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What's so special about XEO disposable e-cigarette in sweet cherry - http://xeocigs.com

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Sweet Cherry Flavored E-cigarette - XEOCIGS

  1. 1. XEO Disposable E-cigarette In Sweet Cherry Flavor XEO Disposable Sweet Cherry contains a sunny and warm flavor, which feels like the fantastic summer breeze to enjoy at your leisure. Each puff is sweet-scented adding to the experience of cigarette smoke without the inherent negative effects of tobacco. The sweet aroma from this disposable e-cigarettes variety feels like fine quality pipe tobacco minus the incinerating ash taste of the regular cigarettes.
  2. 2. The perfect blend of XEO Disposable Sweet Cherry brand comes from delicate and smooth flavor of maraschino cherries with mild tobacco. Those who are looking for a smooth full-bodied taste are going to love this immensely. This disposable unique offering from XEO comes with an efficient battery for continued smoke enjoyment minus interruptions. It is a 3.9-volt lithium-ion variety with 280 mAh electric power making it a powerful and long lasting source for your Sweet Cherry smoke. Disposable cig from XEO gives continued enjoyment to smokers and equals more than 400 draws, which is approximately equal to two cigarette packs. Some fantastic features of XEO Disposable Sweet Cherry variety include StartUp innovative function, special vapor development, one-piece trendsetting design, and no leakage guarantee. People who are unable to leave off traditional smoke should know that this variety of e- cigarettes are affordable compared to tobacco and thus are a pocket friendly alternative. A single XEO Disposable Sweet Cherry cartridge contains a liquid content equaling 1.6 ml. The advanced airflow dual sensor makes triggering of activation simple and effective so that you do not know the difference from the regular smoking process. The continuous airflow adds to the pleasure of smoking this incomparable flavor. White cap LED display lets the smokers know about the available charge and about recharging needs whenever required. XEO Sweet Cherry is a part of Pro V7.0 from this numerous UNO e-cig brand and among its 7th Generation E cigarette 2012 models. Moreover, it comes with a no leakage guarantee, making them full value for money propositions. Those were looking for high levels of vapor production and are going to love this e-cigarette variety offering an ultra peak production at all times. The sweet cherry taste adds to your experience of XEO Disposable brand, which is cheap and comes with high satisfactions
  3. 3. Those who have never tried e-cigs should make their entry with this of one of kind unique flavor and enjoy the advantages associated with XEOcigs.com