Top Factors behind the Success of E-cigarette


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Top Factors behind the Success of E-cigarette

  1. 1. Factors Behind The Success Of E-cigarette As Best Smoking Alternative
  2. 2. What makes e-cigarette so popular and successful? E-cigarettesare accepted socially worldwide and more and more peopleswitching to E-cigarette over traditional cigarettes, for bettersmoking experience. Especially in US, 8 million people havealready switched and accepted E-cigarette as a healthier andsafer alternative to smoking. Let’s discuss some reasons behindits growing popularity and circulation as a smoking alternative.Research: Revealing The TruthAs an E – cigarette is being the biggest threat to tobacco andcigarette industry and due to a large audience; so many scientificresearches have been conducted in the past and being conductedcontinuously for detecting any harmfulness of it. Research hasproved that E-cigs are 100% safe and better compared totraditional cigarettes and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicalsthat of tobacco cigs other than nicotine. None of the research hasproved that E-cigarettes are as dangerous and harmful as realcigarettes. So scientifically and logically, E-cigs are thousands times safer than Real cigs.
  3. 3. Finance: It Saves MoneyIn the US, as per smoking trends different states government hasimposed different excise tax on cigarette pack. In New York, anexcise tax of 4.35 $ applies to each cigarette pack which makesit cost 15 $. Single e-c-cig cartridge costs you around 3 -6 $maxand equivalent to 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes. Thus, a regularsmoker can save around 50-60 % of his spending on smoking.Success: It Really Works
  4. 4. Many e-cigarette brands promote it as a tool for quittingsmoking and it also works somehow. 60% of smokers, whoswitched to E-cigarette, have left smoking tobacco cigarette. Aresearch also proved that E-cig has an ability to regulatesmoking habit due to contain similar to smoking cessation aid.So higher success ratio is observed among E-cig users compareto any other NRT products which also speaks loudly behind itssuccess.Health: It is Less Harmful
  5. 5. Absence of Tar, Tobacco, Ash and other harmful chemicalsmakes E-cigarette healthier and safe that real cigarettes. Onlyharmfulness of E-cig is, if nicotine consumed in higher dosage,it may produce blockage for blood circulation and may causedeaths for smoker with high blood pressures.Freedom: No Rules for Smoking
  6. 6. Smoking into no smoking zone has become possible with E-cigarette. It operates on rechargeable battery and vapor producedby heating liquid nicotine is water mist and smells good. E-cigarette can be smoked at restaurants, hotels, cinema theaters,shops and any in-house places where you can’t smoke tobaccocigarettes.Choice: More Flavors to TasteThere are around 30 -50 e-cigarette flavors are available tosmoke with E-cig. A smoker just needs to change the cartridgefor trying these delicious flavors. Tobacco, menthol, sweetcherry, melon is some of the most voted E-cig flavors. It is alsopossible to try more than one flavor with the same E-cigarettebattery, so no need to buy the whole cigarette for different taste.
  7. 7. Availability: Online and OfflineDue to difference in working and contain of e-cigarette, certaindepartment store and shopping malls allow E-cigs to be soldpublicly. Along with being sold at all cigarette retail stores, E-cig covers considerable online market share compared totraditional cigs.Stylist: It Makes You Stand Out fromCrowdDue to the stylist product range, battery and Led light at top, E-cigarette smokers truly stands out from the crowd. People
  8. 8. would notice and will be curious in knowing what you smoke.At least, E-cigarette smoker can smoke with style and proud,where regular smokers can’t.Thus, E-cigarette are 100% Safe, better, Social and healthieralternative to smoking. E-cigarette is a need of todays smokingyouth due to growing deaths, diseases and problems of cigarettesmoking.Try free E-cigarette Now !!!