E-cigarettes for Quitting!!!!


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A new research by The Lancet medical journal indicates higher conversion ratio of quitting with e-cigarette than patches . View the detail research and discover the insight.

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E-cigarettes for Quitting!!!!

  1. 1. New Research Findings Place E-cigs as a Better Alternative to Quit Smoking No one knows it better than a smoker that how difficult actually it is to quit smoking. But as per a recent report published on the findings of a major research in the Lancet medical journal there is good news for the smokers. It appears that with e-cigs you can now really cut down real tobacco consumption considerably as almost 57% of volunteers who took part in this research were actually able to cut down their tobacco consumption almost by half. This is better than that of 41% volunteers who were provided with tobacco patches instead of e-cigarettes and this obviously makes e-cigs as a potentially better alternative for people looking to quit smoking.
  2. 2. Though it is also accepted that no clear-cut difference is shown by the results between tobacco patches and e-cigs in terms of quit success rate but there is no doubt about the fact that e-cigs are more effective in cutting the habit down to a more or less acceptable level. As a matter of fact a total number of 657 smoker volunteers willing to quit smoking took part in the program and after a period of six months around 5.7% of total volunteers managed to quit smoking successfully. It is also found that volunteers were more enthusiastic about electronic cigarettes than the nicotine patches and a majority of them were also ready to recommend them to others. This certainly reflects that e-cigs have a better acceptability among consumers than nicotine patches. As per Dr. Tim McAfee, director of the Centers for Disease Control, the ultimate goal is to stop tobacco consumption completely and more money and energy should be directed at promoting products that do not kill people like traditional cigarettes. People still don’t know much about electronic cigarettes and all the different brands available in the market are supposedly not as good as they claim to be. As per the FDA, some of the products available in America are found to contain carcinogens, which is not only addictive in it but is potentially harmful for health too. Tobacco kills more than 443,000 people every year only in USA and immediate means must be found for which electronic cigarettes can contribute considerably. There is a growing concern among the U.S. health professionals as e-cigs continue to grow in popularity, and the number of high school students giving it a try has almost doubled up. As per the experts from the CDC many e-cigs can be addictive and dangerous to health more than conventional nicotine cigarettes. Measures like counseling or application of drugs like Zyban or Chantix are also being used. But only 4 to 7 percent people were found to be able to quit smoking after a single try but the use of Zyban or Chantix can improve the result close to 25%.