Most Shocking E-cigarette News : Past to Present


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Past evidence, research and case studies on E-cigarette. Facts and updates about vaping industry.

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Most Shocking E-cigarette News : Past to Present

  1. 1. Most Shocking E-cigaretteNews : Past to Present
  2. 2. E-cigarette, the product has always been remained in bigissues due to political, financial and health issues relatedto tobacco industry. As an E – cigarette is still consideredto be a tobacco products, many people have benefited asa tool for quitting smoking due to similarity in the contentfound in E-cigarette and NRT products. On the otherhands, many people found Electronic cigarettes asfascinating, as it doesn’t product second hand smoke andprovide same smoking sensation as real cigarette withouttobacco. Whatever rumors are in the market, it is surethat it is a far better smoking alternativefor cigarettesmokers. Let’s have a quick look at all historical newsand events on Electronic cigarettes.E-cigarette InventionE-cigarette first invented in 2003 by Chinese scientistHon link. His father was a heavy smoker and died of lungcancer, he introduced it as a smokeless device ofsmoking tobacco flavored nicotine without second handsmoke and works with battery power. Hence, first E-cigarette model released earlier in 1963 by Herbert A Gill,but that model of never came into production. ReadDetail history in our post “History of Electronic Cigarettes”.Worldwide Launch of E-cigaretteE-cigarette manufacture in China started exporting E-cigarette in other countries. In Europe, it gets launchedin 2006 and in US it gets launched in between 2007.
  3. 3. In SEP 2008, WHO Asks E-cigaretteSuppliers to not to market it as “SmokingCessation”As E-cigarette got quit popularity and certain brandsstarted circulating as smoking cessation tool, Worldhealth organization has released a notice to remove sucha kind of message or material which introduce E-cigaretteas smoking cessation or considered as Smoking cessationby WHO.In Oct 2008, New Zealand HealthDepartment Released a Statement In Favorof E-cigarette as “Better SmokingAlternative”Based on research conducted by the New Zealand healthdepartment and funded by Ruyan (first E-cigarettemanufacturer), E-cigarette proved to be less harmful andmore effective as smoking alternative in place of realcigarette which is more harmful. It also concludes thatthe carcinogens and toxicants found in E-cigarette are atlevel which is not sufficient to harm human health. Viewdetail statement
  4. 4. July 2009, FDA’s Press Releasedemoralizing The Use of E-cigaretteBased on tests conducted on two of thepopular Electronic cigarette brand, it announces a pressrelease with a statement that certain toxic chemicalshave been found in E-cigarette which may cause serioushealth problems at long term consumption. Hence, laterFDA’s study had been reviewed by scientific consultingfirm Exponent Inc and gave a statement that the FDA’sstudy wasn’t enough sufficient to prove that smokingcessation NRT products approved by FDA are moreeffective and harmless than E-cigarette as the level ofcarcinogens were similar in both products.May 2009, Electronic cigarette associationis foundedHaving headquarters in Washington DC, ECA consists ofE-cigarette manufacturer, supplier and distributor whosupports and speak on behalf of E-cigarette. It also workswith some of the government organization to establishthe standard for E-cigarette manufacturing andcirculation for better health and safety of E-cigaretteconsumers.
  5. 5. April 2010, AAPHP Statement in Favor of E-cigarette“ AAPHP favors a permissive approach to E-cigarettesbecause the possibility exists to save the lives of fourmillion of the eight million current adult Americansmokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-relatedillness over the next twenty years”. View detailstatement Here.Worldwide Acceptance of E-cigarette Asmost Preferred Smoking AlternativeAccording to a survey conducted in 2010, no. of E-cigarette users reached to 10 million among total 45million smokers in US. E-cigarette gaining quickerpopularity day by day and it is being introduced amongthousands of smokers for better health and safety.E-cigarette Case Study : Second Handvapor isn’t Harmful As Second Hand SmokeAlong with elimination of second hand smoke fromCigarettes ( saving lives of 50,000 people in US who diedue to second hand smoke from Cigarettes ) scientificresearch on its vapor proved that second hand vapor isn’tharmful at all due to disappearing quickly in theatmosphere.
  6. 6. Other Case Studies and Research on E-cigarette :Electronic Cigarette as Smoking Cessation ToolE-cigarette Doesn’t Damage Your HeartResearch on Safety of Propylexe Glyco, ImportantIngredient for E-cigarette FLavoringCancer Risk Reduced by E-cigaretteStudy Shows No Risk from Environmental VaporExposureHave you Tried E-cigarette Yet?