XEO CIGS Launched Four New Shisha2Go Flavors


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Taste the four new unique flavor of Shisha2go by world's most powerful e-cigarette manufacturer XEO CIGS.

Arctic Blue Ice
Strawberry Mint
Tutti Frutti

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XEO CIGS Launched Four New Shisha2Go Flavors

  1. 1. XEO CIGS Introduces FOUR New Amazing eShisha2Go Flavours XEO Shisha2Go is always looking for ways to woo their customers and give eShisha lovers something new to try. In order to achieve this, they introduce interesting flavors from time to time. Their latest offer in the market is FOUR amazing flavours that the users will simply love. It includes, 1. 2. 3. 4. Strawberry Mint Arctic Blue Ice Grape Tutti Frutti
  2. 2. Strawberry Mint Flavor If you love the strawberry flavour with an additional minty magic to go with it, this is your ideal eShisha choice that reminds you of the cool and refreshing SUMMER. This Shisha2Go comes in a unique onepiece design with a hookah mouthpiece to go with it. You will fall in love with its trendsetting appearance, ideal for an effortless style statement. The presence of lithium-ion battery and sensor for Dual Advanced Airflow ensures a strong capacity and spectacular vapour development.
  3. 3. Arctic Blue Ice Flavour If blue is your colour, Arctic Blue Ice from Shisha2Go is just the thing you need to ensure a memorable vaping experience. This latest introduction from the company has a refreshing flavour that instantly appeals to its users. The cool blue design of eShisha is attractive and you will love to carry it around. Additionally, it comes with premium features that one associates with Shisha2Go including high-capacity lithium ion batteries, fantastic vapour development, and innovative start-up.
  4. 4. Grape Flavour Here is finally an all seasons flavour from Shisha2Go, a must try for any eShisha lover. It has a mouth-watering, semi-sweet, smooth, and refreshing taste that compels you to reach out and try it. Those who love eShisha are bound to go for it; with its fantastic vapor development and start-up functions for an unforgettable experience. The presence of lithium ion battery and efficient airflow sensors make it a pleasure, in all regards. Tutti Frutti Flavour This newly introduced flavor from Shisha2Go seems to be one of the special one from the company that has revolutionized the eShisha experience for the users; everywhere. It is only possible to describe it with gushing adjectives such as SWEET, FRUITY, and FRESH!
  5. 5. Even those who have never tried the electronic hookah before will be hooked for life. It’s one of the exotic introductions from this brand that transports you to another plane altogether. The sleek and smooth design coupled with high efficiency makes it a special choice. It is a one-piece make with a hookah mouthpiece to add authenticity and a designer appearance. These four new offers from Shisha2Go expand their existing choices and make it easier for customers to go for the flavour of their choice. Even if you stick with your favourites later, these amazing introductions are surely worth the try!