibility
  8. 8. Case Study: Convergence Over Cable Services CPE HE Metro Backoffice Interconnect Voice NIU HDT SONET Proprietary Circuit IP Data CM CMTS IP Standard volume Video STB Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary N/A  Common platform  SLAConvergence  Protect investment  Volume  Control
  9. 9. Case Study: VoIP over Cable HDT SONET 5ESS PSTNNIU HFC CMTS Local IP CM Router Internet Cost saving in access  Intelligent IP metro networks  Classify -- Policy  Accommodate legacy  Coexist NIU/HDT, CM/CMTS  Existing 5E
  10. 10. AN INTERIM SOLUTIONPSTN 5ESS SONET PH IPDT HFC Router Local IP CMTS NetworkInternet BTI  Integrated voice and data over HFC network  Utilize 5ESS platform for voice interconnect & features
  11. 11. MULTI- MULTI-SERVICE PLATFORM NIU ISP1 HDT RGW ASP2 CM HFC CMTS MTA CMS Managed MG PSTN IP Network SGIntelligent Edge Pipeline GW & BackofficeClassify – Policy Policy-based Policy- Common platformQoS bridging routing Not just emulation  Open platform for value creation
  12. 12. PacketCable 1.0 – Interoperability Gateway PSTNSpecifications V MSO AReleased 12/7/99 CMS ZoneCompliance GatewayTesting Begun PSTN Gateway V PSTN MSO C Zone V CMS MSO B Zone CMS
  13. 13. PacketCable 1.1 - Primary Line Gateway Powering PSTN SNMP V V Power MgmtSpecifications MSO A ZoneReleased 11/28/00 CMS Availability Gateway PSTN Gateway SNMP V V PSTN MSO C Zone SNMP V CMS V MSO B Zone CMS
  14. 14. PacketCable 1.2 - Interconnect Gateways Border PSTN CMS V MSO A Border MSO B Zone CMS Zone Managed IP Backbone Border Gateways CMS PSTN Gateways V PSTN MSO A MSO C V Zone Zone Local Zones Administrative Domains Specs Released 12/29/00
  15. 15. EVOLVING Current Softswitch  Define connections  Emulate functionsIntelligent Edge  Function re- Intelligent CPE Define policy location  Feature rich Connectivity  Value dilution  ETE control  Network stickiness  Service platform
  16. 16. FOOD FOR THOUGHT Protect Investment