eHookah, What’s It and How it Works?


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Discover what's inside electronic Shisha and how it works? Brought to you by XEO CIGS

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eHookah, What’s It and How it Works?

  1. 1. eShisha, What’s It and How It Works?
  2. 2. While electronic cigarettes nowadays need no introduction, another craze is coming up quite quickly! Electronic Hookah brings a twist to your regular vaping and makes it a stylish indulgence in all regards. Different brands are bringing your traditional Hookah in a new form with numerous options to choose from. The best thing about e-Hookah is that contains a disposable flavored variety, which makes it completely eco-friendly. There is no doubt that e-Hookah is better than your regular tobacco smoke. One cannot emphasize enough the negative impact of cigarette smoking and the myriad poisons that emanate from the burning of nicotine. There are no known effects of electronic smoke negative or otherwise, so you can indulge as much you want; without worrying about the health issues. E-Hookah contains a mix of e-liquids, like propylene glycol; a common ingredient used in ice creams and salad dressings. A battery operated mechanism heats the propylene glycol, which in turn generates vapours that emanate from the device when you puff on it. Hence, electronic puffing is known as “Vaping” because you are generating vapors instead of the smoke, unlike the traditional cigarettes. To make vaping interesting and a new experience every time, eHookah companies like XEO brings to you different flavours like icy mint and red apples, along with the regular nicotine to mimic the state of tobacco. People who love strong flavours can opt for eHookah to indulge their senses in a large cloud of vapes. With this edevice, you can enjoy the pleasure of a smoke for a long duration. Continue to puff e-Hookah, as long you want, you can even quit it for some time, and get back to it, without forming a substance abuse habit, unlike the regular cigarette. It is simple to use and offers flexibility to its users. You must be 18 years or older to vape e-Hookah. Expecting mothers or breastfeeding women should stay away from its use. If you have a
  3. 3. medical condition, consult your doctor before reaching out for the eHookah. It is important to remember that eHookah is not a cessation device; it does not help in kicking the old habit of smoking. So, just enjoy it for its own sake! Give the device some time to prepare and then puff it as long as you want. Remember e-hookah is somewhat different from an e-cigarette. In the latter, you can start puffing instantly. This is not the case with an e-Hookah. Nevertheless, once the preparation is over and the device is ready to use, the experience seems worth the effort! With high quality brands offering myriad options, your traditional Hookah indulgence is never going to be the same again! So, what are you waiting for? Try and enjoy e-Hookah for times to come!