How to Stay Healthy and Slim


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Get Healthy And Slim In 2012! Grab My Free Report To Help You Get Started

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How to Stay Healthy and Slim

  1. 1. ==== ====Get Healthy And Slim In 2012! Grab My Free Report To Help You Get Started ====The difficulty in losing weight has always been a problem to most people. In order to lighten thiseffort, I have come out with a simple way of losing weight without putting that much effort; and alsowithout having to worry about counting the number of calories to lessen. It involves only threefeatures that are of utmost importance in weight loss.Before you embark on the program, it is best to firstly check your body mass index which isderived from the formula: (weight in kilogram) / (height in meters)². An acceptable range will bebetween 18.5 and 25. Between 25-30 this is indicated as near obese while above 30 will beclassified as obese. From experience, it can be said that one would feel restless when the indexreaches 25. Your extra weight would put a great pressure not only on the hip joints and the kneesbut also on the lungs as the added belly would push up the diaphragm, thus limiting the scope oflung expansion during breathing. Along with these setbacks come the various ailments includingbreathlessness, joint and knee pain. Not to forget the emotional stress, irritability and depressedmood.Once you have decided to start reducing weight (those with ailments must first consult a physicianbefore embarking on the program).DietIt is the quality of the diet that counts. The food that we eat is basically divided to three types:carbohydrate, fat and protein. In dieting, do not worry about the fat and protein. Just focus on thecarbohydrate and make sure that you eat only a small quantity daily. In fact we can go withoutcarbohydrate the whole day and yet experience a surge in the level of energy. So where possible,do not touch those food made from starch! Lessen the grains and throw out the sugar completely.Sugar is the main culprit in healthy living. Talking about sugar, see that none is hidden in thedrinks. So with moderation in fat and protein but a stringent scrutiny of carbohydrate, we cantackle the food portion in weight reduction.ExerciseThere are many, many times when people tell me that they have no time to exercise. If you arewilling to find time, you can get more that enough exercise. Three good exercises for keeping trimand fit are cycling, swimming and aerobic exercise. The latter two forms involve graceful bodymovements while the former has been found to strengthen the heart in a remarkable way. If timedoes not permit, take the stairs and avoid the escalators and lift, park a kilometer or two away fromyou office and walk. Bring out the baby in a push trolley and walk in the park. Try brisk walking for30 minutes, three times a week. Most importantly, do enjoy yourself.
  2. 2. SupplementsI always emphasize the importance of daily supplements intake. Our body is daily exposed to toomuch kind of pollutants in the environment. Internally, the wear and tear of the body takes placeeveryday. One cannot depend on food alone to supply the various nutrients that the body requires.In this respect, I recommend the daily intake of the following basic supplements:a) a multivitamin and mineral tablet/capsuleb) an omega-3 capsulec) a capsule of evening primrose oilThe result of this daily intake cannot be seen immediately but down the road ten months later, theimpact will be greatly felt. Some people felt the difference within a month. The principle is that wefirst start off with a multivitamin/mineral capsule. When we find that we are lacking in a specificvitamin or mineral, then we add this on to the regime. Sometimes a person can take a daily doseof up to seven or 8 tablet daily. Supplements when taken as recommended are beneficial to us.In conclusion, just remember this phrase: Carbohydrate Less, Avoid Sugar,..Slim (CLASS). Youwill definitely feel confident and in a CLASS of your own. Good LuckFor fast weight loss, click to get more information at this website.Article Source: ====Get Healthy And Slim In 2012! Grab My Free Report To Help You Get Started ====